For those about to ROCK!

Howdy! How are ya’ll doing out there on this Taco Tuesday and last day of June 2020? It is 4:28 AM here in the Coachella Valley and the temperature is a perfect 70 degrees. The ethereal sound of Kraungbin‘s People Everywhere just loaded and that bass just sent me into outer space and back to our trip that we took out to Landers, CA yesterday to check out Integraton and Giant Rock. Hubby and I took a short road trip over the hill through Morongo Valley early yesterday morning in search of the Integraton as Hubby had seen a show on it’s creator George Van Tassel. Me, I was super excited, even though I didn’t know why. I had not seen the show but knew that anything that was cool enough to be featured on TV out in the high desert was going to be worth the trip.

Press play…..

We headed out around 7:30 AM and took the scenic route, Indian Canyon Blvd. to the 62 from our place and by passed the 10 Fwy. My Dad would have approved. He always liked to take the scenic routes and back roads over congested freeways. That is the one thing about the desert, there are plenty of dirt roads going no where…maybe now, but not at one time. You can see where developers imagined future properties as there are street markers but no houses. I imagined living out there and the thought of it got my wheels turning. It would nice to wake up to that beautiful blue sky and panoramic views but the thought of the solitude of the area as the population is around 2,900 people is the draw for me. Dreams, pipe dreams…

We arrived at Integraton around 8:30 AM. Hubby had explained to me about the history of the building and Giant Rock on the trip. Lately, we have been on different sleep schedules. My spinal nerves are in summer mode so I have been hanging out in the room watching Unsolved Mysteries while he is in the living room watching other things. (Thank goodness for that!) Next trip out, we are planning to check out Noah Purifoy Outdoor Sculpture Museum. You see, the Universe has a funny way of bringing things, really. I was looking over Mr. Purifoy’s Bio and I glanced at the chronology and one of his exhibitions is listed as:

2015-2016   50 Years and I Still Can’t Breathe, Watts Towers Arts Center, Los Angeles, California

I can’t wait to research and go back as indicates that he died March 9, 2004. Adventure coming soon!

Excuse me, back to yesterday’s adventure, as we drove up the street toward the site, you could see a mini-planetarium inside a gated property. There was also this white domed thing, Integraton. Integraton’s construction began in 1957 by George Van Tassel, a former air craft inspector, ufologist and contactee. For those of you, like me, that do not know what a contactee is, that is one who has contacted by aliens and or abducted. I am not a UFO person, except for the Jetsons and Lost in Space, sorry. The story goes that Mr. Van Tassel was contacted/abducted by vistors from Venus and they instructed him on the building of this machine of wonder and rejuvenation. Check out the website as it tell’s more detail about the construction and the sound bath and it’s healing property. I myself am intrigued and would love to try it out in hopes of some pain relief. According to the website, the site is closed till July 22, 2020 but is taking reservations now.

We made sure to not disturb the rocks that someone had stacked on top of that sign. We then headed to the Giant Rock Site. Hubby explained that this is where Mr. Van Tassel had his encounters. I had to Google the history and so glad I did. There is also another character in this story, Frank Critzer. This man dug a hole under Giant Rock and lived there until he blew himself up in one of his under ground rooms during a time when he was being investigated by the local police. It’s great story and worth checking out. Anyhow, they were friends and the only thing that remains from their time is a slab of concrete in front of Giant Rock.

Make sure you have good GPS for a trip out there. We took a detour a traveled down a few dirt roads, as a matter of fact, most of Landers was unpaved.

So we took the back way into Giant Rock, it is a long bumpy dirt road, but the views are incredible. I noticed a bright yellow sign with black lettering. I knew what that meant, there was some type of film production around. We followed the sign, not to far off the road and there was an old Ghost town. It said no trespassing but I did sneak a few photos, sorry!!!

This is all that is left of that building.
Giant Rock is 5,800 square feet and is 7 stories high! That big piece broke off in 2000 so it is no longer the largest freestanding rock.
This is between the broken rock and Giant Rock. Fire is what possibly cause the rock to break.
There are messages all over, keep your eyes open.
I am still not to sure-footed but would love to hike those rocks.
The smoke makes a nice design on the rock.
Hiking will be a thing for me soon!!!!
It really is that GIANT!!!
Gratuitous holding rock up picture…ha ha!!
There was a cot in that bag…I watch way to much Dateline and was so worried!

Our whole trip lasted about 3 hours, start to finish, including breakfast (in the car). It is not a bad trip for someone with disabilities as you could easily maneuver around the area (on the ground) with walking aids. However, not sure about the hiking as that is something that I will need to investigate as a disabled person. I did notice that both rocks had hiking pins wedged into them and there were tell-tale signs of hikers from the past. There are no restrooms or places to drink water so come prepared. Do be mindful and pick up after yourself as I noticed there were also no garbage cans. Hope to come back in the winter or possibly Spring to see how different the landscape will be.

Thank you dear reader, for the visit. Where ever you are going and what ever roads you are rolling down, may you get there safely. Hugs.

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  1. I’m learning about so many off the beaten path spots near the Coachella Valley from you. Will have to check out Integration and Giant Rock. Great pics too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool! It is hard for me to travel far so we are always looking for things within an hour or so of the CV. Do check it out! I have heard lots about the sound bath but didn’t know the story behind it.

      Hope you knee is getting better. Be safe and well 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. morishige says:

    No way! You’re watching Lost in Space? Me too. 😀

    The rock is huge! Back then when I was in college, I had a friend who was a rock climber. I bet he’d love to do some bouldering on the big rock. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We were going to watch it but going to save it for his next day off. We just started watching the comedy series The Good Place. We just watched 1 and half seasons. I did watch the original Lost in Space.

      Yeah, it doesn’t seem like it when you are driving up to it but then you stand next to it and realize how big it is. I am sure he would like the whole area. Actually, this area, Coachella Valley and Joshua Tree is like a hikers paradise, except for the heat. It can be dangerous. You will have to make a trip out one day to explore, but do it during winter or spring…


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