Peep Show

Good day to you, and you and you over there in the Monaco and you out there in Vanuatu, as you only stopped by once, but thank you! I love statistics and WordPress does feed that hunger in me for stats and such. It is cool how most social media sites, if you have a business plan, include insights so you can better gauge your imprint or reach. If that is what you are after. Really, I just like numbers and like to see how many people stop by quietly without saying a word like a voyeur at a peep show. Really people, it’s okay to joke around and laugh. Our own president has given the world of comedy endless skits for at least the next decade or term. Hopefully, Biden can get off the blame game and get on with a game plan. I am sorry, but we know clearly what needs to be fixed and now we need a clear and concise standard operating procedure. (Standand Operating Procedure) for the situation in our world , the USA, right now with the pandemic and such. Another fun fact about me, I used to write those manuals, ’cause that is what they are. I would go into businesses and say I was “auditing their workflow for a major company.” What I was doing was creating a manual to hand to the person going in to take over the company after a buy-out or bankruptcy. Not one of my proudest jobs or one I hardly ever speak about. It did feed my kids, for that moment or two. It used to hurt my heart. Anyhow, I am still voting for Biden, I just hope he picks a formidable VP as she or he will be running the country soon enough, just my thinking, if Biden should win this election. Anyhow, I just finished putting together a quick video of our last trip to Landers. It is posted below.

I have so much work to do….Barbara Walter I will never be.

This time I included more of my talking in the video. This is my way of practicing and helps me enunciate. My stroke in 1991 left me with a few weaknesses on my right side. Sometimes I have numbness and tingling in my jaw, tongue, chin and face. When I am tired it makes my tongue especially heavy and I speak with slur and I was born with a natural lisp. Now with the foot drop from the cauda equina syndrome, I can resemble Quasimoto sometimes. Since I spend most of my time at home by myself, I don’t speak to others besides Hubby for days. Speaking or singing helps keep those tongue and face muscles in top condition and less likely to slur. Really, I should work on the tongue exercises from speech classes I have taken in my life. Lately I noticed I am slurring more…so, I will be doing more speaking and singing (by myself in the house, sorry neighbors!)

I made that!

I got a little crafty this past week as well. I cut out a few of my photos and watched a few videos on Youtube that taught the magic of Modgepodge and I made my own candle holders out of cannabis containers.

So, yeah, I have lots of those glass containers and I like to make candles. You know, I light candles during the summer and keep one burning in our room throughout the night. I know, not the safest. However, we live in the desert and no matter how careful you are mosquitoes are a real issue here and they are attracted to light. Well, I noticed I wake up with less bites if I have a candle burning, soooo, yeah. (thinking to myself, maybe put a screen over them? Now I have my own brand of candles…ha ha!! I even made one out of a photo I took at Fantasy Springs. I think I am going to make a few more and make a candle holder out of an old Jack Daniels bottle that I was going to cut. Just gotta figure out what photos to use. I figure I can create my own “supa”band, bwahahaha (sorry, that is evil laughter.)

Thank you to the Rob Staley Band!

This photo was taken in 2019 at Circle in Huntington Beach, CA. A band that we frequently saw at Fantasy Springs was playing a 9-11 benefit and we bought tickets and attended and I took photos, of course. It was nice, I got to speak with guitar player James and drummer Alex before they played and singer Rob briefly. I think they were shocked we had went out there but I didn’t want to RSVP or let them know we were going because when I reached out to singer Katie Dix who was also there that day to ask if I could take a few photos she asked if I needed tickets and I told her “No, I had already purchased, but thanks.” So, I didn’t want them to think I wanted something for free as I am sure many entertainers get bombarded for free stuff.

I am still trying to figure out how to size in Photoshop….ugh!

Speaking of live music. I really miss it. Sad face… I would give up taking my camera and my phone in just to go hang out and tap my feet and dance a little while feeling the rumble of the bass and vibration of the drums. However, I just am not comfortable going into that lounge anymore and it sucks. My own fault. Tomorrow is Thursday and yeah. If you are in town it will be country night and I am sure that it will be fun and entertaining as it always is so do check it out, that is, if it has not been recalled as California is in the midst of a surge. You see, I was talking about numbers a few posts back. So, it seems like there is a lag either in reporting or in transmission. I know I have done and attempted many careers in my life but Biology and Science have always interested me and I will read and look up statistics even if it should not mean anything to me since I never finished my degree. Honestly, I thought we should have had that surge around the time George Floyd was murdered in Minnesota and the protests began, the first protests. You see, California had already been protesting about wearing masks and their right to breath freely without them, before the #blacklivesmatter protests. Anyhow, it seems this latest surge is not racist or sexist, actually it never discriminated. It doesn’t care how old you are either. It really just sucks. Still after three months, there is still so much misinformation, however, the only consistent message from most parties is “Wear a mask.”

Before I go, here are a few more photos that I took on Sunday. Hubby and I often eat dinner on this little street near our place and there is a little path to drive on. It looks like you are in another world if you are high enough, just sayin’.

the transformed photo
I dream of being an artist…Thank you makers of High Garden

To you, dear reader, thank you for visiting. May you get where you are going today and may someone be nice to you. Hugs to you and you and YOU!

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  1. morishige says:

    When I was in college, there were days when I didn’t go out at all, keeping myself busy by reading books. When I eventually went out and met with friends, I misspelled words because I hadn’t use my tongue for days. šŸ˜€

    Anyway, the last photo is lovely. Poster material. šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, so you understand. I was explaining that to hubby yesterday. I think I am fearful of new people, really. But yeah, I have trouble speaking and making a complete sentence. I speak out loud while I type so I can practice my speaking. So again, thank you for being a friend šŸ™‚

      I had to go back and check which photo. Thank you!! I have been experimenting more with Photoshop. It is helping bring the pictures in my head to life šŸ™‚

      Have a great day! Be safe.


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