Road Rules

Hey ya’ll? What’s going on in your world? Today is July 2, 2020 and us Californians have been put on restriction again and this time we are getting monitors to assist us and remind us to wear our masks. Yes, it has come to that time in the classroom where the exasperated teacher has had enough and has dropped the “Time Out” rule. Please, during this time out, let’s make it count. I more than anyone H-A-T-E to be told what to do and am often the one that will climb the fence when someone has said to go through the gate and take the easy way. I get where many of these mask-non-wearers are coming from. Back in 1989, I bought a Honda Elite 80 scooter. It was bright red and I loved that thing. I think it only went 50ish mph top speed. At that time the helmet law was a year away and my Dad made me buy a helmet. I hated that fricking helmet! I did wear it though and it sucked balls and I had rationalized why it sucked like it blocked my peripheral vision, I couldn’t breath or catch bugs in my teeth, yadda yadda. I used to sneak off without it on, and one day my niece Lynda was having a birthday party and I was driving to get her a gift and there had been a light rain, well, I wanted to be cool and not wear my helmet and yeah. Luckily I just got road rash from my chest to my nose, a cracked rib and dislocated shoulder. It probably knocked a few of my marbles loose but whatever….Oh I needed that memory…laughing to myself. Sometimes, being told what to do is really for your own good, even though it may not seem like it, I know.

My “huhhhhh?” look.

So, as I have mentioned before, I look at stats and check this page, CDC COVID Tracker so you too can see what others see when they worry and pull on a mask and ask that you wear one as well. Please give hospital staff and personnel a break. Before my surgery in 2019 for cauda equina syndrome, I made many trips to the emergency room at Eisenhower Hospital in Rancho Mirage, California. Scared, in pain and usually waiting for hours in the waiting room and then waiting for hours in a gurney in a make-shift room in the ER hallway because the ER was too full and there were no available beds. I wish I could say I had spent only one day in that hall way, I spent more than four times (that I care to remember) in pain that was in more than plus 8 on the pain scale and laying under the harsh hallway lights, less than two feet from the busy nurses stations and all the noises and movements of working emergency room going on around me. There was usually 4 or more other patients in the hallways, like me, waiting for rooms. I can’t even imagine what it is like right now. So, Coachella Valley residents, or anyone listening, wear your masks, be kind to the hospital workers as the next few weeks will be crucial and we need them more than ever, as we have always needed them. I don’t want to imagine being the family and losing any of those wonderful nurses, doctors, transporters and technicians and/or of the many people that work at hospitals because of this virus. Please let’s work together and beat this invisible virus together, I know we can do it.

Last night when we were watching TV I exclaimed, “I need a TV Brick!” If you read this blog, you may know that I am 50 years old and grew up in the 80’s and am reliving many of those memories here so my kids will have something to refer back to once I am gone should they be curious or what ever. Yesterday, I asked Hubby again if he remember the “TV Brick” from the 80’s. He laughed as he did. There were times through out the newscast we were watching last night when I wanted to throw a brick at the TV. Well, well, well, they still make it!

I am so going to order a few of these! (as soon as I have extra moo-laa)

With the TV Brick it would make watching press conferences so much more enjoyable and quite possibly cause laughter and maybe less spikes in high blood pressure. I see the benefits of it after the pandemic. You see, I am quite emotional. It has been so hard to keep my fandom in check for these past five years. I used to post my every thought about my beloved CLIPPERS on Facebook every chance I got until I realized that it was not productive or healthy (for me). Hubby is a Laker fan and we really should not be together because after all we are on opposing sides but we make do and he is does like my Clippers and I do tolerate the Lakers, now. I also told my son about it. Hmmm, I may need to order a few of these for gifts that I need to catch up on. Yeah.

Practice, pratice, practice! By the way, those are “high eyes”

So, I like that my son has developed an interest in photography and I offered to give him some tips on his gear but not on how to shoot or what to shoot. He will need to figure that out on his own. He was showing me his goodies that he had been shooting of his family and it just warmed my heart so. Anyhow, found the photos of me I took using my remote control. Oh my, you can’t say I didn’t have a wild imagination.

Okay, so this was going to be a promo for the Keenfern Photography Website. I am such a nerd!!! I did not take marketing in college!
This one I have posted before, but I really like this one even though I didn’t have the camera placed correctly and cut off the top of my head.

Guess I practiced the sarcastic look a little too much in front of the mirror. You see I have a theory and I have sheet I send out before a shoot. I tell the person to practice in front of the mirror and get comfortable. I obviously was not “smizing” but I was trying to use that free Nigel Barker education that I have from watching hours and hours of America’s Next Top Model. I never really thought about it – who influenced me however, I must say, he has been one of them even though I had put it in the back of my head. Thank you Mr. Barker for your pointers and inspiration and guidance as it has been invaluable. All photos have been lightly edited and meaning I either just resized or resized and changed the color to black and white.

This is my “IDGAF” photo. By the way kids, use this on my obit….just saying an not plannnin on goin’ anywhere soon as I have too many things to do!!!

Well thank you for reaching the end of this post. You really deserve an award. You get the reward of being the KINDEST, NICEST, READER award. Yeah I know, I just made it up just like every I have all those favorite things. Thank you, as always for stop by, where ever you are, and where ever roads take you, just get there safely. Dance with that special some one, ’cause the right time is now. Hugs.

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  1. morishige says:

    You shot those photos with a remote? I thought someone shot that. Pretty cool and, yes, you have a wild imagination. 😀 Really love the second photo, the High-Eyes. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, you can see the remote in my right hand in a couple of the shots. Before I got the remote I used to set the time and try and run into the shot and get a natural pose. Those shots are commical!!

      Thank you again for you kind comments. Be safe and well 🙂


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