Good morning to you out there on this spinning orb of people. It is amazing that despite the forces opposing each other, it keeps moving eastward through the sky. We have made it to July 7, 2020. This morning my heart and head is heavy as I watched the news. Over 130K people have now been confirmed deceased in the USA from Covid-19, and we have a government that, well actually, we have a government that can not equally roll out a uniform plan or protocol to save this great country that we live in and it’s great people. However, yesterday, we did watch our “uncle” Andrew Cuomo from New York deliver a great briefing about how the state of New York went from the worst to the best in cases of Covid-19. I sat there and wondered why our own president could not speak so eloquently and with such great power point presentations. The ex-numbers chick in me loved it! If you get a chance, go to YouTube and review any of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s briefings and you will see the makings of a great person, not just politician. Also, his presentations give great information and facts, not just fluff. Out of respect for my friends and family I have logged out of FB so I can hold my fingers and keep my self quiet and respectful. My blog will post occasionally to my photography FB page but I know that no one really goes there so…my phone number however, has not changed.

So, this morning, lets throw this out there for shits and giggles. I have Cauda Equina Syndrome and am a Hispanic, over weight woman and was single until 2017. Why do I mention single, single women get less medical attention especially when they are over weight, just my opinion. I had symptoms of this conditions for over 10 years and was vocal about it. Pain, difficulty urinating, defecating, painful sex (YES!!!), numbness, tingling, difficulty walking, feelings like my legs were not my own and yada yada… Well if I were a man and said my penis was having difficulties and I couldn’t urinate or get an erection along with any of the other symptoms I mentioned, they would have moved heaven and earth to find out what was wrong with me. No, they said I was depressed and often gave me pills for depression and narcotics. Anyhow, yes, I am bitter. I suffered and am still suffering. It will never go away. I will have this pain till I die. It could have been helped if they would have believed me sooner. Anyhow, the reason I bring this up is because of CES, I spend hours in the bathroom as I have difficulty with something most people take for granted, relieving yourself, you know, that first morning go. The one that makes you say, “Aaaaahhhh.” Not me. My cat joins me in the bathroom as I am usually in there for at least a half hour every morning for that first trip and then there are 20 to 30 more throughout the day. Please, I do not need another quick fix of try this or that or “have you done this?” Yes, a person with CES has tried all of those things and has heard all of those well meaning remedies that do not work. However, it is a small price to still be breathing right? Oh yeah, so, this morning I read this story and I wanted to throw my phone at the wall and tears flowed.

The headline read “Tammy Duckworth Unloads On Tucker Carlson Over His Ugly Attack On Democrats” When I read the entire article, my chest tightened, and like I said, I wanted to throw my phone. People, Tammy Duckworth is a women number one and a human being, She is also a Senator from Illinois and is being considered as the running mate of Joe Biden. Did I mention that she is a decorated war veteran? Excuse me, she is hero, she flew helicopters and lost both of her legs in a combat mission in Iraq when a helicopter she was piloting was hit. Big Cheese, this is what a hero looks like, she did not dodge her civil duties, no not her, she flew right at them. You Tucker Carlson are a coward that hides behind a microphone and the amendments. How you are allowed to spread hate on national TV is just disgraceful. FCC I beg that you add disclaimers to FOX news to watch at your own risk. Show some respect won’t you and all you other hate mongers. Tammy Duckworth made this statement and hit so close to my heart and maybe that is why I cried again this morning, ‘Walk a mile in my legs‘ Tammy Duckworth is a double-amputee….Dad I wish you were here, I wish I could hear your voice right now.

Speaking of respect, time for a little music break with the divine and lovely Aretha Franklin. Press play…

This song is probably one of my earliest memories.

Sing it Aretha, that is right, we as women and people of color for that matter, just want respect. We always hear about what is expected of us, but what about what we want.

We want to be heard.

We want to equal.

We want to be looked for when we go missing.

We want to believed when we are attacked and not made to feel like we are the problem.

We want equal respect, that is all.

It is funny but Otis Redding wrote this song in 1965 but Aretha is the one that made that song her own and brought it to life. I included Mr. Redding’s version and as I was listening had to stop and replay it to take in that glorious sound of that Fender Bass and now I must search out who was playing it.

Out of RESPECT for Mr. Otis Redding the writer of the song press play!

Well to you dear reader, where ever in the world you are and to what ever battle you are fighting or not, be kind and be thankful that you are here and not one of those numbers that are not. Remember, there is a saying or something that says that everyday is a chance to try again, right and make it better, so let’s try again and make it better. Hugs to you and you and YOU and especially you over there.

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  1. morishige says:

    It’s every man for himself here in my country. They have opened access to public spaces and transport modes while the statistics keep increasing (3.500++ have died). It seems that nobody cares about the statistics anymore. And “they” produce absurd measures and products in response to the pandemic. To make it even worse, they blame the citizens, saying that we’re not discipline, while, in reality, they do not enforce their regulations. Me and my friends–we hang out once in a week now–can only swap jokes about it, realizing that our voice doesn’t reach “them.”

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    1. That is so scary and sad. I keep repeating 135 to myself, meaning 135,000 that have now been confirmed dead in our country due to this virus. I have been ill for the past two days and hope it is not it. So far nothing major and there are too many people that need tests here….so. Our government is a joke, I mean our president. I think he should be charged with Crimes Against Humanity for all the death and devastation that has been caused because he keeps saying everything is fine. Sorry, just frustrated. It sounds like your country is experiencing the same issues as us here and even in Brazil. I hear S Korea is down to zero deaths…Be careful while hanging out. stay 6 ft apart 🙂 I am sure if you are outside in the sunshine and fresh air and with masks it should be okay. I hear you about keeping your “voices” low…thus why I was a little worried (Grama) 🙂

      Be safe and have a great day or evening. Going to work on writing song with hubby… wish me luck.

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      1. morishige says:

        Well, yeah, pretty much the same. South Korea is an example, so is Mongolia and Japan. I read it on my friend’s blog who lives in Germany that the government has declared the pandemic over.

        Will do. I’m gonna pay more attention to the protocols.

        Me and my friends should develope a code so we could talk about it freely. Hahaha.

        Well, then. Looking forward to hearing your song. 😀 Of course, I will. But you have already got the “art.” 😀

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  2. So many places have had great direction from their leaders and they are doing so much better.

    You made laugh. My girlfriends and I used to speak in “code” too when we were out at the bars and dancing and meeting guys….ha ha!!! I could get in major trouble for the stuff I used to say…ha ha!!

    Yeah, I am looking forward to it too. Just got get hubby to sit still for a moment 🙂

    Have a fabulous day!


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