The Cheese

Good morning world! Today is a glorious day, really. Yesterday, August 11, 2020 Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris as his VP and I couldn’t be happier or prouder to be American and a women. However, now it begins, I know and am confident that Ms. Harris will let that crap, you know the name calling, the attacks on her character and on the cases in her past that she may have made errors on, I don’t know about these but my son and others brings up a case that she may have gotten wrong. Me, I will have to study but am sure that what ever her transgression was, it was no worse than allowing 160K to leave this earth before their time. She is human after all and does not walk on water like some people seem to think they can. I am confident that she will ask tough questions and investigate and not throw out erroneous statements that make no sense or are even relevant. My hope is that she can get conversations started about racial issues, women’s rights and just be a true voice of the people, all people and classes. Anyhow, I logged into FB to check on things and the first post that I saw from a guy that is totally clueless. He posted “Here’s the new campaign slogan. Vote for Joe and the Hoe”. (Yes, I cried!!!) I get that women in power are scary to some men as it threatens their perceived manhood. You see when people, bullies, can’t find anything to attack that is credible, they go after easier targets like gender or physical appearances or racial stereo types. I get this as a women, a disabled, Hispanic women. So, I immediately typed out a response and it was polite but then put my phone down and went out side to look at the stars. Luckily, I did get to see a shooting star and silently wished for peace and understanding. By the way, any attack on Kamala Harris is an attack on all women, even the ones, you know the women that are staunchly going along with rantings of the Big Cheese and nicknamed or any women stereo-typed by the name Karen. Hopefully, in November we will all be singing a familiar nursery rhyme, The Farmer and the Dell and actually just sing out the last part, “The cheese stands alone…”

All I know is today, regardless of how hot and sticky it gets here in the Coachella Valley, it is going to be a brighter and beautiful day.

I can find beauty even in those piles of garbage.

Really though, I wanted to look at photos that make me smile and laugh and remember the day I volunteered at an organization here in the Coachella Valley and volunteered my cameras and time to take photos for one glorious morning.


It was such a nice morning. It is easy capturing children, well at least candid shots. I added filters as to distort the faces of these children. I remember them coming up to me while I crawled on the ground to get shots and they would pose and some would ask questions.


They smiled, they ran, the played with the staff and made funny faces. They helped each other when some one falls. They shared there drinks and toys. They waited their turn to get on the swing. I loved watching the interaction of one of the teachers. She was sitting at this child size table fully engaged with those littles that surrounded her. I too wanted to sit there and color or listen to her speak as she had a calming affect on the kids.

I took around 130 shots that day and it was the best day ever!

It is no wonder that I happened upon this file that I hadn’t seen it since after I sent the resized photos to the organization that I was volunteering at. I worry that social programs like these will be cut and all those children with their working parents or parent that are going to school will lose places like these that foster hope and wellness. The organization that only wants to combat hunger and promote healthy children and adults with their programs. That day all those lovely children with their equally lovely teachers displayed hope in the future. I have not been back to volunteer as I had to make the choice to keep my self healthy until a vaccine is found as I would not want to be exposed to the virus because of my pre-existing conditions or pass it around should I get it. However, I really have been thinking about going back to volunteer in whatever capacity that I can. Now to ask my physicians, which I have appointments with soon.

Anyhow, time to wrap this up. I got my test results back yesterday and my Neurologist that administered the tests said “sorry” before he even gave me the outcome of the EMG and the MRIs. He indicated that I had multiple pinch nerves along my spine and my discs are deteriorating. He referred me back to Pain Management as he said he didn’t know what he could do to make my pain any better. It was nice that he did not candy coat the diagnosis but now I know what I am working with. I really need to get my strength back up and that means I may have to start using my walker again so I can go on longer walks. I started doing restorative yoga as I found an old video on youtube. I am going to see how far I can go before I need to take any narcotics as that is not the plan for me. Hopefully, this is the worst the pain will get and I can keep outpacing it. So far I have done a great enough job at hiding my pain and disabilities because I did hear from my son that some people still think I am faking it.

Yeah, like I said, sucks to be a women sometimes but so glad that the future is looking good. By the way, if you are feeling like you need to get out and do something, check your cupboards, buy an extra can of food, donate those clothes that you have in your closet but can’t seem to find anything to wear it with. All these things help! If you are needing help, there are many places out there, hope YOU use them. I too have had to use the kindness and generosity of strangers to feed my family and can’t forget all the help I got. There is no shame in trying to make things better for your family or yourself.

Thank you dear reader for the visit! Hope you have a lovely day. Hugs to you and you and YOU!

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  1. I’m happy Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate too! And just why would someone refer to her as a ‘hoe’ in his Facebook post? WTF is wrong with some people? At the risk of saying something negative on your post, let me just state that I HATE REPUBLICANS!!! At least that’s how I feel about what the Grand Old Party has devolved into over the past 30 or so years. While Democratic politicians are far from perfect, I have no use for anyone who still votes for Rethuglicans at this point.

    That’s unfortunate your test results show many pinched nerves and disc deterioration. No wonder you’re in such terrible pain. I had a single pinched nerve in my upper back nearly two years and it was excruciating for a couple of weeks. I cannot imagine the pain you must be in. And to hell with those assholes who have the nerve to think you’re faking your pain and disabilities! Perhaps doing more walking will help you, at least a tiny bit. It’s just so friggin’ hot here this time of year. I’ve been walking more to help strengthen my knee, and must do it first thing in the morning, before it gets blazing hot.

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    1. I am still so happy. Now that was a great thing! It really gives me hope for the future of politics. Kamala will make a great VP!

      The guy that posted that rude comment is just a bitter person and someone that does not like women. He just happened to show it and I wish I would not have seen it. Now I no longer have to see his posts. I agree about both parties, they both have their faults but we, the USA, needs the two party system for checks and balances. Unfortunately, there has not been any real checks and definitely no balance in that House. Hopefully, if Biden and Harris win, things will get moving in the right directions and hopefully they can reverse some of the damage the big cheese has caused.

      It sucks that you understand how it feels. Did yours get better? I know that what I am experiencing lately is caused by the excessive heat. It makes me swell more. I just started swimming again and hopefully, if it gets a little cooler in the mornings I can start walking around the neighborhood.

      Hope your knee is getting better. I hear you on the heat, we are in for a blazing hot weekend. I will have to get out before the sun rises 🙂

      Have a great night!

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