Shotgun rider

Well hey now it’s Friday August 14, 2020 and really, I had to look at a calendar to see what day it actually is, and yes, it is FRIDAY! It’s hard to be serious about things since we seem to be living in a real life Poseiden Adventure. Who will make it to the end, with the forces in nature do us in or will it be the fictional antagonists that the big cheese seems to be fighting? It is almost laughable, really, just like the faux “corona virus briefings” that are really juvenile pokes at Joe Biden. It almost feels like a Quentin Tarentino, M. Night Shyamalan and the Farrelly Brothers are directing this sci-fi horror drama-medy. Really, I can’t wait to see all the creative ideas in movies that 2020 is going to bring.

Oh yeah, it’s Friday and I need a little Friday music to start my personal party off as Hubby will be home for two whole days!!! We have been wanting to check out the Perseid Meteor shower and hopefully this weekend we take a trip out toward Joshua Tree to view them. So, the first song that makes me feel like it’s Friday is this 70’s disco hit, Thank God It’s Friday by Love & Kisses. Press play…

OH how I wanted Ditto jeans!

This song reminds me of rollerskating at Skate Junction in West Covina going round and round clockwise until the DJ said to “Stop! Time to skate counter clockwise.” The skating rinks were my first taste of night club life. I miss holding hands with my friends while we tried to make figure skating moves in the center of the floor. One more song to add, I remember when this song came on, I wanted to be on the floor under the twinkling lights and the spinning disco ball. That is probably how I came to love glitter and disco balls. One day, I will own one.

I wanted a disco ball for my party in 2018 , but had to settle for making these glitter balls!

So, I think one of my sisters had the Thank God It’s Friday soundtrack or one of their friends as I had it on cassette, it was a bootleg copy that I used my favorite little cassette radio to record it. I remember using our carport as a skating rink. I still remember the white roller skates with the yellow wheels that I wore done till they no longer rolled correctly. Those were the days! Seriously though, I would love to roller skate again. Maybe I can use those walking poles for safety? Something I will have to check out. So, this song I used to sing at the top lungs all off-key and all. Press play and maybe it will make you wanna get up and dance.

Another Queen!!!

As usual, I have been going through old cards or files of photos that I have saved on my computer. I found this folder that I thought I had lost. It was from February 2018. had pictures from our first anniversary party that I tried to put together. We eloped and I pushed Hubby to have a party for our anniversary as I wanted to experience some of the wedding stuff that most brides and grooms get to experience. The best part of that day was seeing my sisters and all my friends that came out to my underwhelming affair. I was so tired and had been out of work except for a freelance job. I remember tossing the card in the with the other cards because I didn’t want to look at the photos then, I knew at some point I would get back to them and would be ready to edit. Below is one that hubby took of my sisters and I.

This was taken in February 2018.

A week after that party Hubby took me on a trip to Julian. It was the nicest thing any man has ever done for me, up until Hubby wrote that song for me. He planned the perfect trip it included mountains, sunshine, snow, desert and iron beasts. You think we traveled far away but we only went as far as Julian, California.

This was taken on the evening of February 26, 2018 before the snow storm,

We arrived at the historic Julian Gold Rush Hotel on February 26, 2018. Snow was in the forecast. I remember I could hardly sleep as Hubby mentioned that the snow show was due to start around 3 AM. Anxiously, I kept checking the clock and out the window every few minutes for hours and then around 3 AM I looked out and saw snow. I hurriedly got dressed so we could go outside to check it out. I grabbed my camera and a joint (I always whoot while I am high). It was like Christmas Day but without relatives and Santa. IT was the frigging best!!!

I remember snapping those photos above of Hubbyand then hurriedly walking to our car so I could wake’n’bake. The 30 degree weather made my back hurt, but nothing that a couple of puffs and a hug couldn’t help. The last time I had been in snow was in 2015 when my grandson was born and I flew to Michigan to see him.

Hubby went back to the room after awhile as I was too busy checking out the snow and being amazed as it floated from the sky. Around 4:30 AM I noticed that Fox 5 news van. I watched the camera man and the newscaster tossing snowballs. I even got interviewed for the morning news! I wish I would have seen it, shucks.

Arik RIchards from Fox 5 San Diego

It was nice walking around with all the other tourists that were just as amazed by the snow as I was Really though, just being at that bed & breakfast relaxing and listening to music and the fun trying to keep each other warm. It was the best. We got out of there just after before noon on February 28 and headed back home but made detour through Anza so we could see the iron creatures that are lurking in the Anza-Borrego desert. Oh yeah, one tip, do stop in at the Julian Pie Shop and have a little of everything.

The creatures are the creation of Ricardo Breceda. We were able to drive the car close to the sculptures. For more info on the site, do check out his website.


Address: 41950 6th Lot B
Temecula, CA 92590

Phone: (951) 265-6217

Even though our trip was no more than a couple hundred miles it sure felt like we traveled much farther than the Coachella Valley.

The map taken from Google,-116.4674479,9.63z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xc243b6b9a84126fe!8m2!3d33.100492!4d-116.3013266

We have been back there a few times and have never seen the same sculptures twice. I highly recommend visiting it at least once.

That was a nice find as I need it. The temperature is expected to be around 116 today so, looking at those photos brought me back to that chilly date. Really, I dream of traveling the world but am quite content exploring the beauty and wonder of California or in my case at least places that I can go that will not cause too much discomfort. I will always find something to amaze me. See Below.

I think I saved this little frog from the hot tub…hmmm?

Thank you, dear reader for the visit. May your Friday be happy! Hugs!

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