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Hey there and good morning on this hot af August morning here in the Coachella Valley. It is 4:25 AM and the weather is a balmy 91 degrees F. Notice the 38% humidity in the screen shot below that was copied from Google. I started doing something that I never thought I would do ’cause I thought only “older ladies” did it. Well, you don’t get to be an “older lady” by not having brains and smarts! So, to those ladies that were showing me the way, I thank you! The thing is the helpful tips they showed me that I turned my nose up to and said, “Oh, I will never do that!” One of those is the use of corn starch. My Mom, my aunt, my friend I met at the gym, a lady from an old job all had this one thing in common, they would spread corn starch over their bodies and especially to those sweaty parts to help with sweat and humid days. They shunned baby powder, even back in the 70’s and 80’s and way before it was found that baby powder is linked to ovarian cancer. I tried it and “Yes!” it really works. I guess I have come to that chapter in the story of my life. So, sorry if that was TMI but my daughter and granddaughters may come back here one hot summer day and find that helpful hint! By the way men, corn starch helps chaffing, if you know what I am talking about. How common is the advice from older ladies around the world, I often wonder?

Speaking of ladies and me trying to find my way. I just want to give one word of advice. Do listen to your bodies and do get checked out when something does not seem right. I know that the pandemic has kept many women from getting their yearly mammogram or possibly their first routine one. My advice is do go and request that test if you are over 40. I just had one a few weeks ago and it is normal but with some tissue changes where I am feeling lumpy. It gave me one less thing to worry about, not that I worry about it like I should. Anyhow, if you are worried about catching the virus, I followed all precautions, left my purse outside in the car, wore a mask and stayed away from others until the test. It really is not that bad or painful. Also, if you have had cancer it is important to keep follow-up visits and ask questions. Ignoring symptoms and thinking they will magically go away is not a good for you the person and the people that care about you. So, help your physicians out and keep your yearly appointments.

Oh yeah, I guess I have women on my mind. I am sad that I slept through night three of the Democratic National Convention. Yesterday, I was burning out and was miffed that the Clipper vs. Thunder game was blacked out on the Firestick. It was was too hot at the time the game started to watch it in our living room. Anyhow, I thought I would take a nap and then it was 11:30 PM. It was good to watch the highlights and I am so proud of being a woman and being represented as an American, as a Democrat, as a human being by Kamala Harris and all the ladies working for democracy and equality. Honestly, I am ashamed that I did not know about many of these women as I had shied away from politics as I can get very passionate about it. I remember learning early on in my 30’s to not mix politics and first dates, but then again, I dodged a few bullets. I may be only speaking for myself but her speech gave me hope. Hope that maybe women’s issues in the workplace and in healthcare will be addressed and made better, better for every man and woman. Should her and Biden win this November, I am confident that they hit the ground, running. Oh yeah, and just another gentle reminder, VOTE and do it loudly.

snapped this photo of my TV on night two.

The photo above of California delegates casting their vote in Cabrillo Beach. Big ugly tears rolled down my cheek. My Dad took us there and it is part of my earliest memories of the ocean. I remember when the museum was in a different location and not as big as it is now. Also, the film 50 First Dates used one of the buildings at that same beach. I remember all the funky little picnics there iwth my kids. Some of the best memories.

This panoramic pic is taken from one of the jetty’s that stretch in to the harbor and was taken on March 26, 2017

I knew exactly where they were at. The above panoramic you can see the cliff behind them in the distance. My kids and I have walked and explored the little trail around that cliff many times as it was one of those places we could go where we had either free parking or only had to pay around $5 to park all day and that included going to the Cabrilllo Beach Museum. It is truly a special place if you are ever in the area, you San Pedro, California, do stop in at Cabrillo Beach and check it out.

Yesterday morning, I took advantage of the 90 degree weather and fired up the BBQ. Hubby had brought me a bag of Hatch chiles and I roasted them and a rack of ribs. I also made homemade flour tortillas. I surely miss working in a kitchen. It is so relaxing kneading the tortilla dough and then rolling our tortillas or making rubs and sauces to accompany the ribs.

Homemade flour tortilla’s ’cause TACO’s Yeah!

One thing for sure, cooking in Palm Desert, even at 6 AM is not for the weak. I really got a work out and sweated off several calories. I wish I would have remembered the corn starch trick before I started working in the kitchen but life is all about trial and errors. Even though you may have a recipe, you do have to make it your own and season it to your tastes. Me I will do more research when picking out chiles to use as those Hatch Chiles were hot af! I usually use the 1 to 3 ratio when making salsa. One chile pepper to three tomatoes. However, when I saw the Hatch Chiles I thought they were going to be mild like the Anaheim. I was wrong and one taste made me sweat and my lips tingle. I did think to myself, “This is frigging hot but tasty!” and kept right on trying it out with what ever I could find. I will have to post my salsa recipes one day.

Thank you dear reader for stopping by. TOday is going to be a ________day! Make it a good one or don’t. May peace and happiness find you! Hugs.

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  1. Geri Lawhon says:

    Glad to see you have come over to the dark side of listening to older women. Thanks for this post.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Good morning Geri!

      Thanks for reading! It really isn’t the dark side I am finding as there is so much light in the wisdom of women. I am just glad I made it this far at 50 Have a great day 🙂


      Liked by 2 people

    1. Good morning and thank you for your compliment! I really appreciate it! Have a lovely day!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. morishige says:


    We’re still in the dry season here in the tropics. But the rain has beginning to fall once in a while. But I guess I can make use of the corn stark tips because it’s still quite hot in the afternoon. 😀

    Well. I root for Biden and Harris. 😀 I hope they will win the election and do something about these current issues.

    Stay safe and well 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So I guess if you have a dry season, you also have a wet one too? We barely get 5 inches of rain, if that a year in the Palm Springs area but when we get lots of rain all at once we get flash floods

      Hope the tip helps. I know it helped me!

      I hope Biden and Harris win as well so we can start restoring the bridges that our president and his cabinet have damaged. I hate hearing disparaging remarks about China or Mexico it is causing so much hate against people. The people of China did not cause this epidemic just like the children he placed in cages are not the enemy. Sorry, I woke up grumpy. It is much too hot this morning already 😦

      Have fun exploring and blog walking. 🙂 Be safe.


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