American Dream?

Hello and good morning! It’s Wednesday August 26, 2020 and there are 10 more Tuesdays until November 3, 2020. (I originally started writing this post yesterday.) Have you decided how you are going to check your boxes and where you are going to deposit your ballot? I requested an absentee ballot, even before all the hoopla and negative vibes (Yes, I am imagining brown, poo colored squiggly lines floating through the air). I wish I could say with utmost certainty that it will all stop after the election but I know that it won’t. Hopefully, the light, the goodness, the hope of all Americans comes together to make a better place even if the “other” party wins. Yeah, I put that in quotes. I just never know who could be reading this post and my views may not be their view or your view, right? So much negative talk and poo to wade through to find something clean and truthful. It is so funny when I hear the word suburban housewife as the term is being slung around lately, I feel a pang of jealousy as that was a dream and goal of mine through-out the years. Often when I was out on a first date the question would often come up “What is it that you want for your life?” The answer was usually the same and I would blurt it out proudly “I want to be a house wife!” Usually, when I uttered those words, the date usually ended and rather quickly without me ever having to give my explanation, so I only did that a few times… What those guys missed out on was my version of a house wife as they never let me explain.

Just another morning in my kitchen doing things that make me happy.

So, maybe my version of “:suburban housewife” is not the same as everyone else’s. Yes, I wanted a house in the suburbs with a yard to grow a garden and to hang my clothes to dry and a place to send my kids. Yes, I wanted a husband to share in all those scenarios I had dreamed up in my head. I did however, want to also keep working. I wanted what my Mom and Dad had. (I think what I have now is better! Thank you Hubby!) My Mom did work, until she couldn’t, the green card thing. I loved and so wanted a husband or partner that I could take care of and also have someone to care for me. My Mom and Dad were up before the sun rose most mornings as my Dad used to leave for work at 4:30 AM every morning. They would sit in the kitchen drinking coffee and listening to KFWB. For him his drive every weekday started at 4:30 AM and was an hour and a half before his start time and he said it gave him time to get to work without having to rush. He also said it gave him time to unwind and prepare himself before he got out of the car to start his day. I totally understood him once I started working farther from home. Oh yeah, back to the suburban house wife. My Mom after my Dad left would go back to bed till around 6:30 AM if she was not working, she would putter around the house and watch the morning news. I do remember watching TV next to her on the couch as I always wanted to be next to her or my sisters if they were up. I guess was pesky. Also she would make breakfast, unless we got a treat of boxed cereal! She was always cooking something good for dinner and she was close with her sisters. I wanted that life. Okay, maybe I overly romanticized it but still it was dream. What is not a dream is what I just heard coming from my TV. Two people are dead in Kenoshia, WI. The victims of an alleged vigilante. The video I just saw horrified me. The hairs on my arms are still standing. I saw on that video, an armed man, running with what appears to be a rifle down the street being chased by protesters. Apparently, that armed man shot another person prior to that incident I just watched. The disturbing thing is that the video shows the gunman running by police officers with the rifle in one hand and the other hand in the air and them just letting him pass. It looked like a scene out of a video game. I will play the Devil’s advocate and say they (police) were following some sort of protocol as there were hundreds of innocent people around. To me though, it makes no sense just like shooting an unarmed Jacob Blake, who was in the act of retreat, seven times and in front of his children. The damage that has been done to that family, especially those children. Save the children people, where are you or does this not distract you enough from real truth???

I can’t think of anything else to say right now, but I want to remember this day or at least someone out there. This is not the American dream. You are innocent until proven guilty is what I was taught. I was not taught to take out my own justice as I see fit. To my children and grandchildren, this is not right, not now, not ever.

To you dear reader, go in peace, take deep breaths, see the sunrise and where ever you are going get there safely…

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