Allusions of illusions

Good day WORLD! You made it to Friday August 28, 2020 and yes, I still think it is a good thing! As of today 180k plus or minus a few thousand, (sad, right?) were not as lucky as you and I. I had stopped mentioning those numbers in my posts as I really didn’t want that grim reminder but really, those were lives and families that were disrupted. Their votes would have counted no matter what party they pledged their allegiance. One might think I am against the flag and the anthem but I am not as they are symbols that represent America and it’s good people but make no mistake, I do not see any disrespect in anyone kneeling during an anthem as that is their constitutional right, to peacefully protest. It’s not like they are walking down the street with a semi-automatic rifle and killing two people. By the way, a man was shot in the back, 7 times. According to the Constitution, a man is innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers. It is not his right to be judged, condemned and then punished in front of his children. To those that judge Mr. Blake on his past regressions must be sinless. right? Go on and cast your stones while you stand in your glass houses. These are lives, all of them, Jacob Blake, Briona Taylor, George Floyd as well as the three innocent children that were in the car. Really though, big cheese has done some good for this country. Even though he is doing his best to shape America into his own likeness he has brought many together to uncover truth and to fight for freedom for all citizens no matter their skin color or class. By the way big cheese here is a new word for you to learn.

e·go·cen·tric/ˌēɡōˈsentrik/ adjective

  1. thinking only of oneself, without regard for the feelings or desires of others; self-centered.

I think big cheese may resemble that adjective. above at least that is what I seem to be seeing play out on TV daily. Anyhow, it is Friday and while I was watching highlights of the RNC I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite childhood books, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.. I think the below video would make a great literary allusion to our current events, if and when big cheese is voted out of office. Nothing is guaranteed so be sure and VOTE!

If only I could change the Grinch ORANGE….

Since I am on my high horse, here is a little English lesson that I thought was fun one to learn. The first time I heard the word allusion, was in 1987, in my senior English class. The teacher taught us what it meant and then showed us examples from the magazine, The New Yorker. They almost always threw in a cartoon allusion. Here is an example of one and the definition for those that are interested.


  (ə-lo͞o′zhən)n.1. The act of alluding; indirect reference: Without naming names, the candidate criticized the national leaders by allusion.2. An instance of indirect reference: an allusion to classical mythology in a poem.

Taken from the New York, cmic by Jack Zeigler.
The tortiose and the hare…

Here is a link for more literary allusions. What would you create if you had an assignment to create your own allusion? Would it related to current events? I think I may look at some of my photos and see if I can create one of my own. I will post as soon as I get around to it. I still have not tried out the Dolly hair, but am anxiously waiting to find someone to work with on that little project. I even have new false eyelashes to complete the look but definitely will need lots of help. Speaking of help, Hubby restrung my guitar! It is much lighter as his and not as fancy. I guess it is what someone might call a starter guitar. It was a peace offering from an old friend, that has since died. He called me a not so nice thing to call a large Mexican women one day after I had helped him clean his apartment. I left after having a very loud argument with him. A few weeks later, he sent a text, as he knew I would never answer the phone, “How about the guitar, you want it? ” He also said he was sorry and thought that this would make him feel better about the fight. I remember taking my son to pick up the guitar and a bike that he also threw in. I remember telling him that I needed time to cool down as those gifts did not make up for the verbal assault. We did become friends again and I never tried to learn to play it. The guitar has been used by my son and also by Hubby but not me until recently. I showed off my practice in today’s IG story. Really, I am not good and wish I had a Matrix plug for my head that would make me an instant guitarist? Pipe dreams…

This is the guitar before it was cleaned up and restrung.
I couldn’t help myself and re imagined it.

For the last few mornings I have been practicing getting the correct finger position for the G chord, A7, C, D and E7. I am not making good sounds come out of it but when I do hit the note correctly and hear it, gosh it feels amazing! A few months ago, I was ready to give up but something just clicked and now I have been practicing for longer than a few minutes. I have tried several times to learn, over the years and always gave up because that is what I used to do, give up. Not anymore, no, no, no. Luckily, I have happened upon some great teachers on Youtube. Also, Hubby has been great helping me with finger positions and such and will let me know when I am doing it the correct way. I was looking for a tutorial when Ifound the video below of the Muppets doing Bohemian Rhapsody. It just made my morning! Press play for a little party music.

I have seen and photographed a few drummers that could aptly be called Animal!

Well, the morning is getting away from me and I have a few more recipes to try out in the kitchen before the heat of the day makes it impossible to be in the kitchen. This morning I made flour tortillas with bacon grease instead of lard and it so worked! Hope my kids come around for samples 🙂

That rolling pin belonged to my Mom and she rolled out thousands of tortilla and pie crusts with it

Thank you dear reader for the visit. May you try out new things and push you limits, safely, right? Where ever you are and where ever you are going, get there. Hugs to you, and you and YOU!

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  1. aruna3 says:

    Most amazing video and you thoughts on Allusions of illusions.most interesting,dear!! I like too guitar’s voice but sad thing is-i don’t know to play on guitar.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Greetings and Thank you! I love getting feedback as I am learning how to put videos together by looking at Youtube 🙂 I’m 50 years old and just barely learning to play the guitar hope you get the chance learn as well 🙂

      Have a lovely day!


      1. aruna3 says:

        Welcome for so much lovely response😊


  2. morishige says:

    Howdy, M! I’m reading and commenting this post while listening to Khruangbin’s. There’s no better soundtrack for reading your posts than Khruangbin’s. 🙂

    About the allusion, I think I got an idea: a group of dinosaurs with halo above their head, one of them saying, while looking at “the statistic,” “Guess we’re not that f***ed.” 😀 Excuse my language. 🙂

    The guitar looks cool and solid. I bet it produces beautiful sound too. Happy strumming!

    Stay safe and well, M!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there! Good morning!

      Kruangbin is good to listen to with just about everything 🙂

      Yes! That is a perfect allussion! No need to excuse yourself, that is a word I use frequently but try not to. Honestly, I use it as a punctuation…ha ha!!

      I love the guitar. I am getting better at picking it up and am able to go to the chords without looking. Strumming is still not coming naturally but I am sure it will. It has been fun practicing daily.

      Hope you are doing well and staying safe., Funny but not getting much news out of your area or most of Asia and Southeast Aisia for that matter, like I used to and not even advertisements for vacations either? Hmmm? I look at MSN and it usually gives me world news and lately it has not been very worldly.

      Take care 🙂


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