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Greetings earthlings! Happy Friday! We made it and it is September 4, 2020. The last few days I have been busy tinkering with new stuff and trying to get away from current events. Also, I took a break from editing the Hubby project as my free program has many free bugs. As soon as I can afford an upgrade, I will, but hopefully by that time, I will have filled my noggin with some useful info. I did try to get some more footage for his interview while we were out but the mic was not working so I had to scrap it. Hopefully on his next day off I can complete the interview and then do the over dubs. The plan is to have three 4 minute videos. According to stats, videos that I have posted have a retention rate around 57% for video over 5 minutes and a retention rate of 72% for videos under 5 minutes. I know, maybe I am a bit egotistical, but I want people to see these interviews at least for the person I am interviewing. I guess I using my real world skills from accounting and that is probably why I am doing everything so slowly. Although I have never pushed for followers here or on FB or IG, I do want to pursue subscribers on Youtube and when I am ready I will start pushing for that but now is not the time. However, I will ask you to check out the video as it is a song my Hubby composed and performs. Please, press play..

clouds in my coffee….

It really does sound like a Sunday, like one of our Sunday’s. Like a Sunday when we get up and head out on the road as the sun is coming up and we grab breakfast somewhere. I love driving down the streets of Indio or through the streets of Coachella, near the base of the Santa Rosa mountains looking at the scenery. Me, I am usually high af, but that is the only way I can get through a drive with my back issues. Sometimes I zone out and will stop mid sentence because the sun is shining on a field you can see worker in the fields. Those days are priceless. Especially the laughs and the conversation. I think Hubby captured it well in his song without words.

We had also made a trip to a dollar store as I had been feeling artsy and wanted to get some paint and glue. Art is good for the soul, is what I have heard. Anyhow, I have lots of little glass containers (weed) that I had been turning into candles. It has been too hot and I had stopped making candles a few months ago so I have a surplus of jars. Anyhow, I had previously Modge Podged some of my photos to them and made candle holders.

Two photos I shot from the freeway and traveling at around 70 mph.

So, I have a guilty pleasure, I look at those how to videos on FB, especially the arts and crafts videos! I have watched several acrylic painting tutorials and though, “Hey, I could do that with my weed containers.” So, yeah, I got high and did art stuff. A win-win. Right?

Well, time to get back to things. It has been hard to stay silent lately. I still have a hard time when I see women that I love and respect defend the big cheese even though he probably would not defend them. Big Cheese has publicly denigrated men and women in front of the media. I sat through several in-services during my time as a corporate accounting professional about workplace ethics and sexual harassment. According to the classes that I have attended, big cheese has violated many of those federal laws, because sexual harassment laws were drafted by the federal government. It makes me sad when I hear these women defend him like they are defending a husband that beats them or cheats on them. Yes, these are my opinions, as fucked up as they are and I am not sorry that I typed them out. I know, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, right? My dislike of him has nothing to do with the party that he represents. There are Democrats that are just as guilty as big cheese and I will not be voting for them. However, I will be voting Blue where it counts. To me, it feels like the US has just been given a D grade by the health department and it needs a good cleaning. (I have been through a C grade and brought it back to an A). Whatever happens in November, will not change who I am but hopefully America will be on better path who ever is leading.

Thank you dear reader for stopping by as I do appreciate it! May your day be__________________! What ever you want it to be as you are the captain of your ship! Be safe and have a safe journey!

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  1. I love your painted jars, and the video’s great too. I also agree with your anger and frustration regarding the numerous ethics and sexual harassment laws the Big Cheese as you call him has violated. He’s such a pig, and I also cannot understand how any women (well, anyone really) can still like and support him.

    I subscribed to your YouTube channel.

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    1. Thank you! I had watch several video on using acrylic paints and they were super easy.

      Yeah, I have tried to put myself in his supporters shoes and I just can’t make myself see him in any other light. Just sad…

      Thank you Jeff 🙂 Have a great weekend and hope you are doing well!

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