Dreams and Visions

Good morning! It is 3:36 AM. The last two days have been hazy and not because the air is filled with residual smoke that has settled here in the Coachella Valley from the burning El Dorado Fires. I won’t get into it but will say, always read the labels before taking prescription medication. Today is Saturday, September 12, 2020. My Dad’s birthday, the after that day. I remember calling my Dad first, as soon as I got to my desk at Century City Eye. One of the Ophthalmic Techs was running around with her bike helmet on crying and saying “We gotta get outta here.” It was before 6:45 ish or close to 7 AM as that is when most of the OR techs came in for surgeries. We did get sent home as we worked across from the mini twin towers in Century City. For months after Sept. 11, we had to go through a security check and a mirror would be slid under our cars before we could enter the parking garage. My biggest fear was not being able to make it home to my kids if my car got stuck in the garage as it sat below 16 or so stories of building. I remember the horror of that day from the media. I remember devising a map and a plan and drove the kids down it often telling them that should something happen like an earthquake or some disaster, this is how I would be getting home, even if I had to crawl. The goal was to get to Mission Drive when we lived in Alhambra and the goal when I lived in Los Angeles was to get to Olympic. Now I wonder if my kids have plans. I guess I should have those plans with hubby as well as there are always several paths to choose. I wonder how families have changed their disaster plans now in the wake of the pandemic or if they have even devised one? Before I go on with this memory her is a good song to go along with this post from KT Tunstall (I was on one. this was edited 9.14.2020), press play…

Another fabulous women singer the needs more of!

I took the above photos in 2012 of a remnant from World Trade Center. It is located at 17000 Stadium Way and I lived right by it for a few years. I remember standing and looking at this rusted piece of metal that once was part of a building in New York . That piece of metal according to the link indicates that it is 22 tons. There were hundreds of those pieces that held the WTC together it puts the magnitude of the impact in perspective. I am not sure that my boys knew what they were seeing as we were on the grounds of the LAFD Frank Hotchkin Memoril Center. That place had a big gymnasium and that day Chris Paul was debuting a new shoes.

That look other photogs give you….HA HA!!!! Respect…come on…right! šŸ™‚

It’s funny but the pandemic has brought to light many things. It has brought many people together that maybe once were enemies. It has also shown a spot light on racial inequalities that no matter how bright the spot light some people still refuse to take off the welding goggles to take in the bright, hot searing heat of the country for what it is. Until there is equality for all, black, white, brown, yellow, green, blue, polka-dotted, should I go on? You get it. So many people are so consumed with being right that they can’t see the wrong. That day though, as we waited with all those other excited fans, there were no racial tensions. No one cared about colors. My kids only cared about being able to get an extra free hot dog from Tommy’s or was that me? The truth is, hate and racism is learned. For a few years after the the towers went down, I remember the chatter and how scared my Iranian and Lebanese friends were. The stores that I frequented proudly hung American flags in the windows in hopes that it would save their businesses. How they lived in fear although they were American citizens. I could not hate a whole country or area for the act of a few just as I could not hate men for the act of a few (relating to hurts in my life). Funny, but right now, all this talk of people fearing Black Rights activists and calling them terrorists is absurd, really. What is so scary about the equality of all?

Yesterday in my Baclofen induced haze. That is the drug I was on and it is not for me. I would rather have spasms and be coherent. Oh anyhow, I was thumbing through IG when I saw a post from an old friend. She posted a screen shot of an email from her employer informing her, a single mother, that because of an error, she would have to wait till the next business day for a paycheck. This was yesterday, Friday. My heart tightened. I did payroll at many of my jobs and I have had to cut several manual checks and then have to do a journal entry or call a payroll company yada yada. What her employer is doing is illegal according to everything that employer agreed to by getting an Employer Tax ID and not being a pirate….aaargh! I have worked for employers that understood this and took loans to cover payroll or even maxed out their credit cards but always, always made sure their employees were taken care of, always. Although, I did work for several that didn’t. Thus, why I became so well versed in the laws. I get the pandemic is effecting people and businesses but if you can’t take care of your employees be truthful and don’t hand them a load of crap so they may prepare for a weekend of no food money. Maybe not penalize employees for looking for alternative work or going to find a food donation center. Come on people these are real lives. I never in my entire work history did not live paycheck to pay paycheck So, a few years ago, I had wanted to start an organization or group for women here in the Coachella Valley with a girlfirned of mine, it never happened, but maybe it will someday. I noticed in the few jobs that I had, that many of them lacked the basic office skills and they didn’t know their basic rights or that they shouldn’t be spoken to in the manner that I had witnessed on a few occasions. I was mortified. Everything that I had been taught was not an issue here. It was like the wild west, sort of lawless. Really though, it is still a dream, to have a group of older retired folks like me trade real world skills like how to use Microsoft Office and Excel or acing an interview or ethics to the younger adults and in turn the younger adults can teach us about Tik Tok and Photoshop or how to play drums or how to grow better cannabis. Really, I have thought about it during my wake an bake sessions, you know, I could trade a photo session for lessons in editing? You get it? So as a gift to any one working in California, check out the website and learn about your rights. (Hopefully, my kids and grand kids make it here.)

Here is the link for California. Go to that link to become more informed about your rights.

To you dear reader, where ever you, thank you for stopping by. If you have any questions, my offer still stands. May you have a peaceful Saturday and maybe hunger never find you. Hugs.

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