Get up, to Get Down!

Good day people! Birds are singing, good news is spreading. Oh what is that, I just heard good news for me. It seems a few of the bands that I had been following in the past few years will be performing at a usual haunt here in the Coachella Valley and it will be easier for me to enjoy the show as they are now held outdoors. I am looking forward to date night, albeit, camera-less, (fingers-crossed, behind my back. Shhhhh.) No, really. I am going to do my best to color in side the lines and use my phone like a normal fan would, right? If the night is good and the band sounds amazing then I am sure I can paint a great picture just by my words, so I will come armed with a notepad and pen. Last time I checked, it was not illegal to bring that to said casino in the Coachella Valley. Forgive me for getting a little giddy, I miss getting ready to go out for our little dates. Yeah I know the whole goal was to capture video and photos but really we had fun acting like kids hiding out and enjoying the music and trying not to get caught. Sneaking smooches and trying to take selfies, unsuccessfully. We have yet to figure that whole thing out. I still am going to get hubby to dance with me, dang nab it or else I may have to dance with some poor soul if they accept, cause I am going to ask some one one day. I have been practicing the Electric Slide during the pandemic, just saying…So, hopefully, this Thursday, we will get to enjoy a little South 65, after all, the hotel is using my photo for the bands promo on their website and not crediting me on the photo or compensating me, not that it matters, cause it really doesn’t. It is really cool! Thanks for using it!!!

This is the singer of Sout 65 with the bass player doing something?

Yesterday, we headed out early toward the south shore of the Salton Sea as I wanted to use the orange haze from the smoke to take a few photos. Around 7 AM, we drove down around Desert Shores, near a dry camp ground to watch the sunrise. The sun was a orange globe in a grey sky.

We left there to refuel, I mean, breakfast. There is a nice little rest stop on Highway 86 located on Borrego-Salton-Sea Way and Highway 86 that we stopped at to get breakfast from that fastfood place from the guy with the funny hat and the box before we headed toward the Anza desert.

I wasn’t to sure how far we were traveling and turned my camera off and put my JB Jr in my lap. JB Jr’s are the breakfast of champions, Am I right? Oh yeah, so, about a few miles down the road hubby pulled into an unpaved road and parked. It looked like we were going to drive off a cliff. I was a little scared. Here are a few pictures from that stop. The video should be completed soon.

After we left there, we drove around Salton City and Salton Sea Beach. It is always like a game, a maze really, trying to get to the water. It took 10 or 15 minutes driving down random streets. Finally we found the marina and I saw a dog n the distance, thought. It was a coyote. It stopped and looked at us. I felt bad for it. I am sure it was hungry but then again, I am sorry as I saw several jack rabbits that we passed on way.

When I am high, I repeat stuff like the big cheese. Today’s word is beautiful…ha haha ha!!!
There are so many empty buildings through the Salton Sea like this old tire building.

Finally, he found a place where we could walk down to the water, not that anyone really wants to get that close to the water, really. I used my face mask, even though there were no other people besides us as the air quality of the Salton Sea is less than desirable. With the added smoke of the El Dorado fire, I am sure that it was highly suspect yesterday. The usual odor was hardly noticeable. Nothing a little sativa incense couldn’t cover up.

This is the fence where we saw the coyote. We drove that dirt road behind it to get closer to the water.

Hubby drove our Mazda down this sandy road. It was exciting ’cause our car is not a 4×4 and you never know. We drove as far as we could. I got my gear out and then sighed as I saw the way down to the water and knew that it would be difficult as there were no hand rail and I would not be able to use my cane as I never bring it. Hubby had went ahead and was already down by the water. Those darn sure footed people! I took a few deep breaths and chose the path that had the least amount of rocks. I figured if I fell, I would hit sand instead of rocks. Luckily, I made it down without falling. It was difficult, not lying. I have drop foot and at the moment my right leg is very numb and spasms. After I made it down, I was so exited, I walked as close as I could to the shore and almost got stuck in the fish bones. See picture above. Yeah, I do not recommend walking on the Salton Sea for anyone, even if you are not disabled. If you must, take shoes that you plan on never wearing again. So, what goes down, must go back up, I had to go back up that hill and Hubby made it up first and I turned on my camera and recorded it as I struggled but here is my journey.

I say the Fork word a few times….just fair warning!

That right there was worth celebrating! A few years ago, I didn’t think that would be possible. I know my pain is not going to get better but I know it is not going to stop me. It never goes below 6.5. I just seem to notice it less when I am doing things that I like. The pain does gnaw at me and try to get me to notice but I do my best to ignore it like I used to ignore my kids when we went to the grocery store when they were young. Well, time to get some much needed rest.

To you dear read, where you are on this Tuesday, September 14, 2020. May the sun shine warmly on you and may your day be one that you deserve. Hugs.

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