Hoop Dreams

Buenas dias, Ohayōgozaimasu (おはようございます), bojour, guten Morgen, shubh prabhaa (शुभ प्रभात), buongiorno, dobroye utro (доброе утро), and Zǎoshang hǎo (早上好). I just picked out a few languages and not sure of which dialects to choose as I know that some countries have a few. However, thank you, to all that have visited and good morning! It’s September 15, 2020 nd you mde it to see another day! I understand that it may be difficult to read my words but at least I sometimes post pictures, so I will continue to do so. I follow a few blogs that are not in my native tongue, English. The Google translator has issues on my computer and sometimes I am not able to view a whole post unadulterated or the story writers thoughts do not come across the way they probably intended, because of the translator. I hope to find a better way. I can only imagine what some of my thoughts come across like. Oh my! My sincerest apologies to anyone that I may have offended, unintentionally from a misinterpreted translation.

Here is a little music to get you in the spirit of this day. When I went to Duarte High, I was not good enough to make the B-ball team but I kept stats for the girls Varsity Basketball Ball team and in 1986 they made the first round in their CIF division and had to play Brawley High School. Funny but now I live 40 minutes from Brawley. Anyhow, the team used to enter the floor to this song. I always wanted to dance across the floor when it came on. Press play…

Come on Clips, my Dream team for- ever….

Today is a day that I really should not write about as a Clipper fan. This is hard, really. I married a Laker fan. Any basketball fan, knows that there is a huge rivalry between the Los Angeles Clippers, my favorite team and that other team that also happens to represent Los Angeles, The Lakers. Yes, they have RINGS and Kareem and Magic and they even had fabled announcer, Chick Hearn. I had a father who loved that team and I sat next to him and cheered on the Boston Celtics during a few championship series. I remember them fondly being loud affairs filled with curse words. beer and “Come on man!!!” being yelled though out games and also a few curse words. The stuff of great childhood memories! Anyhow, today, the Clippers are 48 minutes from a trip, their first trip, to the third level of the ship. A trip to play against the Lakers for a spot on the top deck of the ship. They have made it to the lido deck only a few times but never the promenade deck, no, not them. Me, I am one of those superstitions people and the fact that I am writing about this is bad, but I am looking superstitions in the face and calling it’s bluff. However, if tomorrow morning the Nuggets are the ones to face the Lakers in the 3rd round, it will all be my fault and I will never write about my beloved Clippers ever again. Ever. The hairs on my arms just stood up, I shit you not. What game day superstitions do you practice? Shoot! I think I better pour some white candles just in case and start burning the sage.

Rasual Butler, rest his soul. Such a nice guy.
The perks of being a season ticket holder.

If the Clippers win tonight and can beat their neighbors, sorry hubby. The photo above could be the look of the 2020 World Championship Series. Just dreaming, don’t mind me.

My son sitting at an after party after a game at the Staples Center.
STH perks were getting to take photos with the players after the games.
I took my two older boys on a bus trip to San Francisco to see the MLK Jr game. It was the Clippers vs. the Warriors and it was at 12 PM on a Monday and I actually took four days of vacation time. A first for me.
Chris Kaman was quite a nice guy, really and I really liked him as a Clipper!

When I lived in the Pico-Union area near the Staple Center, I only had the boys on the weekends as my apartment was only a studio and probably less than 200 square feet in total, including the balcony. They stayed with me on the weekends and we usually walked the streets of downtown Los Angeles on the weekends. I worked for Patina Restaurant Group as an AR Clerk and walked to work as it was only 10 minutes away. One morning we were heading to the LA Library and I had a few bucks and my son as well as an “extra son”. As we passed the Staple Center, we noticed a crowd around, I knew it was for the Clipper game that would be starting at noon that day. A guy approached me and asked if I needed tickets . I laughed at him and said, “Nah man, I got me and these four and only 25 bucks.” and started to walk away. He walked after us. “Hey lady. I got ya!” He did have us. He took my 25 buck and gave us 5 tickets, they weren’t together but they were in pairs they were vouchers that said “Best available”. Well, that was in the 100 section and near the Clipper bench. Needless to say, I became friends with the ticket dude for the rest of that season and we went to several games. The following season I hooked and crooked my way to 4 season tickets. Two in 219 and two in PR-1, right above the Clipper tunnel. I thought it was going to be my year. Blake Griffin had just been acquired as a first round draft pick! Oh no, no, no….the curse hit and my hopes of making back any money on my tickets went up in smoke but we did have some good times. Do I have any regrets. Not one. I would do it all over again. It was the best. I met so many cool people. Clipper fans are my people. That is for sure.

This was opening day 2012 and I was so excited.
A sample of the many Clipper related photos.

There was a time on FB when I posted my every thought about that team until a mean spirited co-worker, who I wanted to like me said something about it. She made fun of me and I got embarrassed and then I stopped posting so much and then as the years went on I started just posting less of everything. Then I started interacting less with everyone. Every once and a while, I will get a little steam and try but then it will happen and some will say something, even if it is not directed at me. I know I need to stop but really, lately people are just reposting bullshit that they try to fit into their own lives and try to make it fact. It really is scary. Funny but when this whole Myspace and Facebook thing started over 10 years ago, I did not sign up using my real name. I was Jane D’oh! Yes, that is right. For the first few years, I was on both places. I had a blog on Myspace that had lots of visitors. It was great. Anyhow, a friend of mine moved to New Zealand and we used to email each other and she asked me to sign up for Facebook, so I did as Jane D’oh. You see I wanted to remain anonymous. Really, I wanted to never remember my hometown and then I let guard down in 2009 and changed from Jane D’oh to my real name and then went from two friends to two hundred or so. It is nice seeing old friends what is not nice is getting reminders of old hurts and such. No not because I have interacted with them, but sometimes a picture from my old hometown can trigger something. Also,the same school bullies, even though they didn’t bully me, are still there, just grayer and they use colorful FB backgrounds. Somethings never change.

To you dear reader, thank you for the visit, where ever in the world you are today. May something good happen, no matter how big or small it is. May peace and happiness find you. Hugs to you and you and YOU!

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