Groovin’ Ghoulies

Ghhoouuuul morning to you all out there on this Thursday morning, October 1, 2020. You made it to this chapter of the sci-fi-horror-dramedy that we have all been witness to as of late However, I will not, or try my best to not speak of the things the great pumpkin uttered the other night in that thing that was trying to be a debate, but was really not. Just not sure what that was all about, really. However, this is Grama Kush, my silly alter ego, I love e’re body…period. Luckily, we had visited a local dispensary before that shit-show started as I had couch lock and couldn’t move or make myself change channels or turn the TV off. All I can say for Pence, make sure you put on your big boy Super Man Under-Roos for next weeks debate with Kamala…oh yeah…just saying…. Well, today is October 1st! Halloween is in 30 days! I looked up a special song for all you groovy ghoulies out there to help you forget about the current events, even for a few minutes and maybe sing a familiar tune and do the twist, you ‘memba…Press Play…

Waaa oooohhh!!!!! It’s a grave yard smash…..

See, now wasn’t that fun, just like that first cup of Joe in the morning or in my case the first pot of coffee. Then I had a flash of one of my favorite horror comedies, Shaun, of the Dead. One of the best zombie movies in my opinion, and the song, Ghost Town from the Specials and I think back to my ska phase. No, I didn’t dress the part, but I did drive a scooter! Music, though, I went through so many phases. One of my earliest memories, in 1991 after I had the stroke, I was in the hospital and my girlfriend had come to visit, her and I had planned to see a show at the Belly Up in Solano Beach and remember telling her something like, I don’t think I can make it on Friday or something for the Untouchables as we knew the sax player, at the time as he used to play in a band the Art of Sax at the Steer Burger in Arcadia, CA.

So, 25 years later, I get to meet singer Jerry Miller…(I was so excited!!!!!!!!!)

She laughed and said, “That was a few weeks ago!” She is now a nurse and I think about her often and hope she and her family are doing well even though I don’t reach out. Sadly, The Steer Burger closed around ’93. Memories. That sax player now lives in my area in the Coachella Valley and plays the local scene. I will have to scan the old photos of Will Donato and Ed Reddick and post those sometime. Anyhow, The Untouchables made me think of the Specials and the song Ghost Town. Press play to add a little ska-nkiness to your day.

Just listening to those horns….and I start swaying

Well, I got a pot of bean boiling and my house smells delicious! Gosh, I love the smell of boiling beans and garlic. Heaven, I tell ya! I saw that today is the first ever Cauda Equina Syndrome Day. Not sure f this is international or just for the UK as I only follow the UK organization as I was a little disillusioned by the US organization. No, they are not bad people, I just felt like it was not for me and not what I needed to help me in my CES journey. However, it may be just what someone out there just starting on their journey needs as this condition really sucks. There is so much unknown about it. It is like a lurking monster, hiding and waiting for the right moment to strike and that could mean that you loose your bowels on the 91 Fwy when you thought you were farting or you may squeal uncontrollably when you r Hubby strokes your leg because your nerves are f-ed up. Often, doctors asks, what is the problem today and I would answer, nothing feels right below my waist as I could not explain what I was feeling. Sometimes there was no pain and I just felt like I was carrying an extra 500 lbs, but only with my legs and through sand. Also, it felt like my feet weren’t my own. I know that I could see them but if you turned a light off and I have to walk in the dark it feels like I am floating in air and that I may fall. These are but a few of the symptoms that I have told unbelieving faces that sometimes hardly looked at me and sometimes just said oh you need to find a hobby and lose weight. Here how about this anti-depressant, it is not for your mood but for your pain…So to you out there who may have CES or may be looking for answers don’t give up on yourself or lose hope. Hopefully, with more people talking about this illness more people and doctors will look for it instead of other things when a patient presents in the ER with any of those red flag symptoms.

February 1, 2019 and I think I selfied okay….This was on my whirlwind hospital stay of 26 hours

Well, time to rest up as tonight is country night and one of my favorites is going to be in town tonight, the band Country Nation along with sing Sara Winchester. I will not be taking any photos as that is not on the agenda. I will just be recording with my eyes and brain and just maybe a little phone recording, possibly. I always have my camera with me so you just never know.

Thank you dear reader for stopping by. I know there are many things that are quite maddening being flung around the air like doody right now. It is okay to be angry, but it is okay to laugh and joke and love and hate and cry and have hope. No matter what happens after November 3rd, we will all have a few pains that we will have to work through so just know that we can all get through this. Peace and love and go out and do something nice for yourself today. Hugs.

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  1. Omg I must say you have such a fascinating blog out there..!🥰💝

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    1. Thank you for checking ut my blog and your kind words! It really is just my diary and a place that I blow off steam. I tried to male it a traditional blog but I am not that focused 🙂 Have a beautiful day a be sage and well 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Your most welcome, and I must say this place is very good to come out openly on your thoughts, and you are doing so great..!🥰
        Good luck for all you think this to come out with. It surley will..!🥰

        Wishing you a beautiful day back way too..!💝

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      2. Again, thank you for the kind words as they are encouraging! I try to always be authentic as my own children may one day read these words 🙂

        Nice to virtually meet you. Take care and be well 🙂

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      3. Nice to virtually meet you too..!🥰🥰
        Have a great week ahead.!
        Be safe and sound..🥰🥰💝

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