Love HARDER!!!

Hello world, how are you? Really? Today is Thursday, October 8, 2020 and it has been quite a week making it almost impossible for my brain and emotions to keep up with the roller coaster of ever developing news reports coming out of DC. America, land of the free, home of the brave and a place where humor rules. Last night, I listened to the debate and took my glasses off and simmered as I listened to the VP set a bad example for males, especially God fearing, church going males, as that is what he says he represents. He disrespected the moderator Susan Page and Senator Kamala Harris by speaking over them and acting like the rules did not apply to him the Vice President and as a male. However, if there is a Mother Nature and perhaps if GOD is a woman with a sense of humor, a fly landed on the VPs head and stayed like a “fly on the wall” or in this case “a fly on the veep” like it had landed on a prize piece of doody. I thought I was going to pee my pants as I laughed at all the jokes, however because my medical care over the years has been lacking and a few of my past doctors treated me with disrespect and dismissed my symptoms so now I can not pee on demand or control when I go. Generally, though, I can’t pee just like an aging male with a prostate problem. So, to anyone out there still on the fence about the big cheese and his regime, I mean his cabinet, be sure to read up on the future US Supreme Court Justice they are trying to sneak into the highest court in the land because the future of healthcare for millions of Americans is on the line. I know that the ACA hurt many small businesses in the beginning but really, healthy humans are less costly than sick ones. Preventive medical visits that many people do without because they had lacked basic medical insurance is very costly when to the person that is ill or injured and to the employer as they have to cover that sick person and also may have to fill that same position. Trust me, I have had to study and review the pros and cons of the ACA. Healthy employees call in less and are more productive, unless their is a human issue in the workplace. (see the White House 2020 – 34 infected per this article as of yesterday.) I also get that the costs are sometimes out of reach for the majority of small businesses making the dream of that, being a business owner, out of touch or making a person choose to work as an independent contractor. Changes are coming. Regardless of what happens on November 3, 2020, do know this, things will be different, VOTE!!!

Click on picture to take you to CDC website.

I won’t bust out all my research and due diligence that I have done on the subject but this site breaks it down and gives good articles to check out. The more you know, right? Oh and what is that, big cheese just opted out of the next debate because it was going to be held virtually meaning the moderator could cut his or Biden’s sound if they run over. Damn, that would have been fun. Think of all the Tik-Tok skits that could have been created with a mouth running pres and no sound coming out. Oh, sorry, my day dream…..

The last week I tried my best to get lost and away from the media. IT was hard. Big cheese got sick, a clever diversion from his earlier tax story. Really, I started writing and then the posts became full on rants so I stopped. What I did was started going through my closet. I found a box with goodies I found on a various clearance shelves. There were clothing markers and other cool markers that I had hidden away. Any mom with young children may or may not have had to hide things from their kids a time or two in their lives, like Dove chocolate, just saying… oh yeah, so I had these canvas bags that I had been wanting to decorate with my photos. Well, I have had those bags so long I should be able to claim them as a tax credit. Also, I started painting all those little cannabis containers. Painting is oh so relaxing and so is dismantling old photo frames and then sitting at my desk and waiting for inspiration.

I didn’t know where I was going with this one but it is going to be sent to my daughter, hope she likes it.

For years, I have always wanted to try taking one of those art classes where you meet people. I guess those are more like a social hour mixed with art. Which I think is way cool. That way you meet others that have similar interests and you get to enjoy your favorite adult beverage. Anyhow, now, with things the way they are it may be some time before the wine and paint classes start again. However, I have a pipe dream of a paint class, a semi-circle of easels, social distanced of course, in one of the many fields of the Coachella Valley. Maybe have a Puff ‘n Paint, a 420 friendly event. After all, they do have wine and paint events and wine just makes me sleepy but pot makes me feel creative…just saying…

Those are a couple of the candle holders that I painted.

Usually when I am out taking photos and such I see scenes in my head that I think would look nice as a painting but have never wanted to try and really, although Photoshop is awesome with the edits and the filters it really dos not compare to actually using your own hands and getting a little dirty.

This was an attempt at the hill on the eastbound 10 Fwy just as the Coachella Valley is coming into view.

In 1989, I enrolled at Citrus College in Glendora to satisfy the schooling requirements to remain on my Dad’s health insurance as well as keep my infant daughter enrolled. We were lucky, because I was unwed and 16 when I had my daughter, It was through a few loopholes that allowed us to stay on his insurance until I was 21 as long as I satisfied the schooling requirements. Trust me, my mom did not care if I went to college. I still wish my kids would go but know that it is their decision to not continue on in the education. Had I not have been on my Dads insurance, I may not be here. I would have had Medi-cal and possibly, no insurance because I did work but did not make enough to pay for insurance but made too much to qualify for any county aid. Funny, but you never here about us gap people, the in-betweeners!!! The reason I bring this up is because I had that stroke in 1991. So, during college, I chose to take creative writing, instead of art because I could not afford the materials for the classes. True story. Yes, I did take art history and theory but nothing like an actual art class.

Ode to my Taco-Belle
Recycle!!! It is good for the environment!
I call this one Science! This is acrylic on glass.
Yes, I only took less than 20 minutes creating those and I know it looks it. πŸ™‚

The above attempts art watercolor and acrylic were done yesterday. I was hunting for things to paint on and found these index cards that were probably never going to to be used, so…..Again, never said I was or am an artist but gosh it really is relaxing. Lately, I have been going to my desk to look for things to create and not have to listen while our world spins.

I look at the photo above and I know that I plan on picking out a few more live shots to paint. Next time I will spend more time on the pictures so they look nice, I guess.

Also, the weather is heading in the right direction and it will be in the low 90s most of the day. Heaven on earth I tell ya’! To you dear reader, where ever you are and what ever you are going through, I hope your load is light. Things right now seem dire, but they are not. They can be better if we all work together. Choose love and may love choose you back!

Thank you for the visit. Hugs to you and you and YOU.

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