Good morning people! It’s October 13, 2020. I think I may not be ready to come here yet but did want to share another song that Hubby created. I must say that I am lucky that he has been composing music for me to use on the various little videos that I put together. Funny thing about being a numbers person, I noticed when I post a video to Youtube, if I use all original items, then the view time is counted, if I post videos that include copywritten material, then that is not counted. This is good to know if you are utilizing YouTube as an income source. I am no where near that and probably never will be. According to Youtube, you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hours. Anyhow, I am not one to bug for followers or subscribers as that would mean that I would be treating what I am doing like work and if that were to happen then I would surely give up. See my IG, I start to post and then forget….ooops. Yeah, once it starts to feel like work then I don’t like it. I don’t want to have to worry about posting on a schedule or posting consistently or having a theme or trying to target a certain audience. To anyone out there looking for consistency, this is not the right place for you and that is okay.

This photo was shot a few years ago by Hubby.

I am still trying to figure out who I am even at 50 and what I want in my life and what I don’t need. I know I often repeat myself but feel that I must as some folks may be reading my words for the first time but I did start this out in hopes of it being a blog showcasing the photos and video that I used to take at local concerts and mostly of local talent, you know bands that are trying to make it and get their 15 minutes or Hall of Fame stardom in whatever genre they are covering. Now, it has evolved into my diary and I come here to write so my head won’t explode as I haven’t worked since my surgery in 2019 and I have little physical human contact since the pandemic. Also, my hopes are that my children will come here someday to find me. I know they think they know me in their grown heads with all their grown up ideas now that they have had to face many grown up things with out me. Hopefully, I prepared them for some of the things so that the world has not thrown to many curve balls at them. I thought of these things as I was reading suggested Google news stories. Funny but Google suggests blogs posts, yeah, really, like they are news. What is up with that? Did you know that most of the blogs that were suggested to me were just copied and pasted facts and were not even the posted writers thoughts?!!?!?! If I talk to Hubby about an idea, Google will suggest a blog post with a similar idea. No wonder no one can think for themselves anymore. This really sucks!!!! Heck, I hardly text but when I do, the subject autofill’s for me because it can already guess what I am about to type. I hope beyond hope, that anyone that reads my words, takes them with a grain of salt. I am not an expert on anything, if anything, I hope I at least give you something to think about or research. I use Google to look for subjects that I am interested in, that is true, not to copy but to get inspired or to satisfy a hunger for knowledge. To my children, please, oh please, before you repost anything, really search within yourself and see where the original posters heart was.

The last few days, I spent editing this video. The video below is 5:18 minutes long. It was shot all over and has little bits and pieces or Easter eggs. I noticed that one of hubby’s friends picked up on it as hubby shared it on his FB page and his friend mentioned a few of the streets. I used footage that I shot knowing that I was going to put to music but was waiting for the right music. I suggest just skipping through the video if you do check it out. I like the song by the way, it’s commercial and I could see it being used in a thriller or chase scene.

How many places did you spot?

Also, I directed Hubby on the shots in Bombay Beach and the one in Indio. I think I did okay being that I have never taken a media class. Hopefully, I will be able to take a few media classes in the near future. Waiting for more scholarships to open up as I just can’t go down the student loan road again. It was fun picking out the different photos and videos. I used Hubby because it is his song and because he is my Hubby dang it! The funny thing is, regardless of anything, maybe one day his kids will look for things that he did and they find that video and many of the other things I have posted about him. Just as I am posting more bout me see photo below.

This was taken by me in 2017. I have so many photos that have never been seen so now is the time to show a few off.

The other day Hubby and I were talking. He was looking at guitars and basses and I jokingly said “Come on now! Makeup your mind and pick one or pick them all!” He then said, I can’t, we can’t afford it, the kids, yadda, yadda. I shot back, “Fuck that! We are on the other side of the hill. Our kids could care less about us, really. When is the last time they just dropped by or called without being prompted or them saying you never call either?” Then I explained to him why I thought he should just go ahead and pick out what ever his heart desires. You see, we are both over 50, we don’t have much and what we do have we use for bills and what ever else is required. Besides, when we die, they get to keep our toys so kids, we hope you will like the music library we are collecting. I figure any extra day we wake up is a gift, so if he buys 1 guitar, 1 bass or 20 and never gets to finish paying for them, then oh well. Hell, big cheese is pissing away taxpayer dollars like a dying man cause wait a minute, he is a dying man, just like all of us. We are all going to die, that is the truth. Dun Dun Dun….

So, are you still here and reading? You made it! I just wanted to throw out a little of my 3 AM brain. My internal alarm clock goes off around 1 AM most days and I fight with myself to stay in bed and snuggle next to Hubby but because of pain issues, I can not stay still for long so I usually get up and watch TV or work on stuff. Pain sometimes can turn you in so many directions and alter your thinking and direction. Just a few days ago, I was happily painting, now today, I just want to write, and curl up in a ball, occasionally. So, I will end this here and meander off into something, just not sure what.

To you dear reader, where ever you are and whatever you are doing, hope I gave a little food for thought. May you get lost in something good today. Hugs.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. morishige says:

    The song makes my mind wander to the desert! A perfect song for a road trip. 🙂

    Bombay Beach? You have a beach called Bombay there?


  2. 1On1Wisdom says:

    Your such a strong woman. I pray that all things come together for you, in a place where all obstacles will diminish allowing everything to flow together as one in return making you happier. A place where you can feel more like your old self before surgery but happier. 💙🙏


  3. That is the goal, or dream goal. I am fairly happy despite feeling not so good both physically and mentally sometimes because of my chronic condition. I do wish that things were the way it was before surgery but I am learning to get along with my new self.

    Thank you so much for commenting and reading my post. I appreciate it very much! Comments from others are gifts 🙂 Have a fabulous day and be well 🙂


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