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Hey now! You made it past the title! I will get to that in a minute. The last few days I have been in the dumps. You see I decided over the weekend that I was going to walk the Martha’s Village 5k to fight hunger in the Coachella Valley and to fight what eating too much has done to me. I started doing a little extra walking and working out. My brain tends to forget that I am 50 and have nerve and spine issues and I am not falling apart (like my legs and arms are not going to detach from my body), I did not herniate another disc or any of the horrible scenarios that had played out in my head as I tried to silence the pain and ignore it. However, anyone that has tried my method of acting like nothing’s wrong knows that at some point, holes will burst in your exterior and your mouth or words may get the best of you. Just like with going through drug withdrawals, my body is fighting for me to remain sedentary and to make my brain happy by silencing my mouth with something yummy and sweet. Yesterday, I almost, well I was so close to going to the nearest ER but so glad I fought through it and slept instead of binge ate, as my body surely needed it. I was having withdrawals from “not resting”. I rested more than I should have for the past few months, and I can feel it. Anyhow, I started tracking my progress on a simple Excel spreadsheet. I figure if I treat my training for this 5K like work then I can get through it. I am not calling this a diet or “Hey look at me!” No, me, I need structure in my life as I am easily distracted…oooh oooh shiny objects…what was that…oh yeah…..(I am a firm believe in the Montessori system!) Looking at the chart below really shows how much work I have ahead of me and why my body was screaming in pain . This chart only reflects the steps and not the modified push-ups I do every time I go to the office (restroom) or when I go out and swim. I usually knock out 5 modified push-ups every time I go and have started adding in leg lifts as the counter of our bathroom is the perfect height for me to use to steady myself. Also, it only counts steps as long as I have my phone on me…d’oh! My numbers may be off by a few hundred.

What you are not seeing is the graphs and percentages and forecasting…I couldn’t help myself!

Also, I have picked out the route I will be using for my walk. I will start at this water tower in Indio and I plan on taking photos along the way to record my journey. I like the area as I did that one shoot with Analiese and Angel there a few years ago. Maybe it is time to do another shoot in the area, maybe with men this time?

I dream of having a big party here.

The City of Indio was founded around 1877 and started as a railroad town as a half-point between Yuma, Arizona and Los Angeles, California. Fascinating, really. Until 2014, I had really never knew much about Indio as the last time I had been farther than Highway 86 was to Brawley High School on a trip with the Duarte High School girls Varsity Basketball team for a first round CIF game, (we lost). I think that was in 1985. Truth is, every time hubby and I go out on one of our Sunday drives I look at the Coachella Valley like a tourist looks at an unfamiliar landscape for the very first time, because you just never know what you are going to see while you are out on those long and sometimes lonely desert roads.

This is also Indio.

For the walk I figure in Old Town Indio has plenty of cross walks and safe areas for a person with a walking aid. Honestly, I am a bit excited as I will get a closer view of old town as the last time I was there we only stayed in the area for a few minutes to take a few photos.

The one thing I miss is all the festivals that have been postponed, hopefully till 2021. I really do like street photography but am not tied specifically to that genre or am an expert or looking for tips. I love having people in my shots as I people add a human and soft element. It also helps convey the story of the photo.

It has taken me a while to pick out photos that I have taken while driving through Indio and some that I planned. I love the old town feel that it displays,

This was an error in a panoramic shot with the Sony A7
Mural by David Garcia

So, to any one out there, the walk is in around two months. If you are in the area and interested, maybe you can plan your own walk? I know with Covid-19 protocols I can’t organize something bigger as that would not be prudent. However, if people happen to be on the route and I happen to capture them with my camera….Anyhow, I hope to see some smiling faces that day.

Whew! I got through that! I only walk once around my block and I know that it is okay as I am only competing with myself. Time to get back to my schedule.

To you dear reader, where ever you are today and what ever you are doing take a moment to see everything and listen. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU!!!

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  1. morishige says:

    Recording work progress on a sheet works quite well for me. At least that was what I had done during my last years in college. 😀

    The desert road looks pretty cool, M. I can imagine myself riding a motorbike there, surrounded by mountains and arid landscape, the wind breezing through my hair. 😀

    And I love the hot air balloon photo. Are you sure it was an error? I looks like an artwork for me. So cool!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I totally agree with the progress sheets. We use them in accounting to record and notice changes or trends. I do really need structure so they do help as I have been able to walk everyday and haven’t given up! Hope to make it a habit. 🙂

      Thank you for the imagery of your desert adventure. Add bugs in your teeth because I am sure you will be smiling.

      Yeah, that really was an error. The panoramic feature is a bit tricky and it was quite a surprise when I saw it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. morishige says:

        I hope it works for you as well. 😀

        Well, it depends. If I went there during the pandemic, I wouldn’t worry about bugs because I would use the mask. Haha. 😀

        Wow! Cool. It looks like several frames intentionally put together.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. So far so good. I am up to 2 miles each time I walk so almost near my target 😉

        HA HA!! I used to joke about catching bugs i my teeth when I drove a motorcycle. It was the best. If you swallow fast you hardly notice them! HA HA!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. morishige says:

        Haha… They won’t be a problem if they enter the mouth. I’ll be frustrated if they catch my eyes. 😀 Here in the tropics you’ll catch a lot of bugs riding a motorbike just after the sunset. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Summers when I used to ride were the worst for catching bugs. I just got used to it I guess. They, bugs, do sting depending on where they hit you on your face. 🙂 Not a great memory but I would gladly eats bugs again to be able to ride.


  2. lorraineanne says:

    great photo! thanks for sharing. if you have a chance I would really appreciate if you can check out my photo gallery! it would mean a lot! https://shopcoa.blog

    Liked by 1 person

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