Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Howdy and good morning! It’s 2:15 AM and we are awake! It’s November 18, 2020 and you made it to see another sunrise, another blue sky or to feel the wind. Sadly, in March of this year, I was one of those skeptics and thought this whole “bug thingy” was a hoax. The lock downs that began really didn’t affect my every day life as I am a homebody since my surgery almost two years ago. I thought that this must be some propaganda to cover up something else. Later in March, the reality started sinking in that this was no hoax and people were really dying. Now we are almost nine months into this pandemic and although there is hope for a vaccine, can the damage that has been done be repaired? So many people died or suffered that were innocent victims. For the life of me, when are people that follow the word of the big cheese, going to wake up from the Pied Piper trance they seem to be in? Anyhow, I am not going to beat a dead horse, we all know what needs to be done to get this in control. Trust me, I was an agitator when I was younger, and loved to buck the system, however, now is not the time. 240K humans have died in the past nine months that didn’t die from old age, didn’t have a heart attack that was not Covid related, may have been shot while they were sleeping, may have been stabbed, may have had a knee placed on their back till they couldn’t breath anymore…Those numbers are kept in a different column. Please, if you are reading this, do what you can to help everyone. Again, the person you are protecting by wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently, may one day save your life…

It has been nice having Hubby home but I am sure that he will be happy to get back to work. Me, I am glad he got to rest. I didn’t bug or ask if we were doing our morning drive as I am still worried. However, just before sunrise this past Monday, he said “Let’s Go.” and we headed East to catch the sunrise. It was truly magnificent.

East bound 10 Fwy. 6:27am

We drove to Box Canyon as you can always spot something new on the ride and in Box Canyon. I oohed and aahed many times along the way.

Hubby took a different route and we ended up near a rock quarry. Me I was happy as we were driving around and seeing something new. I spotted tires and started cracking up. That is one thing this desert is not short on and that is random tires in random places all over the desert. These tires were arranged and had a purpose but gosh they sure did look cool!

Sometimes wrong turns lead to cool surprises. The landscape was colorful and the early morning sunlight cast a hazy glow. It was dreamy.

We made it to our destination, Box Canyon. I just sat back and stared out the window for the first part of the ride. Hubby pulled over and we explored for a bit before driving on and heading home.

Always trying to get myself into pictures 🙂

Yesterday, we headed to Joshua Tree to check out the park during season. We left a little later in the morning, around 8 AM. The sky was a brilliant blue and there were a few scattered clouds. The temperature was perfect and I think it stayed around 75 degrees. The signs along the road into Joshua Tree indicated that all camping spots had been reserved. We passed FULL signs many times. We found a spot in the Cottonwood Spring camping and picnic area to stop and stretch. The restrooms were clean not outhouse style. Also, being disabled and having issues staying vertical, I had no issues walking around the area with out walking aids. Some day, we hope to comeback and camp there when it is not so busy.

Next we checked out an area known as Lost Palm Oasis.

We did not take the walk to see the Lost Palms Oasis. I was happy to not have to walk back up that ramp as my legs were already aching. We left there and headed out toward Jumbo Rocks, a place that we had camped at a few years ago. Hubby took an unpaved one-way road but did have a sign that indicated Exhibits ahead. It felt like we were on a desert safari with all the bumps. I was happy to get out of the car when we got to the end of that road.

There was a sign that indicated the trail to one of the exhibits was 1.9 miles and we joked about walking to it. Really, I was glad when hubby laughed and said we were not going to take that hike. Whew! Lately, my hips are in early winter mode. This means that I am trying to get used to the arthritis pain in my hips. In a few weeks, I am sure I will hardly notice it…not really. Really though, it looks like an easy walk and one day I will have to take that walk! We decided to head home after that exhibit and got back in the car and headed down another one way dirt road. I was feeling pretty good as many of the rocks started to form shapes. Here is an example of my higher mind.

Now you see it…ha ha!!

Joshua Tree and all of it’s magic. Well, I guess it is as magical as you make it, right? I will keep my love and happiness colored glasses to view the world. Hope that someday you will get to wander that way to see what YOU can see.

Last thing we did check out was Young Division Camp. It is 1.9 miles from the road along an unpaved dirt path. At one time, this was a military camp site. Now, it had one lonely camper when we drove by. We didn’t get out as we did not want to disturb him. There are so many hidden treasures in Joshua Tree, do keep your eyes open for signs.

click on photo to get more info on this monument.

It was a fun few days, well actually week, having Hubby home. I also added video to one of his new songs, Slide On. I love the beat and the guitar work. Any song that gets me to start bobbing my head or tapping my feet is what I like and this song has a beat that makes me want to dance. Press play…

I am still learning about video editing…

Time to get back to stuff, and I have plenty of stuff to work on. Thank you dear reader for the visit. Where ever in the world you are may your day be full of joyful surprises. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU. Be safe!

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  1. Lots of great photos as always. I love Joshua Tree, and now that I’m pretty much healed from my knee replacement surgery last June, I look forward to being able to do some more hiking there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jeff! Glad to hear your surgery went well. I was happy that there are plenty of easy trails. Hope you get to explore soon. The weather right now is perfect.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. rkrontheroad says:

    Love the shapes of the Joshua Tree, I was through there once.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a great place. We only live less than an hour away so we travel there often.

      Liked by 1 person

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