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Hey now! It’s Saturday November 21, 2020 and Thanksgiving is less than a week a way. Generally, I merrily skip down memory lane as so many of my memories are attached to music. This morning I saw a post from an old friend and co-worker at the Brass in Monrovia, California back around 2005-2009ish. All the stuff I was doing kind of clouds some of the memories. However, he used to host karaoke and I used to hound, no, make that BEG!!!! him to sing Steve Holy’s Brand New Girlfriend. We would do it as a duet, I actually sang the harmonies very super low because he had a great voice and needed no help. Me, after a few beers or something, thought I was Miranda, sadly, I wasn’t. Shuddering at my version of Famous in a Small Town. Sorry to the town of Monrovia for having to endure my singing! Oh my!!! For a visual here is the song by Mr. Holy. Please press play.

I was desperately single back then and wished for a brand new girlfriend back then…to hang out with and do girl stuff with like shopping and gossiping.

The Brass as I will call it, was a restaurant with a liquor license (edited – originally put unlicensed). This meant that they had to keep up a façade and tried to sell the right percentage of food to maintain the liquor license. Oh yeah, I am also well versed in food & beverage operations, especially bars. I was a bar patron their for almost 10 years before I became a server as a favor to a friend. Me, not one to shy away from work, saw the value in working at that restaurant, even with the threat of sometimes not getting paid, except for tips. I wore many hats through the years. I was like a cockroach as I was fired for speaking my mind once when a bar tender was let go in front of other customers, and I came back. His rights had been violated and I made sure to let him know that he could count on me if he needed me to testify. He didn’t. It didn’t matter as I had a full-time job as a staff accountant for a restaurant and night club group in Los Angeles. Anyhow, I even went back and worked for the same person that fired me at the Brass. It was not a swallowing your pride moment, it was an opportunity as I needed to make extra money at that time. A few months after I came back, the restaurant and bar went through a receivership and I had to make the hard choice to either never walk back into that place again or work for the receiver. I chose the building and it’s memories and worked their for another two years. Because I chose the building, I shied away from many that chose to stay away. The thing I did there was attempt to open a restaurant as a partner with a representative of the new owner. I spent more money than this single parent really had to spend on my silly dreams. The last straw, before I pulled out, was a catered event we held before we even opened and the person I was working with had all the bank accounts and took all the payments for that event I had to pay for all food and even for staff, it was more than I could handle and it took me a long time to recover but really I have not one regret. Would I do it again, Fuck yeah!!!

This was taken around 2006 -8 in the pantry of the bar kitchen.

Here is the Facebook link for our defunct page : Sauced! On Foothill

This was that event. The catering sales person got her commission on the event since she booked it….I remember….

Looking at that post, it reminds of my business cards. I wish I would have kept them. I listed myself, not as a chef, but as a “Stunt Cook”. I was going to market our catering toward single men, since that it what most of the past customers that came to that bar and ordered food were. Also, I wanted to have an option to have a delivered meal or “Date Night” meal that would be set up by the cook or whoever was delivering and since I had been wait staff and such I knew how to get in and set up a quick two person meal in a hurry and make it look presentable, you know romantical and with girlie touches. Anyhow, it never happened. Maybe I need to pitch this idea to my sons…hmmmm?

Here is one of the menu drafts

Oh yeah, the reason behind the name, Sauced! was because when the receiver sold the business the liquor license did not transfer. Getting a liquor license is a long, drawn out process and quite expensive. Anyhow, I wanted the restaurant to reflect it’s speak easy heritage and figured that since I couldn’t serve alcohol in a glass they couldn’t stop me from putting it in food. Again, just silly dream of a silly girl that never happened. I know to many it can’t seem possible that I have worked in so many industries. The sad fact is, when you are a single parent and do not have the luxury of child support, you gotta do what you gotta do. Again, no regrets and most importantantly, NO FUCK GIVEN!

I have CES (Cauda Equina Syndrome) A 5 pound weight gain is normal for me as A person with CES often retains water.

Walking has been rough. Although I have been trying to walk everyday it has been extremely painful. I know that if I lose weight, it will lessen the pain. However, right now, the cold makes the feel of my hip and socket feel raw and like it actually makes grinding noise when I walk. If you have hip issues, then you know this feeling if you don’t I hope you never do! To my children, you are still young, be healthy, exercise and eat right every chance you get. Oh yeah and unless you want to get excited over tooth floss picks, take care of your teeth and floss daily! Sorry, had to preach a little, never know who needs a little mothering right now…

Well, time to get back to doing stuff. Thank you dear reader for stopping by, hope to see you around here again. Safe journeys and hugs…

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