Ghosts of holidays past

Good morning and good Sunday to you where ever in the world you are reading this. It is November 22, 2020 and that holiday looms, you know the one. Me, for years I have shied away from holidays, well, going to celebrate at other people homes because of issues from my past that I needed to work on and am still processing. I am so glad my children are not jumping on the bandwagon and crying foul about not being able to celebrate Thanksgiving or insert any other holiday here___________________. Trust me, they knew whining like that would fall on deaf ears when it came to me. I learned from the best, my Dad. He would never put up with disgruntled children fighting over stuff like a lost Monopoly game or “borrowed” sweater. Anyhow, my kids spent many holidays without me as I was working. Working on a holiday meant time and a half pay and we needed it. Also, working kept my mind away from those past family gatherings I didn’t want to remember. So, maybe this year, to any of you crying out about your rights and not being able to celebrate because of pandemic restrictions, why not do something nice and pick up the phone and call that Uncle. You know, the one that everyone thinks is weird and no one invites to stuff or that co-worker who is an only child and has no one checking on him or her and might be elderly. Heck, there are thousands of food banks and kitchens around the US right now that are in dire need of supplies and volunteers. If you feel like you need to be around people, volunteering is living and a real party. For me, the feeling my heart gets when I am volunteering is something money cannot buy. Speaking of volunteering and food banks, the Martha’s Village 5k is in 4 days! I will not, that is right, not be walking after all. It would take me 3 three days to complete as the last few weeks my hip has decided to become noisy and attention seeking. We will be donating to their cause this year and hope that you do as well! Hopefully, next year the race will happen as it usually does.

Last November it was cold but the warmth of all those volunteers glowed.
Now that is joy right there in those faces!

I can’t wait to see the videos and photos that other families will be producing for this event. Perhaps, it could be te start of new family traditions? Just a thought. Here is a little musical break as holidays are lonely times for many besides being a time when food insecurities are also top worries for many. Press play….

I think Sting is one of my top 5 bass players!!!!!!!!
This was last years event.

Oh a funny thing happened (on the way to the office) this morning as I was listening to music and typing. The song, So Lonely came up on my play list and I thought “Hmmm…I am going to look up a tutorial.” Well, I got a shock! I pressed play on one and saw a ghost from my past. He and I had once had dinner at my apartment in Highland Park around 10 years ago. He played my guitar, the black Fender. His online profile did proclaim that he was a guitar player, we met on one of those websites, the lonely thing…Anyhow, I was not his type and he was not mine. Not that he was bad looking. We just didn’t gel. Even though he was less than appreciative of my full figure, he stayed and we had nice conversation and I remember him distinctly asking me to pass around his business card to others I knew that might need guitar lessons or that maybe we could see each other again if I took lessons. I took his card and never thought about him again…dun dun dun! HA HA!!!! I knew that being an ex-serial dater was going to catch up to me, just glad he will probably not remember me…(whistling…)

Well, to you dear reader, where ever in the world you are, may the sunshine softly on you, may your hunger only be for knowledge and if you have plenty enough to share, please do! Hugs to you and you and you and especially YOU!

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