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Tomorrow is the day, ovens will be stuffed with birds and such, it is November 25, 2020 and I was looking at a post from the first week of last December 2019. Hubby and I had visited the Annual Indio Tamale Festival and I was looking forward to going back this year back then. I guess, Thanksgiving reminds me of tamales. My mom, would sometimes make turkey tamales, if there were left over turkey. Before she died, my Dad bought her a food steamer and I remember she used to whip up tamales and fresh salsa frequently. The thing is, she stopped making her own masa and started buying it “preparada” or prepared for you non-Spanish speakers like me. Using the pre-made masa made making tamales easier. No more seeing my Mom whipping masa up in a baking pan adding lard and chicken broth as she whipped it by hand. This year I hope to make my own masa and make tamales and hopefully in 2021, The Tamale Festival will return. Anyhow, today is another good day to take a break and re-share that post from last year.

Thank you for stopping by for the visit. Where ever and what ever you are doing over this next few days, be safe and kind and if you can, be generous…generous with love, happiness, smiles, hope, grace and faith. Peace be with you all.

Original post appeared December 5, 2019Where You Make It.

This past week has been packed with lots of things to do, see, hear and taste in the Coachella Valley. This is the calm before the storm that ends in late April of next year after the Coachella Music & Art Festival and Stage Coach Festival. Even with possibility of rain, it was noted that the 2019 Tamale Festival in Indio had over 100,000 visitors for that weekend event. The fun started on Saturday, as we were at Spotlight 29 and checked out comedian Dan Finnerty of the Dan Band. My sides ached from laughing after the show. We lucked out on seating as we were sitting front row center for this visual assault on the eyes. The lighting although spectacular was a bit much for my brain and it’s activity. So glad I made it through seizure free. Honestly, kudos to the person handling the lighting, brilliant job! At one point in the show Dan and his dancers had bent over and had lights shooting out of the backsides. My inner adolescent was giggling like crazy at the juvenile humor that was gracing the stage.

This show had a little of everything, even rhythmic gymnastics, sort of.
Many times during the show he got up-close and personal with members of the audience.
That spot light was super bright.

The show lasted about an hour and it was jam packed with jokes and stunts. They performed covers of popular female sung songs. The choreography was on par with a Broadway show. Okay, maybe Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles. No really, check out this entertainer for upcoming shows. It well worth the price of admission. This show made me, a Christmas-phobe, get giggly seeing Dan prance across the stage in a Santa jacket and hat.

Now that is a Santa I can appreciate!

The Dan Band will be performing December 14th, 2019 at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. Check them out if you are there!

We visited the festival Sunday afternoon as there were a few musical acts I wanted to see. There were five stages of entertainment located through out the festival area that covered Old Town Indio between Town St. and Requa and Smurr and Miles. Each alley way and street was filled with visitors checking out the many vendors selling their “award winning” tamales and other delectable goodies and carnival games and attraction. The first act we saw was a group of young folkloric dancers on the Community Stage near Town and Requa. Those kids were in bright outfits and they enthusiastically and performed in front of the audience. I love performances like this as these are the kids from the community and it just gave me me that home town vibe that carried through our time there. We also got to check out Marrachi Tierra Mexicana as they finished out their set on the Amigo Stage. It was hard to choose which band to see first, Country Nation or Metalacchi as they were both on different stages at the same time. So, I chose to see Country Nation first, sadly, they got set-up a little late and we only got a chance to see part of their first song. I knew that it was going to take me about 10 minutes to get to the other stage so as much as I wanted to stay, we left. On the way to the other stage we stopped to also check out piano player, Johnny Estrada as he performed a cover of the Willie Nelson song On the Road Again.

Performing this past Sunday was Mariachi Tierra Mexicana. I would later photograph the guitarron player on antoher stage.
Love his smile and his rendition of On the Road again.

Around 3:30 PM, Metalacchi, a heavy metal marriachi group from the Los Angeles area, took the Fiesta Stage and it was pure magic. I had seen and heard about this group from different postings from friends and acquaintances on Facebook so I kind of knew what to expect. It was so much more, really. This five piece group of talented entertainers kept the event area laughing and singing along to their mariachi style covers of Metallica, and Ozzy and other popular metal songs. Their version of Mexican American made me laugh but also remember the first time I had heard that song on Dr. Demento’s radio show on KMET back in the 80’s.

This is the violin/fiddle player. She reminded me of a luchadora as she skillfully played and rocked the stage.
The trumpet player was quite a skilled musician as well as comedian.
The guitarron player rocked!
The singer kept the audience singing and laughing.
This song has made me laugh since I first heard it many years ago. They did Cheech & Chong proud.

This time of year, I get homesick for the San Gabriel valley. I miss waiting for Santa to come by our street on a fire engine and small home town festivals like back when my kids were growing up. This was the first time in my five years of living here int he Coachella Valley that we have been to this event. I look forward to next year and hopefully, next year I can decide on a tamale vendor. There were so many that I couldn’t make up my mind and left the festival with an empty stomach. Oh yeah, one, okay two, last picture of Metallachi..

I had just put my camera away when the singer ran by to sing with the crowd behind me so I hurriedly got my camera back out to catch him running back to the stage.

I am still recovering from all the fun and excitement as I want to be rested up for Thursday, Country Night at Fantasy Springs. Michael Monroe Goodman will be performing. Seriously, to any country music fans in the Coachella Valley or if you might be visiting this area do stop into the Lit Lounge to check him out. maybe I will see you there!

To you dear reader, thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again.

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  1. Sarah Davis says:

    Metalacchi made my day! Thanks for the introduction.

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    1. Awesome! Glad you liked them ! 🙂

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