Roll of the Dice

Howdy neighbors! You made it! It’s November 28, 2020 on this spinning blue orb and the sun will be shinning here in the Coachella Valley today. Usually, there would be a host of events going on around the valley but because of the rising numbers in the virus, a number of those activities have been canceled. Fun, has not been canceled. I fondly remember playing games like Monopoly or Crazy 8’s or Rummy with my sisters and even our parents during the holidays. Sometimes we put together huge 1000 piece puzzles and one of my sisters would brazenly hold onto to a piece so they could triumphantly place the last piece of the puzzle in a pseudo victory. My Mom was usually tinkering in the kitchen, putting together some kind of treat for us to snack on while we were playing. Those games, however, stopped after my sisters started moving out or got to cool to hang out and play. Oh, I just had a flash of our epic games of Speed! The second youngest sister, and my rival, used to beat me at that game frequently. She was the queen of Speed, a quick game of cards. Funny thing is, I don’t remember getting excited about after Turkey Day shopping and my Mom getting ready to make tamales, now that was something to get excited about! This morning, I will be embarking on that journey. I have looked up a few recipes on how to make masa as I do not have a package of store bought masa but, corn meal. I will be grinding the corn meal down to a fine corn flour and yes, I will be sure to let ya’ll know how that goes…

Here is a little happy music to start the day…please press play…

I love her, like she was just gorgeous and classy…For a bit, I assumed I was part Italian as my aunt Vera said that her an her sisters were French-Italian but a DNA test revealed that I have neither in my DNA.

Speaking of cooking, I spent plenty of time in the kitchen on Thursday. It was nice. I love cooking really. Since it was just Hubby and I, it was okay to take chances and not buy boxed items, like stuffing and such. This year, I made homemade cornbread stuffing, slow roasted honey-ginger- lemon grass turkey breast – not a whole turkey, slow cooked French cut green beans and I even made my own Fireball Whiskey cranberry sauce! We had an anniversary party three years ago and had a bar set up. The Fireball was one of the spirits that has been lingering and no one has ever wanted to take when I have offered it. So, I have been using it in various recipes. I see a spiced cake in it’s future. Funny but I took no photos of our Thanksgiving meal.

The end of Thank You (drum solo by Jason Bonham. I shot this with a Nikon D3400.

My body is still recovering from working in the kitchen, that is a real thing. I am thankful for many things and that is that we have a small kitchen! I started our meal around 3 AM as I knew it was going to take hours for me and it would be okay as it was just going to be us. Hubby was thoughtful. He did buy premade mashed potatoes and our favorite Pillsbury Cresent Rolls!!! I had made chocolate chip cookies so we skipped out on the traditional pumpkin pie. Another thing I am ever so grateful for is the dishwasher. I have lived in this condo for 5 years and was under the assumption that it did not work, Also for years, as a renter and never having a place that ever had a dishwasher, I always bragged about loving washing to hand wash dishes. Let me tell you something. That was a LIE. I LIED! MY PANTS WERE ON FIRE!!! I asked Hubby a month ago to purchase dishwasher packets and he obliged. I had to tinker with it as it had not been used in at least 5 years and I got it to work! F YEAH!!! It is the best and if it breaks I will be super sad, really, not lying.

As usual, I have been going through cards and looking for inspiration to see if I am ready to work on stuff yet. I pulled the card that has been in my NIkon for quite a few months, well, since March to be exact. Well, sometimes I will take the card out, pull a few photos off of it and then stick it back in my camera and not review anything else as I want to be surprised by what I see later. You know, the fresh eyes thing. Yesterday, I thought I would review the whole disk and I stopped at the shots that I took one angsty, tear filled morning, when I had that run in with my neighbor and her dog and my dog. It was May 17, 2020 around 9:30 AM. The one thing I love about digital photography is the recording system. Hubby knew how to get me out of my funk. He took my direction well and got through on the clothes he is wearing in the photos. No make-up or hair needed…Ha ha!!

I am still working on this and have a renewed interest in it as I have been toying with different edits. That morning I was just trying to get that uneasy feeling that I had from that run in with my neighbor over that incident with our dogs. It didn’t take long for Hubby to get into the vision that I conjured up for that impromptu shoot. The Every Man shoot was born.

Part of me still wants to pursue the professional photography career. I would like to pick up a gig, paying or not, every once in a while or perhaps an internship. You know, I am not getting any younger. These kids with all their knowledge are sure getting clever and so good it is hard to get noticed. Anyhow, during this shoot, my crazy head thought, hmmm, maybe I could go after the older male clients, the ones still chasing their dreams and needing good photos for their websites – either the band or love thing.

Funny but maybe I might be on to something? Maybe not? I just think we all see the world through glasses tinted to our own liking. Me, even though these eyes have gazed at many shiny object in their time open, they have been tinted with his hue since March of 2000. No matter what he looks like, how grey the hair gets, he will always be the apple of my eye. How many other wives must feel the same way when gazing at the their hubbies when you know that others have questioned your choice in life partners. For him, I am so thankful. I still see the man I met almost 20 years ago and he not aged in my eyes. Also, I still want and need to finish our interviews. This I am doing for our kids, if anything. Really though, if after it is complete and I can get a few more people to add to my photo album that would be an accomplishment. Hopefully soon we will be upgrading all of our equipment, fingers crossed, and not getting used or outdated computers so we will not have so many issues editing and uploading our work. Kids, I know it may seem like the easier way to go out and pile on the debt to get shinier new equipment, trust me, it is always better to wait and do your research. Always take care of the most most important things first, things that you need to survive-then the other things will eventually fall into to place. You just gotta trust, really.

One last song to end this post. Some words or a song of wisdom sung by the Rolling Stones…press play…

That’s right Mick, you get what you need….

Oh yeah, I tried my hardest to not mention the high numbers, you know those numbers. I was lucky before, Hubby did not have and still does not the Covid. Those numbers had really not hit my inner circle and I was lucky to only proclaim that I knew a friend of a friend that may have it or been in contact with some one. Well, not any more. Please people, WAKE THE FORK UP!!! The virus is real. It is not the run of the mill flu. Most people will not have major issues. However, you can’t tell that to 250 THOUSAND people, that is 250,000 that is 6 digits, anymore. May we never reach SEVEN digits in the USA. My person is special, my person is doing okay (Thank God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha and every God I prayed to when I heard yesterday.) My person scared bullies and monsters under the bed. I would give this person a lung, a kidney anything and everything if asked, So please people. I know that I am not the only person that feels this way. Please wash your hands, please wear a mask, please keep your distance and if you feel like you still can’t help but be an asshole, do it from a safe distance. That is all. Good bye.

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