Bouncing Balls

Good morning WORLD! How are you? Less than a year ago we had no idea how life was going to be quite different. The holidays are upon us as it is December 16, 2020 and many people that were here last year can never complain again about their rights, and how crazy everyone is for wanting to shut down businesses. How hard must it be to have lost a loved one, lets say a Mom or a Dad or Grandma and have to hear that people are protesting their rights, you know, their right to contract and possibly spread this unruly virus? Yes, I get it. You bunch of spoiled, rotten, egotistical assholes! Reading one of my own relatives messages, one who just had Covid explain that it was no big deal and people are crazy. It made me want to reach through the phone and smack some sense into them, but I didn’t. I just wished them well, told them how much I loved them and went on my way. No sense in fighting idiots. Yes, I hate the word idiot, my Mom used it often, but I guess it is an effective word, it gets attention. Please people, I was a student in a couple of hospitals here in California and even though Covid-19 was decades away, these two hospitals both in very different neighborhoods, were busy and lacking in hospital staff. ER wait times were hours long, even back then. Yes, most that catch Covid-19 will have no ill affects or are lucky that their immune systems are strong and able to fight it off. However, in this pseudo lottery that no one wants to win, the chances of the virus “balls” falling in the right slots are increasing daily everyday. Please people, my Hubby and hundreds of thousands of people have underlying, unseen conditions and happen to be classified as an essential workers, they need us all to work together. The people that especially need our help are hospital staff: physicians, nurses, x-ray technicians, central supply, environmental services, security, food services, hospital administration, volunteers, respiratory therapists, counselors, clergy, pharmacy and so many other departments. I know I am missing so many of the many personnel that keep a hospital running. They all have families that they are missing because they are working more hours than they ever imagined. You know, lack of sleep and rest can wreak havoc on the immune system and all it takes is one microscopic droplet to reach a persons respiratory system which can easily occur when someone is too tired to be 110% careful. I wish that life were the way it was 365 days ago perhaps if we can all put our differences down, drop the colors, put a rug over our political lines and just do what is good for all? Really, though, in 365 days maybe this will all be behind us and we will celebrating together in victory. Thanks for allowing me to vent, now I will climb off my soapbox.

This is a self-portrait I took in 2017.

Anyhow, I am taking a break from things, as it is colder than my bones like and that is okay. Rest is good, even for a homebody like me. Honestly, I was not going to post anything new till after the holidays but, this is my diary and hopefully, when I look back at this post again next year, life will have returned to normal or normal-ish.

To you dear reader, where ever you are, what ever you are going through, I am cheering for you and pray that the balls do not land in your court. Oh yeah, last thing, about that hearing, it went well and lasted less than 10 minutes…good things, really do take time and I have waited this long….

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed your blog today, great read. Thanks

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading1 Be safe and well.


  2. I concur with your feelings of anger and frustration Michelle. Take care of yourself and your hubby, get rest, and enjoy the upcoming holidays to the best of your ability. I wish you both a Merry Christmas.

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    1. I am just glad my sister survived as she is 65 and has underlying conditions…I have been getting lots of sleep and it is glorious! I guess I really needed it. Hope you are doing well. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

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