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Editing this as of 7:24 AM I just heard the worst news! A horrible act just occurred and they reported that three people have been injured (the news had reported incorrctly at that time in the morning) as an RV just exploded causing mass devastation in the entertainment district. Please people, be kind out there, I know this is a hard time for others but what just happened is sad and my heart hurts for Nashville.

Hello and good day to you in Brazil, Romania, United Kingdom, India, Germany, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia and the USA! Those are just few of the many countries that stop by to check out the blog. To everyone, where ever you are that has stopped by to look at pictures or read my words, THANK YOU! I noticed that I had reached a total of 500 subscribers or friends as I like to think!

I also took this photo on that day in 2017.

It is December 25, 2020 and you made it to see another day! Hooray! Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays!!! The last week or so has been nice. Mostly, I rested and watched TV. My bones need a little more TLC during the winter so I binge watched the Netflix series Virgin River in my comfy warm bed. It caught my attention because I saw actor Tim Matheson listed in the cast and he was in a series that I just binged a few months ago, Hart of Dixie. He is still playing the character, a head-strong country doctor and his new, unwanted Nurse Mel (Alexandra Breckinridge), reminded me of the city slicker Zoe (Rachel Bilson) from Hart of Dixie, but that is where the similarities end. It was funny when Hubby mentioned a few days after I finished watching all available episodes that it was renewed for a third season! Yay!!! Also, I made tamales. They are not as good as my Mom’s were but I guess nothing will ever be as good as my Mom’s really, and that is A-okay. Today, I will be making candy. I looked up a bordeaux recipe that looks fairly easy so hope they turn out.

The hojas (corn husks) were not the greatest for the first batch and I had to piece them together.

My temperament has gotten a bit better. Some of the side effects have decreased since I stopped taking Topamax. It was nice to speak with my son and not start crying. One thing though, to anyone out there, be sure to check with a medical professional before stopping or starting anything you will be taking and do read the and find about any side effects.

This year I made BBQ pork and black bean, chicken and black bean and corn, pasilla chile and cheese and a few sweet corn tamales. I made my own masa and it really is not as hard as I thought. What was hard was standing and smoothing masa onto the hojas and then filling them with meat to be steamed for around and hour. There were moments when I couldn’t feel my legs and that really was a good thing because I could now ignore the electric shocks that my spine was sending out. I had forgotten that the masa firms as it cools after said hour of cook time and over cooked the first batch. I think I got the timing figured out now.

Those two little white dots are Saturn and Jupiter. My lenses were no match for the night sky.

Hubby has been working tirelessly, well I know he is tired. Covid protocols have lots of people missing work. He took me out the day before the Great Conjunction so I could see it from the dark sky of Sky Valley not to far from our place. On the way home we stopped near that canal on the Indio-Coachella border and I snapped a few shots.

Thank you to Hubby parents for picking this spot in this community back when it was being built. It really has been a gift that keeps on giving.

I was medicated and feeling just right. I tell ya, I can be my own party any ol’ time. Oh yeah, so I knew that those palm trees and the lights in the background was going to look cool if I messed with it, you know Photoshop and changed the curves.

Still working on this and few others. At this stage now I can start “painting” it.

The night of the Great Conjunction, hubby offered to drive me to a dark spot and I remembered that we have a balcony upstairs that faced south and had the perfect view of the celestial event. Since my surgery I hardly go upstairs but think I am going to utilize that space and make it like a den or place to hang out and watch the stars at night.

I can tell that the effects of the medication that I was taking is wearing off and I feel less melancholy and angsty. That was another reason for me to refrain from writing here in my public diary. My mind would think one thing and my fingers would type something else. I feel a bit more in control (not that being in control is a good thing) but know that I will never be fully in control as I know that even the best plans can be altered at a moments notice.

This is a blast from the past! I took this in 2017 in our backyard. This was used on a Christmas card that year.

To you dear reader, where ever in the world you are, peace be with you. Where ever your journey takes you may get there safely. Hugs to you and you and YOU and hope to see you around these parts again!

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  1. Quirky Girl says:

    Merry Christmas! ๐ŸŽ„

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    1. Merry Christmas to you and your doggy!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Lunatic says:

    Merry Christmas! I do tamales for the holidays too. This year I made them for thanksgiving, so I’m attempting turkey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there! Merry Chritmas! Turkey tamales are yum! I am sure they will turn out just fine ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wishing you and Hubby a wonderful Christmas Michelle. I’m feeling at least a bit of optimism for a return to some semblance of normalcy in 2021.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good morning Jeff and Merry Christmas! I too am hopeful for 2021 even with the latest news. Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

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