Hey there! How goes it? You made it to March 3, 2021 and yes, I still think that is a good thing. It’s Women’s History Month all 31 days of March. The theme is a familiar one – voting rights -Valiant Women of the Vote: Refusing to Be Silenced is the theme of this year. To all my sisters out there never stop fighting for our rights. What are our rights? The right to be heard, the right to be equal, the right to speak out and not be silenced. As a woman that has worked in many jobs in different industries, I have witnessed women be passed up for promotions, fired for speaking out about abuse, been bullied and watched others be bullied (I was fearful of losing my job and did not speak out). Right now, there are senators and representatives that are working to take away these rights by limiting access to voting places and ways to sign up and be counted. They are trying to take away our rights to choose to give birth or not. I could go on and on but know that there are people out there that do not agree with my thoughts or the thoughts of others just so they may feel better about themselves. The sad thing is, many of these workplace violations and some non-workplace events (thinking of all the KAREN incidences) have been perpetuated by women trying to seem like a BOSS but really coming across as a bully. Yes, somehow, sometimes women don’t know that you do not need to act like a hard ass to be a good leader or to be thought of like a man. Good leaders know the job that they are leading and can teach and roll their sleeves up when needed. Good leaders listen and just well, lead. Being a BOSS does not mean that yelling and insults is part of the job. To my sisters out there in this world, you are beautiful (yes each and every one of you), you are magical (menstruation and pregnancy to name a few things), you are good enough and yes, you can still learn and love and cry and hope and dream and be kind at the same time. This is our month – let’s make it a good one!

Time for a needed song break and since it is Women’s History Month here is a little song featuring Rachel Yamagata. Please press play…

A fan video – LOVE THESE!

Speaking of 1963, the year that JFK was shot and my sister was born. She was the little sister until 1970 and never let me forget it! HA HA! We were rivals, I guess you can say that. Some of my most physical tussles were with that sister. However, she took me to my first concert and she used to drive me and my friends around in her first car, a red Honda Escort that she purchased from money that she earned from her first job. Recently, a few years ago, we used to hang out at a local pub and play trivia. Did we fight? Of course! We still argue (we hadn’t spoken since 2017) and can’t agree on some things. However, she is my sister and I would sling stones at giants to save her if I have to. I get why her and I were like oil and water. There were five of us vying for attention. Also, as I have mentioned before, as a women and ex-little girl, we all have different memories of things and what we want to remember. I know that the last four years with the big cheese was difficult as it made me face demons that I had been ignoring for decades. I often wonder what my sisters had witnessed or been subject to in their lives. Anyhow, the news I got yesterday was not what I imagined and I am still refusing to say it out loud as that will make it too real. To my sister, you were Mom’s favorite and Dad’s and what ever else we fought about and yes, you can claim it all as long as you will fight for you life right now like you used to beat me at most board and card games…sorry trying to bully her a little…I try not to ask for much but to anyone out but maybe to those that pray, please include my sister…thank you.

I need a little more music. Here is another by the lovely Rachel Yamagata.

Thank you Pandora for introducing me to her music!!!

Oh yeah, back to celebrating women. I am painting only photos of women this month and lucky that I have had some great models that have posed and took my direction. I thank you ladies! The first two that I am working on are of Lele and one of me. I am taking a little more time with them and trying to get them just right. Not sure what just right is cause I just don’t…

This was from that first magical shoot and the first time I met this woman.

I have repainted and repainted and trying my hardest to get it right. I have spent three days on this one and still not done. I fondly remember this shoot and those flamingos!

She flies through the air wit the greatest of ease…

The picture of myself that I am working on is from a self-portrait shoot I did in 2016. I wanted to do boudoir but was not comfortable with my own skin so I chose to wear a mans tuxedo suit, instead of lingerie. Here is the original photo.

Wine makes me feel upside down sometimes so I don’t drink it!

I flipped the photo over and now is the fun part to reimagine it. It is currently mellowing and waiting for me to get inspired before I finish it. I tell ya, those pants were uber tight and I don’t think I could get the zipper up the whole way…Anyhow, the story that I had in my mind when I took these photos was of a women on the verge of something. Something I was not sure about – was I going to change careers, get married, lose weight and yadda yadda. However, now, things are getting clearer and I can see my path. Now to pack snacks for the journey.

To you dear reader, thank you for stopping by and reading. What ever journey you are on and where ever in the world you are, be happy, be love and be light. Hugs and squeezes.

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  1. Sarah Davis says:

    YOU are beautiful!
    We are of the same generation and I am tired. Black History Month and Women’s history month come around every year and nothing changes. I’m just tired.

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    1. Thank you for always being just a beautiful and kind. I agree with you, I am tired as well. However, I am going to keep trying as I have a daughter and grand daughters and a very rich and culturally diverse family – just like a rainbow. I sometimes I think we are no farther than I was in 1986 and getting pinned against a wall at work at my very first job and not being believed. I guess what I am saying as I often lose my thoughts, is that unless we speak of these issues and calling it out for what it is then nothing will ever get done or all this bad behavior becomes normal, even if it is just a tiny step forward. Thank you again as always for your comments. I really appreciate it….sorry for ranting

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      1. Sarah Davis says:

        Change is slow. I don’t consider the above a rant. This shit is still common. So is finding new ways to demean and devalue is “gals” and then gaslight how when misinterpret what was said/meant. So over old white men…

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      2. I thought it was a rant as it is my opinion and not many people in my circle feel the way I do. I get the old white men thing, but I have been demeaned by a few men of different races in different jobs but yes, I agree with the old white man thing mentality, I still get ill around certain men even if I know nothing about them, something I need to learn to deal with…for my own peace.

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  2. You’re a brave and beautiful soul, Michelle, and I admire you for speaking out and continuing to fight the big fight. I love your artwork too. And, we’re finally getting some rain here in the Coachella Valley!

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    1. Thank you Jeff for always being kind to me! Still want to meet up with for coffee! It rained? I must have slept through it. Hope we get more 🙂

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      1. Yes, I want to meet you too! Alas, we got only lots of sprinkles…

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  3. morishige says:

    Hi, M!

    Sometimes I wonder why after all this years, after succeeding in achieving and creating many things, humankind still cannot resolve such primordial a thing such gender equality. But I believe we’ll overcome it.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the songs of Rachel Yamagata 🙂

    I hope you’re doing well there.

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    1. Hey Ajo!
      I know it is sad. It feels like the world is filled with spoiled children. Yeah, I read many blogs from women all over this world and sadly, gender equality is common theme. I do believe that we will overcome it too, maybe not in my lifetime, but one day.

      Isn’t she, Rachel Yamagata great. I just love her voice and the songs lyrics as well.

      I got my wish, all my sisters are here with me. My sister is not well and we all came to be with her 😦

      Hope you are doing well. Take care.

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      1. morishige says:

        So true… I hope so. At least, here they have come up with regulations about the quota of congresswomen in the house of representative… And in my country we have had a women president 😀

        Yes, she is. And listening to her reminds me of a friend that introduced her music to me nearly a decade ago.

        Wow, that’s great. I smiled when reading that you are with your sisters. 🙂

        You take care too 🙂

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      2. We could learn from your country. Women are treated as subordinates even when they have more experience. Long way to go in his battle.

        Yeah, I heard her about ten years ago as well. She is quite lovely.

        Yeah, We are meeting for coffee soon as the hotel free breakfast buffet is open 🙂 Good morning by the way! It is 3:414 AM.


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