To all the goals I failed – Revisited

Hello there! How goes it? Today is March 16, 2021 and I just noticed that I totally missed the opportunity to say “Et tu Brute? Et tu?” I don’t think Shakespeare added the last “Et tu” but you get what I mean. March 15 is etched in my memory as The Ides of March as Julius Cesar was warned of the impending doom of that date and just as prophesized he was assassinated in 44 AD. My head is full of trivia knowledge that is fairly useless unless you play trivia. Anyhow, I thought I was ready to document my life today, but am not. This past two weeks has been difficult for me as well as my sisters. Today for the first time in months, I slept in till a little past 6 AM this morning. My mind and body is exhausted. This is okay, really – to rest, I keep reminding myself. However, I still have things to do, that I want to do, so I must keep moving forward and know that it may take me a long time to feel normalish. This morning I began researching Media classes at the local college and am thinking about enrolling for the Fall semester. Hopefully, pandemic restrictions will ease with more and more people becoming vaccinated as I would really like to attend in person classes. My turn for the vaccine should be soon, fingers crossed.

Here is a little music break from Pat Benatar. My sister also liked this artist and it is still Women’s History Month and yes, I sang all of her songs as loud as I could when ever they came on the radio. Fun facts about Pat, She is a four time Grammy winning singer and song writer and has 15 Billboard Top 40 singles. just looked at her website (I added a link above)and she is still rocking the best short hair doo! I could never pull off those short hairstyles but tried through out the years. One more song, as she has so many hits with some womencentric lyrics that just get me feeling so many things. Please press play…

I found this old post from last year. Funny thing, one of my sisters noticed the necklace that I wear on my neck. It is a St. Christopher medal that was given to me a few years ago when I was out photographing Lele. I remember Doug, the previous owner of the necklace telling me that he felt I was in need of it and it would keep me safe. Let me tell you, most definitely, I believe that it has, as twice since I received that gift, Hubby would have died but was saved by two people that happened to be in the right place at the right time. One man even said that he had just watched a Youtube on the Heimlich maneuver a few days earlier, he would not have known what to do. Cue Twilight Zone theme…

Here is a link to the original post To all the goals I failed before, it has a little more on the story of the necklace and that day.

I nervously fidget with the medallion often, almost like prayer beads. Just noticed the yellow paint drops on it.

One more song before I go as I forgot how much Pat Benatar was in the story of my younger years.

So many great songs to choose from, here is one of my favorites. Again, I love, love, love her hair and she is such a beauty!!!!

Thank you for stopping for a visit and hope to see you around these parts again. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU!

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  1. Your post is fabulous

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    1. You are so kind! thank you 🙂


      1. Pleasure is all mine 😊
        I am your new follower you may also support me by following

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  2. Sarah Davis says:

    Love Pat!
    Keep St. Christopher around.

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    1. I love her too!

      He is here to stay.:)


  3. Can someone recommend Black Swimsuits? Thanks x


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