Walking in the Cosmos

Good morning World! How are you out there in Australia and New Zealand, I see you! Howdy Singapore, Indonesia, Greece, Italy, China and Finland! Hey Romania and Ukraine, Japan, India, Sweden and Dubai, I see you too! I love checking out the stats to see what countries have checked in to visit. I think it is super cool. Today is Saturday March 20, 2021 and you made it to see another sunrise or sunset and that right there is good thing! It is definitely Spring-y around the Coachella Valley and hopefully this weekend Hubby and I can resume our Sunday drives. I so need something normal-ish in my life right now and those Sunday drives are great for zoning out and clearing the noggin of bad thoughts and such. Life is starting to pick up and restaurants will be able to allow in-door guests. Still though, I plan on social distancing and wearing a mask. Really, do we need to go over hand washing again? Oh sorry about that. you see I have Covid-19 fatigue and wish that life was normal but despite that, the world is still in a battle against this virus and now is not the time to let up. Do we really want to be stating the same statistics 365 days from now? I think not, so you know what you gotta do…

It is still Women’s History Month and here is a favorite of mine and one I can sing in the right key…

Not many of her songs are in my range or at least I can find the right key in this song.

The last few weeks have been rough. Not the worst in my life but close. Not sure if a dream woke me around 11 PM last night to a tear soaked pillow. I guess I had been crying in my dreams. I got up to go to the bathroom and I had a flash of my Mom’s memorial service. I guess seeing all the photos that my sisters have been gathering for the upcoming memorial opened up an old wound. I had practiced a few songs to sing at our Mom’s memorial but my older sister said that I couldn’t sing them, not sure of the excuse she gave. Then at the memorial she had one of her girlfriends friends sing the Sarah McLaughlin song, Angel. I died a little on the inside that day. I had planned on singing Good Night Irene as my Mom and Dad both loved that song or Walking After Midnight as my Mom loved Patsy Cline. It was so hard to get through that service that was planned without me as I was never asked to help. (the money thing) I was crying that day because yes I was sad about my Mom but very hurt by my older sister. I put it out of my mind and forgot about it until last night. Anyhow, I had learned another secret that still perplexes me. I am sure that if I were to bring it up, there would be justification from the other party. It’s hard when you discover that the person that you looked up to as a child is not a super hero but is a human that has made many mistakes. I know I put this person on a pedestal but now it is time to take her off and treat her like the mortal she is. I still very much love all of my siblings and even though I am hurting right now, I know I can get through this as I have gotten through many things in our lives. My only wish is that we can all be honest with each other in this last part of our lives. No more secrets, no more lies. We are no longer competing for a single bathroom or attention of our parents so this wish should be an easy one. This is me saying my piece in front of the world, nothing to interpret or twist…that is all. Next…

Another one on my Mom’s like list of artists.

One thing that happened last week is happily etched in my memory, spending time with my third youngest sister last week. She flew in to help with the memorial arrangements so we got to spend two days together. It was the best, We stopped in Cabazon on the way to our destination and I got to snap a few photos.

It has been hard to get my creative juices flowing as I start fumbling through other things. A few days ago, Hubby dropped me off at Target so I could spend time in there looking for clothes. Really, I needed shopping therapy. To me shopping therapy is spending hours trying on clothes and not buying them. Sorry to all the stores that I have used as clinics. However, with the pandemic, I could only hold them up to see if they may be the proper size and fit. Truth is, I really need new shirts and a new bra or bras! To any of my CES ladies, any recommendations on brassieres as I have tried everything and since my surgery, wearing a bra feels like a vise and shoots electric shocks down my spine. I hadn’t bought any new clothes in a long time and my shirts are getting ratty. Generally, I spend most of my days in a ribbed tank top and those are thread bare so I was excited. I ended up having to buy clothes without trying them on and it really sucked as I had to return everything that I purchased. Yep, after I got to try them on at home they didn’t work. So, I got to go back to the store again! Yippee!!! I am now happy to have two new dresses and two tops and they fit wonderfully. I will have to do a self-portrait shoot a soon as I finish getting my make-shift studio set up. By the way, Target had some great summer dresses made with my favorite breathable material, COTTON!!! Now to find a new pair of shorts…Bermuda shorts I will find you!

Look at the pretty flowers!

Yesterday I took my camera out to the back yard as the sky was a deep blue and the puffy white clouds that drifted by made it feel like they CGI. I know that today is the first day of Spring 2021 but it has felt Spring-like here in the Coachella Valley for a few weeks. My little make-shift table top garden is in full bloom. I am excited as there are 8 onion flowers in the works! A few years ago, I was lucky enough to have one bloom and this year I have a bouquet!

Bloomin’ onion!

It is cool to see all that all the scraps of vegetables and fruit have created some odd planters. All those onions came from discard onion ends that I buried in the dirt of those barrels. There is also lots of celery. As a matter of fact, there is celery growing in every pot in my little garden! Drats! I had know idea it would spread like that. Now to figure out how to save the basil as this was not a good year for it in the garden.

Cat grass that I saved from the compost heap. There in the back is that sneakiy celery…
The flower is (Cosmos sulphureus, C. bipinnatus) 

A quick lesson on the word cosmos:

Cosmos means “the universe seen as a well-ordered whole.” Universe means “all existing matter and space considered as a whole; the cosmos.” The words can be used as synonym of each other, or you can use cosmos when you are referring to the well-ordered aspect of the universe

The more you know, right???

This lone tomato plant was also from some discarded tomato scraps.
Those are pinto beans!
Johnny Jump ups!

When my sister was here last week, I proudly showed off my little garden. She called those purple flowers cosmos. I knew they had a name but had forgotten what I had planted in the planters as I had a few packets of seeds that I had mixed up and scattered in each of the planters a few years ago and they were a surprise! I wonder if there will be more.

Well, time to get back to living and dreaming and hoping. I know that I have much work to do on my self. It is okay to relive memories, even if they are not so good. Those bad ones make you appreciate the good times that much more. Oh yeah, one last cool thing that happened, Hubby got me another little gift, well it is a big gift.

I can’t wait till the strap that I ordered comes in!

Hubby gave me a Kala Bass Uke! Yay!!! I am getting better with my guitar lesson so I think it will make learning the bass that much easier. Can’t wait to move up to a Fender Jazz or P Bass!!!! I love the feel of those rubber strings. My thumb and forefinger have a thick callous from practicing on my Fender black acoustic so I am looking forward to playing the uke.

To you dear reader, where ever in the world you are reading this. Thank you for the visit. May you make someone smile today! Hugs to you and you and especially You over there!

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  1. It’s ridiculous that we cannot try on clothes in the stores. Covid is spread through aerosol droplets in the air, not on hard surfaces or fabrics. Oh well. And I agree that basil has not been easy to grow over the past year or so. I planted another basil plant a few weeks ago, and so far so good, but it’ll shrivel up once the searing heat returns.


    1. I agree that it is crazy that we can not try on clothes, I really hate to return things, it’s like double work.

      A few years ago, I had a basil plant that looked like a bush then 120 degree temps hit and I have not had any luck, I am thinking about getting one of those indoor herb gardens. Hope you have better luck with your basil.

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