Hello world! How are you today? It is May 21, 2021 and you have made it to see another day. I am still recovering from that stomach virus that both Hubby and I experienced this past weekend. It was a slippery illness, you think you are better and then the nausea hits again. Yesterday, I ordered food from a local Vietnamese restaurant here in the Coachella Valley. My stomach was craving the salty goodness that a good Pho broth delivers. I thought that my taste buds may have been affected by the illness as it was not as vibrant as I expected. It wasn’t, my taste buds, it was just very bland. Even adding the Hoisin sauce, sriracha chili sauce and all the vegetable fixings did nothing to improve it. Big sad face. Even the spring roll was clunky and sad, like the person that prepared it did not respect the process. I really do miss the Los Angeles area and all the places that I used to frequent like Pho 87 on the edge of DTLA, I miss you restaurant staff and and that lively Pho Tai, rare beef and rice noodle soup. They made feel like family there and that you were eating with friends. I often went there by myself but would always end u in a converation with other lone diners. Really, I think I am just missing that broth. The best broth needs no condiments to enhance the flavor as the broth, to me, seems to coax out the flavors of basil and even bean sprouts. Even slices of jalapeno that have soaked in the broth, do not seem as spicy but their taste is pleasantly transformed leaving even a spice-phobe eating them with reckless abandon. It is 3:37 AM and for the first time since this weekend, I am actually hungry, but will refrain from raiding the refrigerator, probably why I decided to blog right now. Anyhow, I am not one to Yelp, but if I did, I definitely would not give them many stars. I am hoping that they just had an off day, really and maybe I will try again in a few months. Anyhow, I am not sure if I am hungry this morning or something. Maybe just a little homesick and hungry for LA.

This bowl of goodness was enjoyed in 2013 at Pho 87. (Photo from FB)

Lately, I have been getting up and doing work out videos, even after last weekend and that stomach bug, I was back up and exercising, although I did get winded and sweaty early into the work out. It is important for me to keep up that routine as I will be having surgery to remove my gallbladder soon. I spoke with the surgeon and he assured me that I will feel much better after the out-patient procedure. It has been difficult being my cheerful self lately because of the discomfort that it has been causing. The surgeon reminded me to keep moving and eat low fat foods to keep my gallbladder from acting out. So, I have been searching out recipes to try out that are low in fat, well, that mainly do not include beef or pork although poultry is starting to affect me as well. Today, I am going to make Green Tomato Salsa with all the tomatoes the plant in the back yard has been growing. Last year I pickled tomatoes and used them in relish, maybe this year I will make baked green tomatoes as I am supposed to refrain from fried foods.

The sweetest little tomatoes.
Future green tomato salsa!

The chili seeds that I recklessly scattered in the planters have produced eight plants.

A hatch chili and it’s neighbor in the planter a mini-bell pepper plant.

Hopefully, one of the other plants will be a jalapeno plant, finger crossed. Gardening has always been a chore for me as I could never keep any plants alive. Now, I am getting good at replanting cuttings to start new plants. This is one of the many things I am discovering about, me. You see, I like all this alone time. I know it may seem selfish to many but really, this is the last part of my life. Is it selfish to want to do things for me and me alone? Since this past February, when my sister revealed her illness, I have been lost. I just couldn’t focus on anything. Nothing seemed to matter, cause it just didn’t. Even when Hubby and I would spot something interesting and take a few photos and just forget about the place we visited. Like this one lonely road near Desert Hot Springs. As we were driving I spotted rocks with more rocks on top of them.

It looked like someone spent time there trying to get them placed. To me, this is desert art. Just like the random car tires that have become a norm her in the desert landscape, and like the rocks and palm trees. You just have to keep your eyes open as well as your mind.

Looking at these photos of the rocks, I remember that a few cars raced by us as I took photos. Hubby motioned that we needed to get in the car and leave. I am sure those boys were just goofing around in the desert, but they did seem a bit scary when they started revving their engines and doing donuts in the middle of that road. The reason we were on that road was because we were lost. We had been searching for the Desert X exhibit, What Lies Behind the Desert Walls. So, we continued our search and we found it.

There it is, in the distance.

I was looking forward to getting to inspect that piece of art. However, when we arrived we noticed that there was a long, unpaved path to walk down to view it. I noticed a man and woman, the woman in a wheel chair start to make the journey down the path. They got about 10 feet, when the man turned them around, and headed back to their vehicle. You see, even I was not going to walk that path once I saw how far the walk was. To the Desert X exhibitors, please keep in mind that people with mobility issues do like art. Why make it such a difficult process to see these exhibits? We had arrived at this location at 11:14 AM and I am sure the overhead sun would have felt 10 times hotter on than pathway. This does not get my thumbs up for this reason. There was a silver lining, though. The view from the parking area was impressive.

Nothing but blue skies…

Anyhow, I have lots of photos to review from the last few months, but it will have to wait a bit longer while I finish editing the photos from my daughters visit. I just wanted to get back into the swing of things and blogging.

My grandson’s art work.

Time to do stuff! Really though, I need to add blogging into that schedule I created. You see, I have been sticking to that schedule. So far, I have lost 10 lbs, or about 3 lbs a month. I do 5 work videos a week and have incorporated time to do absolutely nothing. I think they call it meditating. I have used a few tips from other bloggers and downloaded the Insight timer app and it has helped a bit., maybe more than a bit. I have noticed that in the past three months, despite all that has happened, I have been feeling better (health wise) and I have been sleeping better and actually feel rested in the morning. So, yes, I need to add blogging back in as I want to keep adding to this sort of, never-ending story of the last part of my life. Also, I am getting much more comfortable with the guitar! I can not play a song yet but when I am practicing, I can now hear what sounds like music coming from my Fender! Yippee!! I posted my practice session to my personal IG stories so my kids could see! I am still not ready for the world to witness, but getting there!

Thank you, dear reader for the visit! Where ever you are and where ever you are going, I hope get there safely. May you laugh so hard today that your eyes water and sides hurt. Hugs to you and you and You.

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  1. Congratulations on your weight loss. Shedding pounds as we get older is so very difficult.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You got that right, it really is difficult but it can be done.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. dunelight says:

    I love Pho… best wishes to you and yours!


  3. rkrontheroad says:

    The tomatoes look wonderful, and I’m going to have to get some pho this week after reading your post. Good for you to lose the weight!


    1. The taste so sweet. I made salsa with the green ones and it was tasty.

      I may have to try Pho again soon. We will be visiting Los Angeles soon and I know a few good places.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. terrie gura says:

    Pho is the best! I hope your local place had an off day so you can try them again sometime. Isn’t it funny that no matter what the culture or cuisine, it’s always the soup we crave to feel better?

    Love your reflection on the things you are learning and doing in your current life phase. It can be so easy to be sucked down by what’s wrong in life, and you’re doing the opposite! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! Soup was always a cure all in our house when we were growing up. Thinking about Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup and how it cured our colds.

      I love Pho, probably because an old friend of mine took me to her favorite spots all over the LA area and she also told stories about how she and her family traveled to America from Vietnam while we ate at these restaurants or in her kitchen. I hope she writes a book some day, thinking about it.

      You are right, I am trying to live and live as long and as happily as I can even though I know that not everyday will be filled with joy. The old me used to loved to wallow in the bad (I did it for 40 plus years) but it just takes too much energy to hate or complain about life Happiness is much easier and takes less recovery time.

      Have a great day and be safe 🙂


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