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Hello world! How are you today on this last day of May 2021? Here in the US, it is Memorial Day, a day of celebration of active military and those that died serving in active military service. Anyhow, for most people, this three day weekend is for celebrating by BBQ’ing, drinking lots of alcohol, maybe relaxing and traveling with that extra day off for this federal holiday. How ever you are celebrating this day, remember to think of those that served for us so that we may be free – free to speak, protest, dance, sing, pray, celebrate and even complain and most importantly to live.

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Dash alerting me to a 20% savings if I ordered that day! Just a reminder about me, I am not promoting this product or any products, I just added the link just incase YOU may want to check out their products. So far, I have purchased their mini stand mixer, mini donut maker, mini bread maker, mini waffle maker (my personal favorite!!!) and mini ice cream maker. So far, I like using them all. I can see myself making more bread. My first 1 pound loaf of French bread was a little dry but I know what I need to do next time.

I used my phone to take most of the photos. so I didn’t have any good ones…

Next I tried making mini donuts. It was messy but fun! Here is a little video from that morning.

I used the classic mini donut recipe that came with the maker. I had lemons and blueberries that I need to use so I used them to decorate and flavor the donuts.

I am already looking for new recipes to try out using my new toys. Today I am going to try making sorbet in the mini ice cream maker. Hope it turns out.

Hubby was home this weekend as he has to work today. We took a drive to the Salton Sea as we hadn’t been there in a few months. The morning was bright and blue. The water of the Salton Sea was shimmering in the distance.

This was heading East on Highway 86.

Before I go on (with myself), how about a little traveling music. Here is a great song by Lisa Loeb. By the way, she is a skilled and talented guitar player and song writer. This is one of my favorites of hers. I have been trying to learn to play Stay and it is quite a work out!

Love her and her glasses!

The temperature that morning was perfect, well I guess because we arrived in Salton Sea around 6:30 AM Saturday morning. We found a place to get coffee and breakfast and drove around aimlessly. It was perfect.

We drove down houseless streets and noticed the dry canals. I imagined what it must have been like back when this area was an oasis in the desert. Every time we drive around the area I kind of forget that we are in a desert as it seems like we are near the ocean.

Always pay attention to details….

I was using both the Nikon and the Sony. I hadn’t used them since the shoot with the puggies. Somehow, I forgot to inspect my lenses and there was a smudge that when I was looking through the view finder of the Sony, I thought it was my eyes making the distortion (yes, my eyes have issues and sometimes I get big blobs that float around distorting my vision). Luckily, I only shot like that for a few minutes.

There was a street we turned down that had a few houses along a dry canal. On the corner, the occupant had made a design in the front yard with bottles. I wish I would have gotten out of the car to talk to him as he waved at us and smiled.

desert art’

We saw this one home that was listed for sale and I sat there and started day dreaming about what life must have been like, you know, back then.

This was taken across the canal from that house we were checking out. It is hard to believe that there was water flowing in those canals.
Walk ways over dry water-ways.

I am sure that was not the last trip to that area of the Salton Sea. I know there is lots going on there to make the environment better. I hope it happens as I would hate to see the whole lake evaporate.

Also this weekend and really for the last few weeks, I have been working on a painting of my grand daughter. I took the photo when we were visiting the Cabazon dinosaurs. I think I am finally finished! Here is a short video showing the process.

Create your ow fairytales.

Well, time to get on with the day and to try new things! Oh yeah, Hubby will be playing with the Ghosts of Kelso at Babaloo’s in Palm Desert. Can’t wait as I will get to take my new Holga camera out to take a few photos of the guys playing. It is my newest film camera or toy camera as it is described. It will be the first time that I have used 120 film so fingers crossed that I can get some decent shots as the camera adds light leaks and if you do not move the film ahead for the next shot, you get some double exposure shots. Grinning showing all of my teeth!

Thank you, dear reader for the visit. However you are commemorating this day, I hope it goes well and the potato salad is the best you have ever had. Thank you, also to all service members, past, present, active, inactive, living or passed on. My Dad was drafted between the Korean War and the Vietnam war so he is in my thoughts today as he is every day. Peace be with you and you and YOU!

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  1. Alien Resort says:

    The Salton Sea sure is an unusual place. I remember when you posted a below sea level sign on a concrete structure.

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    1. It truly is and I am not just talking about the people that still live there.

      Liked by 1 person

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