Hello and good morning. It’s June 18, 2021 and you have made it to see another day. I still think that is a great thing. Here in the Coachella Valley, it has been hot. If you have friends and family that live in the California and Arizona deserts, then you have seen all the posts showing extreme numbers. Yesterday, the National Weather Service recorded a high yesterday in Palm Springs of 123 degrees. For a moment, they thought they had broken the record as a thermometer had measured 124 degrees F. Really, though, after 110 it all feels the same to me, too hot to go out, move, speak, use computer or anything that involves producing sweat. Time for me to bust out the corn starch and cotton clothing. We have been living in our bedroom, the coolest spot in our place. Right now, it is 4:56 AM and a balmy 88 degrees and the temps today are expected to be cooler, around 117. Yeah I know…

All I could say was “Cooool”!

This past Monday, Hubby and I took a short drive to Palm Springs. We left the house around 7 AM as he and I needed a change of scenery. We have mostly been hanging out around the house as I am supposed to be taking it easy. I had mentioned that I wanted to see the car exhibit in Palm Springs that I had seen in the news earlier this year. It was nice taking Highway 111 West so we could see all the changes that have been going on in Palm Springs. I was hoping to check out the Forever Marilyn exhibit, but didn’t as it is set to be open this Sunday. I just read a news report that there will be protests. Protests because of the location that it is set to grace and because of how it depicts Marilyn. I get the protests but this is art and the work of John Seaward Johnson II and am looking forward to viewing it. I have many opinions (remember, opinions are not facts, just the thoughts of the person) but I like this depiction of Marilyn from the movie Seven Year Itch. I see this installation as a tourist attraction that will bring in much needed revenue to the city as people will travel here to see it. Just a thought…

I LOVE all the art work on the benches and electric boxes through out the city.

Palm Springs has a wonderful Museum located at 101 N Museum Drive. We had visited it just before the installation of History of Suspended Time. The last time we were there, I had no idea that the creepy babies were near by.

The Babies are from artist David Černý.

Just before I had surgery in 2019, the Babies came to town. These are the work of artist David Černy, and traveled from Prague. This is my opinion, they creep me out but understand what the artist is conveying. I snapped a few shots as I wanted to get a closer look at the car.

Next we spent a few minutes at the car. The sun was already beaming that morning and it made the 80 degree temps feel like 100.

I love shooting photos around water and love that the artist used water as one of the mediums in this project. There were so many ways that this exhibit could have been photographed.

The white stuff is from the palm trees

Hubby had to walk to the car and start it so that I would leave. In the video clip, you can hear him click the alarm. I spent a little time yesterday editing the photos. These are a couple that I edited. I forgot to change the frame size and all the photos where shot in 16×9…ugh.


This weekend we are heading for a short road trip to cooler weather. I am happy that I will be getting to see my sons. My oldest son just celebrated his 28th birthday. It doesn’t seem that long ago when he was defending my honor with a toy gun at a gas station. Our car was overheating and a man walked over to help me when he saw the hood raised. My son stuck his arm and head out of the window and commanded the man to move away from the car. It was a sweet moment. I smiled thinking about it. It is still hard to believe that he drives all over now and it was nice to hear him and my middle son say that they have been trying to visit all the beaches that I took them to when they were younger. All I know is it will be nice to hug and squeeze the stuffin’ out of ’em in a few days!

Also, I have been working on painting, here and there. I moved all my painting and art supplies upstairs a few months ago. However, this heat has been making it too hot to enjoy but the heat does make the paint fry faster. I had to look back and see my progress with painting.

This is one of my first attempts at painting. I was using index cards.
This painting was used combing two separate photos and a little imagination.

There is still so much to learn, although I have not taken one art class or viewed any tutorials. I know that I should take a few classes but know that my own style will get muddled by other artists and their styles if I try and copy or emulate their work. The painting of the pugs I hope to be finished with soon and plan on giving it to Vanessa, their Mom, as a gift. Hopefully, I can get a few good scans of it before I do. For anyone out there that has always wanted to give painting a try, I say “Do it!” I have mentioned before that I get most of my supplies from Dollar Tree so this can be an inexpensive hobby to try. You never know what you are capable of until you try something, right?

Time to get cozy in our cold room. To you, dear reader, where ever you are, thank you for visiting! Although I have refrained from writing about the 600K that have perished in the US from the virus but it is still heavy on my mind. To anyone out there that has lost someone to this virus, my sincerest condolences.

May your day be cool and comfortable and where ever you are going, please, get there safely. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU!

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  1. The heat this week has been unbearable. I like the Coachella Valley, but summers here are getting harder and harder to bear. I wish we had the means to leave for three months, but alas, that’s only a pipe dream.

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    1. Hi Jeff!

      It really has been and dangerous for some people and animals. We had to cancel our trip west today as I was too worried about leaving the animals alone over night. Never can be to sure the power won’t go out and I would never forgive myself if something happened to them. We really do not have the means to leave during the summers but working on it. hopefully Hubby can retire soon. Getting out of here during the summer is also a pipe dream for us.


      1. Yes, this kind of heat is very dangerous, and we’re crazy to be living here, frankly. Our A/C went out last Saturday, when it was ‘only’ 110. We had one difficult night, and thankfully a guy from Timo’s came out Sunday morning and was able to fix the problem for only $770!

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      2. I agree with the being crazy living here. I do like it here but every summer is hotter than the last, or at least it feels that way.

        Oh my, I cringed when I read you were without an AC . We also need to have our AC serviced, mostly likely replaced. I winced when I saw how much you paid for a repair 😦

        Hoping you all stay cool and your AC keeps working.

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      3. Thanks Michelle.

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  2. manvmusic says:

    blimey! Scorching weather works over in the Valley – luckily for us in the UK, our ‘hot’ summer rarely lasts a couple weeks and then we go back to the dull overcast weather haha!


    1. I would take one of your “hot” summers anytime! It sucks for some of the bands that get to play out doors during the heat. Last week, the Iron Maidens (all girl cover band) were having major technical issues and probably because of the heat.

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  3. rkrontheroad says:

    Černy’s babies climb up a tall tower in Prague, creepy, I think! I didn’t know his work was international. But the car is amazing!

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    1. I saw the article about the exhibit in Prague and it gives better light to that exhibit and what he is trying to convey. The car was something to see!

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