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Good morning world! It’s June 21, 2021 and Monday, the day after the first official day of summer. To me and to most people in the Coachella Valley, we don’t make a fuss over it, we make a fuss when the overnight low indicates temperatures will be below 90 degrees. Cooler temps in the morning gives us a chance to get ahead of the afternoon high temperatures that have all but killed our AC unit. One of my blogging friends is also from the Coachella Valley and he shared with me his AC story and it made me shudder as I know we need more than just a repair, we will need a whole new unit. It is hanging tough and hopefully can survive one more summer before we can get it replaced. My plants however, are dying quickly. I spend most of the day checking on them and moving the umbrella to save them from the sun. The Saturday heat and sun was a little too much and I lost around 7 plants, they never had a chance those poor things. I guess I will try planting flowers again when Fall begins. This year I hope to plant more sunflowers and try tulips and daffodils. The trials and tribulations of living in this valley or in any desert is something I have not yet acclimatized to yet, but maybe I will. We have no plans of leaving so I must work on getting used to it. Thinking about my use of the word cool and then I started humming this song by the Sparks, please press play and come along to Cool Places with me…

I love jane Wiedlin one of my favorite Go Go’s.

It is cool enough in my living room to do a little dance! I love singing this number:

I want to go to cool places tonight
I wanna go to cool places with you
And after that we’ll slip out for a bite
A coffee shop and toast, coffee and juice
And then we’ll sleep ’til 5 p.m
And start it up all over again
I never want to cool down, cool down
Cool, cool, cool
– Lyrics from Cool Places performed by the Sparks –

Songwriters: Ron Mael / Russell Mael

So, we did not make it to Los Angeles and I did not get to see my sons. Big sad face. However, I am glad that we made the decision to stay home and weather the heat along with our pets. Really, I was apprehensive about leaving. We had planned on leaving Saturday after Hubby was home from work. At that time the temps would have been around 111 degrees and climbing. Since my surgery on my spine, I have had trouble regulating my internal temperature. When it’s cold, my fingers turn icy and blue and when it is hot I get heat stroke quickly if I am not careful. I wonder if others with Cauda Equina Syndrome have issues regulating their temperature. So, I kind of worry about breaking down between here and Morongo as there are no gas stations and cell service sucks.

Yesterday, which was Sunday morning, we took a quick drive around the valley. We started out around 6:45 AM and returned just around 8:30 AM. It was nice to take that Sunday drive even though it did not last long. There was so many things to look at and I even stopped and took photos in a few places.

This is Thermal, CA. It looks barren now but there will be vegetable growing there soon.

The sky was its usual brilliant blue and so clear that you could see for miles as we headed East.

He turned South down this one street in Thermal and I notice water and asked Hubby to stop so I could check it out. I noticed the tire burn out marks that were on the street in front of the canal. Again, this is desert art, to me at least.

If I hadn’t been searching for things to shoot with my camera, I would have missed this little oasis or marsh like area. it was nice standing there watching it and listening to the birds chirp in the grass.

We drove down an unpaved road next to the canal and that is where I captured the top three photos in this set. At that time of morning, it was already over 90 degrees and Hubby had to remind me to be careful and get in the car. Before we exited, I stopped and took a few photos of the metal electrical towers.

I like playing in the shadows.

At that point I was ready to get back home and to make sure my animals were okay. We took the streets through Thermal, Coachella and Indio to get back home. Driving near 48th I spotted water in a field. Usually, the field is filled with cows and their calves but not that day.

It looks like a lake but sadly it is not.
There were lots of birds lounging in that puddle.

I noticed a random tire and snapped a few shots. I think my next coffee table book will be of all the random tires I have photographed throughout this valley. I am still working on the layout and how I want to present it…Not really 🙂 I did publish one unprofessional book that I named, If These Rocks Could Talk a tongue and cheek book of photos from Joshua Tree that look like stuff. Really, it was just to get one thing off my bucket list, the get published one, so yeah…and check!

Time for me to get back to painting. It is cool enough in our place that I may be able to to finish a few more of my projects.

To you dear reader, where ever you are. may day be just the way you like it. Hugs to you and you and You.

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  1. Sarah Davis says:

    I cannot imagine that kind of constant heat. Dang

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It is a drag but we are getting a break for the next few days. It shouldn’t go higher than 108.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Sarah Davis says:

        I like hot, but not that my damn hot.

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  2. terrie gura says:

    You have such an eye, Michelle! I love the second image of Thermal (and what a name for such a hot place, too). There’s something very cool and artsy about that shot, with the angle of the line of power poles, next to the lines of the straight road. Very sharp!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thanks Terrie! It had been a while since I went out on a drive and really focus on things we find.
    Thermal really deserves that name as it gets extremely hot there but it is a place where many bell peppers and other vegetables grow in the winter months.

    Liked by 1 person

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