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Hello and good morning! It is June 24, 2021 and at this moment, I am sitting in our living room with the doors and windows open @ 4 AM as it is only 76 glorious degrees. The forecast is looking better for us in the CV. Yes, there are still 100 plus degree temps in the forecast for the next week but at least they no longer have to add flames to the numbers when they are forecasting on TV Also, the morning lows are getting closer to 80 degrees. Pure bliss.

77 feels like heaven!

Yesterday we were in Palm Springs as I thought I had an appointment, I was wrong by two days, ooops! Anyhow, since we were in Palm Springs I excitedly asked Hubby if we could stop and see Marilyn. He said, “Sure.” So, after that mishap with the date of my appointment, we headed over to the Palm Springs Art Museum. We had just been there a last week and I was able to get photos of the car.

These people were staging their shots around the water yesterday.

We parked along the south wall of the Babies exhibit. When we were there last week, we only saw them from the west end. This time I got a few photos of their creepy faces.

The gloom of the day made them creepier.

The sky was overcast and there were happy little droplets of wet stuff that fell from the sky. Yes, we got rain yesterday! While we were at the exhibits, it only sprinkled but we got a full down pour on the freeway on the way home.

A rare sight in the desert.

When we parked the car and looked over toward the Forever Marilyn exhibit, it was a sight to see, Marilyn Monroe’s head peaking above the trees. There was also a crane in the background. To me, it looked like a B-Movie in the making.

The first time I saw Marilyn was back in the 70’s long after she had died, in the movie Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend. I was hooked. She was Hollywood glamour and I remember throughout the years wishing I had a little of the je ne sais quoi that she did in life and still does even after death.

26 Feet of stainless steel and aluminum.
Me and Marilyn.

This aluminum and stainless steel sculpture created by artist Seward Johnson is everything and more. I could have admired it for hours and watch peoples reactions to it. There was a reporter and camera person at the site interviewing visitors.

I could see that many were just as excited as I was and happily snapped photos of the statue. I marveled at the lifelike skin tone on Marilyn’s legs and feet.

The detail was remarkable.
Editing these photos has been fun.

We will be back there in a few days so that I can check Ms. Monroe out during different light. Hopefully, it will not be overcast that morning.

Three years ago, I was just getting into photography, well not just getting into it but trying to shoot professionally. Instagram model Analiesse and I had traded messages after I posted a few of my self portrait shots. I looked at her IG and saw that she was a model and quite good and asked if she would like to do a shoot with me. She agreed and I sent her over a shoot detail sheet to let her know what I was aiming to capture.

This is the sheet I would send out to give the models an idea of what I was trying to accomplish. I created this sheet myself as it is easier to put things in writing that it is for me to speak.

While researching for the shoot, I had Googled places of interest in Palm Springs and saw that Forever Marilyn was there, well it wasn’t. It had been moved and was not even in California. Analiesse said that she knew where there was an Elvis statue. So we ended up shooting on Palm Canyon Dr. I knew that I had to get in done quickly. I gave myself 30 minutes of shoot time with the models. They were amazing!

The first set took about 15 minutes, I instructed them to walk up and down this one section of Palm Canyon Drive and just be normal-ish as I wanted to make it seem like they were on vacation.

From what I remember, I think I was giddy with joy! Analiesse was amazing and took my hopes and expectations of this shoot and nailed it! I really think that she should try acting.

Some times you have to live in the moment and improvise.

This was my first shoot with someone that I did not know and using my ideas. We finished up at Mel’s in Palm Springs. I got permission to shoot inside the bar and outside in the patio.

My favorite inside shot.
Behind the scenes.

One day, in the near future, I hope to find another willing participant or model or whatever. I do not charge as I am always practicing. Hopefully, when the weather cools, I can get a few volunteers.

If you dear reader are ever in Palm Springs, and feel like getting down to Monkey Business or maybe you are traveling with your band of The Misfits and you need to calm the Seven Year Itch, do stop and see Marilyn, you will be glad you did.

Thank you dear reader for the visit. May your day be a diamond and sparkle! Hugs to you and you and especially YOU!

Forever Marilyn can be viewed at

Address: Museum Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262

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  1. The Marilyn statue is so cool. Will definitely visit! Thanks for sharing !

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    1. She really is cool! Hope you are get to make a trip to see her 🙂

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  2. Great photos, and yesterday’s rain & thunderstorms were wonderful. I’m happy Marilyn is back in Palm Springs too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The rain was great while it lasted 🙂

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  3. sylwiaiwan says:

    Great photos! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for checking out the blog! Have a lovely day!

      By the way, you take some great photos too.


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