Same time, next year

Howdy! It is July 3, 2021 and you have made it to see another day. To me, it is day three after the that game that my Los Angeles Clippers lost. What game was that? Game 6 of the 2021 Western Conference Finals. Last year, I swore I would not speak of my favorite team or or declare that they would win this years championship, even after they came back from a two game deficit in both round one and round two. I felt that if I start prophesizing a victory or my dreams of a championship, I would somehow jinx the team. I lost my game shirt during the last move. Sad face. However, I am still quite happy that they made it past the second round for the first time ever! It was a new feeling for me as a Clipper fan. It was hard to not daydream about a victory parade in the streets of downtown Los Angeles. The series was very physical and reminded me of watching the Lakers vs the Celtics in a championship or two sitting with my Dad. The games back them were uber aggressive. The 70s and 80s on court shenanigans would never fly now. Don’t get me started about those theatrical flops that the Phoenix point guard performed in that last game against the Clips. They should garner him an Emmy as he sold those falls like a well trained circus performer. My heart hurt that night as I watched the hopes of Clipper Nation slip away and felt the collective pain as we all said in unison, “Next year…”

The perks of being a season ticket holder…you get a tour of the locker room and Clipper facility !
December 25, 2012. I think this is opening day after the NBA walkout ended.

My kids and I spent many games there 2009 – 2013. Hopefully, this coming season we, Hubby and I, will get to see the Clippers play in different states or venues. So far, I have only seen them play the Warriors at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA. Maybe that could be the first game to try for, the Clips vs GSW in their new arena?

Oh there I go, daydreaming again. It is easy after that last trip we took. This morning I started recreating a few of the photos that I took in Borrego Springs. Like the dragon with the moon in the background.

These iron sculptures are the work of Ricardo Breceda.

Being a Clipper fan all these years has taught me to be a professional daydreamer I guess. It was easy to day dream during the last trip. We even went out and searched for someone else’s dream Monday morning, while in Borrego Springs we took a short drive from the hotel to locate Peg Leg Smith’s monument and to throw a few stones on the pile.

For more info on Peg Leg Smith and his pile of rocks.

Peg Leg Smith was a dreamer and a truth stretcher in search of California gold in the 1800’s. I Googled information on him and it seems that he was many things, a fur trapper, a horse thief and a storyteller. I just read one story that said he sold Indian children to Mexican haciendas. I hope that is not true and a lie. Anyhow, rumor has it that every year at this spot there is a liars contest and people gather around the monument and spin their own tall tales. It all sounds like something I want and would like to participate in one of these years.

“Let those that seek Peg Leg’s gold are to throw ten rocks to the pile. _ Harry Oliver 1948
If you visit, don’t forget to throw rocks in the pile.
The sign says that this monument was erected by Desert Steve on February 12, 1949. Who is Desert Steve?
I opened the mail box but left it’s contents undisturbed.

Our visit to the monument we did on a whim. We had gotten up early on Monday morning, the day we were to check out and I saw Peg Leg’s Monument listed on the hotel website as a place of interest. I Googled for more info and then asked Hubby if we could go check it out. I entered the attraction into the map app on my phone and we headed out to find it. However, someone had a great sense of humor as the app directed us in circles and close to the monument. We made a few U-turns and did spot a sign that indicated mine but also had a Private Property sign that I did not want to cross. Below is a one minute video of our adventure.

One minute and a pile of rocks.

According to my camera and the photos, we were at the monument at 10 minutes before 7 AM. The temps and the sun were already starting to heat up. I had brought my guitar to get a few photos to maybe paint later. Hubby sat on a rock and played a little. I tried to get a few shots of him but my bones and muscles were aching and I could not get a good shot or even a position to get a good shot.

That man and his favorite fancy shoes.

He then said, “Give me the camera, I’ll take your picture.” So, we traded and I posed for a few.

I can confidently place my fingers on the fret board and make decent noise! Hopefully, the next time we come back to this area I can work out another photo shoot as I love mixing landscapes with who ever I am shooting. Maybe, I will be able to play a song! I have a few ideas but will need to find a few models for the next time. This past trip might be what I needed to break out of the creative rut that I have been in lately. I was able to finish a couple paintings in the last few days.

Pool Party!

I finished Pool Party! with the puggies from the Coachella Valley Pug Meet-up. I can see the progress that I have made in my paintings. I also started working on the Pistol Annies painting again. I may have to scrap this one as I am having a few issues.

I hope I can get this one finished.
Taco Belle protecting my camera and painting.

Here is one that I did yesterday on a 4×6 canvas board. It is from our night chasing dragons in Borrego Springs. I snapped a few dozen, unsuccessful shots trying to work the moon into each shot.

One day I will improve my night photography skills!

I used the above shot to create the painting below.

Dragon moon

This one took only a few hours to create. I am not sure if I am done as I would like to add a few things to it but not much. Today and this weekend, I plan on doing a few more small canvases from the photos that I snapped along the highways we traveled. I noticed that most of the photos that I am drawn to are ones with road signs, like the one below.

This is a 5×7 canvas board.

This is just a little bit of the things that I have been doing in the past week. I guess when pain levels are high I naturally look for things to distract me like painting or practicing guitar. By the way, to any of my CES people, we are having extreme heat and high humidity. I noticed that I feel heavy below the waist and am having trouble walking (more than I normally do). Summer is here for a few months, I am sure I will get used to it I just wish my pain was a tall tale that I like to spin instead of being so sharp and real.

It’s Saturday, and a new week and new chances to try new things is upon us. If you did try something and perhaps it did not come out as well as you would have liked it, you can always try again (just like my Clippers). Thank you dear reader for visiting. I hope to see you around these parts again. Where you going, get there safely. Hugs.

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