Good morning and hello world! It’s Friday August 12, 2021 and you have made it! It’s been over a week since my surgery and am feeling pretty darn good. My body feels lighter and my hips’ aren’t on fire like they were for last few months. My skin is noticeably crepe like on my arms when they were once swollen like sausages. I am looking forward to being able to fully work out again and that should be next week. Lifting over 15 pounds is still off limits for four more weeks but I was cleared to begin aerobic activity (walking). My physician encouraged it although he did say to not over do it. Jane Fonda, here I come!

Before I go on, how about a little song break from one of the many dream boyfriends I had during the early 1980s. Boy oh boy, did I have a huge crush on Billy Squier. Below is a song that is near to my heart (Laughing a little.)

She’s a runner…and he had gorgeous hair….ooh oooh yeah!

Back in the 80s, I had a few magazine subscriptions to rock magazines. The wall of my room had pages from either Circus or Hit Parader Magazine taped to my walls. Billy Squier had a few places on my walls. Funny, but I think this may be my obsession with shooting live music. Laughing about right now. I guess I am trying to create my own magazine shots for myself and my walls, well maybe although I am really into painting pictures and started a few more paintings made from live music shots. The current one that I am working on is a photo of the Rob Staley Band and was shot at the Circle in Huntington Beach. They will be performing at Fantasy Springs tonight and I really am contemplating going as they really do put on a great, toe tapping, get-you-out your seat country music. It also helps that they have such great stage presence and throw great shapes when they are playing.

This was shot from the 2nd floor inside the Lit lounge. I loved shoot there as you were not in anyone’s way.

Yesterday, I spent a few hours playing, “What’s on the disk?” This never game is where I pull a card that is not labeled and review it to see what I captured. The Rob Staley Band was on a few of those cards and one of the bands that I have the most footage and photographs besides Ghosts of Kelso. Anyhow, if you are here in the Coachella Valley and are looking for a date night as there will be plenty of music to get you on the floor with your partner.

Speaking of Ghosts of Kelso, I found footage from 2018 that was kind of new to me, as I remembered that I had lost the card. On it were a couple of videos and I was so happy that I did not have that superfluous cowbell sound to have to cover up in editing. During that time, the band had a different guitar player and it was nice seeing that I recorded one of my favorite covers that they did, Peter Gun. Below is the video from that very cold October night in Idyllwild.

It was nice going through that card as there were lots of other little odds and ends that elicited good memories. Another thing that I will need to work on and that is organizing all the photos and videos that I have captured in the last few years. This task, the disk organizing, has been started a few times and I hope to complete it this time. This means getting an actual notebook and labels and documenting what is on each of the discs. There are close to 40 that I need to review. This will be a task and one more thing to keep me busy.

Look out! Worms! No, those are turmeric root.

Right now, I am looking up recipes, that use fresh turmeric. Hubby brought home a basket of turmeric root as I asked him form some when I read that turmeric and ginger have healing powers for people that have stomach issues. I had read an article on healing foods and this one writer mentioned that she put turmeric in her smoothies to help with swelling and inflammation. I figure it can’t hurt and will be worth a try. Can’t wait to turn my fingers yellow as one article about this herb indicated to wear gloves when working with it. (Humming Yellow by Cold Play…)

Thank you dear reader for visiting. May you have a day that you will remember. Where ever you are going, may you get there safely. Hugs!

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