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Hello out there. How are you? Today is August 24, 2021 and you have made it to see another day, and that is a great thing. Me, I am thankful for waking up and seeing another day. Why? It was finally confirmed that I had a heart attack. My cousin Monique also had a heart attack this year and is no longer here with us. She and I are only a few years apart in age. The funny thing is, I had IT in May and I just got the lab results of my last stress test back a few days ago via email with no explanation or game plan. I was not going to write about this but something needs to be done here in the Coachella Valley and frankly in the medical industry. Here in the CV, the community is expanding rapidly and the medical facilities are strained so things may fall through the cracks. Don’t get me started about the pandemic and all of those people that still carry on with out a care in the world and not getting vaccinated or even covering their nose and mouths. However, personally, I feel like I was dismissed as a recovering-pill popping, hypochondriac, over weight woman, looking for attention. I get it, I have many medical issues. The stroke, the CES crap, my bad eye sight and yadda yadda, these have all been confirmed. Sadly, all these issues had symptoms prior to having a stroke or having two discs removed from my spine. The preferred treatment for the distressing symptoms that I went to my physicians for help and guidance is being sent to see psychiatrists and social workers as you know depression causes pain (at least that is what I have heard countless times in my life when I was not clinically depressed.) Anyhow, I just wanted to put this out there just in case you may have any of these symptoms. especially you ladies.

Septal infarct symptoms

  • pressure, pain, or aching in the chest or arms.
  • pressure, pain, or aching in the neck, jaw, or back.
  • nausea.
  • indigestion or heartburn.
  • abdominal pain.
  • lightheadedness.
  • dizziness.
  • shortness of breath

DO contact a medical professional if you have or are experiencing these symptoms. I have been lucky or perhaps have a very tired guardian angel.

I only noticed that my heartburn, back pain and stomach distress was different and my heart felt heavy and weird. I didn’t pass out or anything. I do remember being very exhausted and made an appointment to see my physician. He dismissed my concerns and said that it was related to my gallbladder. Thank you God for his nurse! She urged him to run an EKG and then he saw that there was an issue but didn’t let me know that there were septal changes. Well, my gallbladder has been gone for three weeks and I still have the same weird feeling in my chest. Hopefully, the new doctor that I made an appointment with can give me guidance. So, again please, if you are a physician, I beg do not immediately go to the depression diagnosis when you can’t figure out what is wrong with a person. Here is the post where I mentioned the weird interaction with my doctor back in June.


Below is an excerpt from that post:

Oh yeah, one last note. I have been having gallbladder issues and I have been staying away from most meat and dairy products. Anyhow, during the memorial a month ago, I had caught a nasty stomach virus and lost lots of water weight. As soon as I felt better on Monday morning, I took Jenny out for a walk and half-way through my walk, my heart started fluttering wildly and pounding so loud I could feel it. I have had these feelings before when I was low on potassium so that is what I assumed was happening. Anyhow, I made a phone appointment with a doctor in our plan. He ordered a test to check my potassium levels and they were within normal limits (4.0) so, I then called and made an in person appointment with my PCP. At my appointment yesterday after I gave him my symptoms he said “Well, you know if you lost weight and exercise…are you exercising?” He then wrinkled his nose and stared right at me. He also said that this will get better after my gallbladder surgery. I asked again about the weird heart beat and he mentioned that I would need pre-op labs and EKG and I can come back in anytime to get them done. Well thank goodness for his nurse!!! She came into the exam room to check me out and asked if she could run the EKG now. I let out a sigh of relief but said “Yeah. sure. Thank you.” So, for the time being, I am not to do the Jane Fonda work out videos or any of the dance videos till I see a cardiologist. (Insert bewildered and sad face). You see, after I heard him explain my EKG I asked him, “So, can I still exercise?” He didn’t give me the same look at the beginning of the exam but he thanked me for my patience. Old me would have had a Karen moment. However, now is not the time but I am sure I will be back and in fighting shape soon.

So, other than that, I am just peachy! Yeah, really. I am thankful for waking up today. I am not going to dwell on the latest thing in my life as there are still so many things that I would like to do before I am no longer here. I still have yet to play one song on the guitar and my beloved Clippers have not won a championship, yet.

Last Thursday, Hubby and I took a short road trip to Los Angeles to see a band that I have loved since the 90s, the Black Crowes. Let me tell ya, it was fabulous! I loved all the little things that the Forum had set up outside before the show.

There were also big games set up lit connect 4 and cornhole. It was nice watching everyone relaxing and enjoying the cool evening air.

I didn’t get a photo of all the games.

During the last 30 years, I have only been to a handful of concerts. Concerts to me while my kids were growing up were out of reach and I couldn’t afford to see many. Now that they are grown up I can now start enjoying these activities that I had put off doing back then. Old me would have felt bad about purchasing floor seats, but not now. Having walking issues I knew that I did not want to sit in the upper deck at the Forum. We had sat in the nosebleeds the time we were there to see Miranda Lambert and I remember telling Hubby, I will never sit in this area again. As a disabled person with walking issues, I highly recommend getting floor seats if you are visiting the Forum for a show and you are like me. I had forgotten that the bathrooms on the main level have scary, steep stairs to descend and made the mistake of using those when I was there. It was scary but I got back up the stairs. It was relieving that when we got to our seats, there was a restroom located near by that had no stairs and was fully handicap accessible.

Below are a couple photos I snapped along the way to the beach.

The show, though, was everything that I had imagined it would be and quite possibly more. It hard to not day dream about what shots I could have eked out during their show. The next show that I am going to I am bringing a point and shoot so that I can get a few shots that are not grainy like the phone pics. My goal right now is to get through this latest health issue and keep pursuing my dream of being a concert photographer. a disabled concert photographer. I know there must be others like me that our out there and I would love to read about their experiences.

Manhattan Beach Pier

Hubby picked out a hotel near Manhattan Beach so that we could visit the water and I could put my feet in the water. Around 20 years ago and not to more than a 100 feet from the pier, Hubby and I had our first kiss. The memory is etched in my brain and I can still feel the water and the sand on my feet from that night. I remember I was wearing a long grey dress (I still have it!) and I hiked it over my knees and went to wade in the water. The waves in Hermosa can be unpredictable and I may or may not have had a few drinks that night, so one of them got me! I remember being soaked from the waist down. We kissed right there beside that pier, when I walked back to him all wet and sandy. Oooops! HA HA! It was funny because he and I had been on a few dates and they always ended the same. I am pretty sure we might have ended one date by shaking hands, yes, really. I mentioned to Hubby that back then, I had thought he was not interested in me as he had not made a move, until that night. Oh, it was all good and I am glad that he had waited as it gave me time to get to know him and love him, even through all the bad stuff and the years.

I snapped this as we drove by the Hermosa Beach pier.
I love, love. LOVE this place!
It was overcast that morning;

We spent about an hour watching a group of surfers. I did get to put my feet in the warm ocean water. Also, I took way too many photos.

This was captured with the Nikon D3400 and a 50mm prime lens.
a closer look. Wipeout!

The beach was full and lively. I loved the rainbow lifeguard tower and took several photos of it.

Below is an example of how the surf was that day. From what I could see, it was unruly and high.

@artofthebeat_blog…Let’s connect 🙂

When we left there, I was worn out and ready to get back home. Hopefully, we will be back in that area soon before summer is over. I haven’t swam in the ocean since before my surgery. I would love to take a paddle board class at Surf Divas in La Jolla in the future so maybe that hope will happen soon. The last time I took classes with them was in 2009 so I think it is time!

Time to get on with the day. I have a pug sitting behind me on this chair and she is ready for her morning walk. Thank you dear reader for stopping by. Remember, if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t and always, trust your judgement. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU!

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  1. terrie gura says:

    Well, I am getting ready to go all “Karen” again with you. There is nothing more frustrating than being gaslighted (or is it gaslit?) by someone who holds the keys to your well-being. Hold your ground and continue being your own best advocate. Damn, it’s infuriating.

    I was excited to see you guys looking all bouncy and happy at the Black Crowes show! Isn’t it cool to see the new things venues are doing, and all because of social media? Of course, they KNOW people want to capture selfies at an event, so things like the giant “setlist” make it easy to do, and make for great keepsakes. And Jim was looking mighty dapper in his cheerful tie-dyed shirt! 🙂

    You take great photos, Michelle! And you also tell great stories. For a second, when you were telling about the sand and surf rushing over your feet and Jim moving in for that first kiss, I thought I was going to have to start blushing. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my! I just imagined a full on raging Karen dance! Sorry just finding humor 🙂

      I am not sure of the term either but yes, I will never give up on myself and my health. You are right, we need to be our own best advocates, for everything.
      I do love and did like the set up and the places to take photos. I know that my own kids have made fun of me for taking too many pictures when I spot a photo opportunity like the song list.

      Thank you Terrie for your kind words! It was a pretty PG-13 might at the beach as I remember. 🙂 It was a what I like to call a movie moment. Those feelings or actions that feel like a scene right off the big screen. 🙂


  2. I always love your posts Michelle. You’re so refreshingly honest and candid that I (and your other followers, I’m sure) feel we know you. That’s terrible it turned out that you’d had a heart attack, and also that it took so much prodding on your part to make your doctor take you seriously. I know you try and take good care of yourself, but please continue to be vigilant.

    As I mentioned on one of your Instagram posts, I’m glad you and Hubby were able to see the Black Crowes perform. And yes, those downstairs bathrooms at The Forum are a killer! I had trouble going up and down those steep stairs myself when I saw a concert there two years ago, before I had my knee replacement.


    1. Hi Jeff!

      Thank you for letting me know that as I appreciate it. This is what I love about this space, WordPress, I can write like it’s a diary, and be as personal as I want. Maybe because of this I have gotten to meet others like you. Thank you for sharing the new music. As for the heart attack, I was hoping the doctors were right and it was all in my head. The doctor that I spoke to yesterday apologized profusely for the delay in getting the test results and they are referring me to a cardiologist for more testing.

      It was such a great show. I am glad I got the chance to see them, Hubby has seen them 5 or six times. Oh my, you know those stairs! Yikes. I was hanging on to the railing and went down and back up slowly. I will have to remember this should we go back there again.

      Have a great day 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. First of all, thank goodness you are okay. I’m glad you kept pushing when you knew something wasn’t right. Women’s heart symptoms are so often overlooked. Our healthcare system is overwhelmed but that doesn’t excuse being dismissed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kristie. I’m glad I’m okay and hoping it (medical care) gets better for all.


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