Good morning world. How are you? Thank you to all that have visited this month. Today is August 27, 2021 and you made it! Lately I have been spending time reviewing old photos and video. It has been fun reliving some of the moments that I have captured in the past few years. Going to that concert last week made me only want to see more and experience more live entertainment or sporting events. Since my last post, I have reviewed several SD cards. This weekend I had pulled a card that I used when we traveled to Huntington Beach to check out one of the bands that we would see in the Lit Lounge on country night back in 2018. I had reached out to one of the other entertainers, Katie Dix, prior to going to the show and got permission to take photos of her during her performance. It was tough in there with the tricky lighting. My inexperience showed as I only got a few photos that I would consider decent photos of her and the other bands.

Katie Dix.

That day, we arrived around 3 PM to be sure and catch Katie. KROG a country station here in Southern California had a booth set up at the entrance to the venue.

Nice guys!

We found a great table next to the stage and I took a few shots to try and get my camera settings just right. I could see a wall of guitars and left my seat for a closer look and picture.

I loved all the lights. The place was glowing.

I was under prepared for that day. I should have read up on settings and such but didn’t as I always try to learn by fumbling along and making mistakes. Mistakes are good though, as they show you what is weak in your game and what to work on. I was really hoping to get great shots of Katie Dix as she graciously allowed me to take her photos. Sadly, I didn’t get many. There were only a couple that I thought were decent. During this time I was focused on shooting in manual and not using the auto features.

I did record a few of her songs that she sang but the acoustics in that place were challenging. The mic volume had been turned up to max on my camera and it picked up more ambient noise than I could cover. Also, I do remember that her mic volume was too low, but refrained from saying anything. Following her set was the Rob Staley band. Hubby and I have seen them play several times in the last few years that we have lived here. It was nice to get to speak with them before their set. Below is a sample of some of original music they performed that day.

Great musicians and just nice humans!

We also got to check out Michael Monroe Goodman before we headed back to the desert. Here is sample of him and his band in action. We have been lucky to have seen him here in the CV a few times. Maybe you have seen him when he has been at Fantasy Springs?

He really is a great guitar player.

So that was one card of many, I will share a few fun captures from another card that I will randomly pick from my cards.

These are all full of memories.

Yes, I horde my SD cards. I refuse to dump the photos on them and then reuse them. I treat those cards like negatives. I guess this is my version of a modern photo album.

This was a Clipper vs. Lakers pre-season game in 2018

I pulled a card labeled 8/23/18. I quickly scanned over the photos and saw that on that card was a trip to the Honda Center on 10/6/2018 to see a pre-season basketball game against the Lakers, our cross hallway rival. Clippers won that night!

The photos above were all shot with a Nikon D3400 using a 50-200mm kit lens. I did daydream a time or two during that game as I wished that I could be on the floor or able to move around to take photos of the players. I am sure we will see a few games in the future and I will have some more chances to capture more memories. So far I have reviewed 11 cards and saved a few photos and have been reposting them on the IG account for this blog. I guess I really use IG as my actual photo album. Ugh…next on my lis…create an actual photo album….

The morning is getting away and Hubby will be home soon. Yay! To you dear reader, thank you for visiting! Hope to see you around these parts again. Where ever you are and what ever you may be experiencing, I hope you get through it. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU!

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  1. I think your photos of Katie Dix are great, much better than any of the shots I’ve ever taken of artists at any of the concerts or gigs I’ve been to.

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    1. Thanks Jeff. I guess I am my worst critic. I am sure your photos are fabulous being a music lover such as yourself 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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