Sunny Sonny Boy

Good morning world! How are you? You made it to Tuesday, September 13, 2021 and that is a great thing. Really, I do believe it. For past few mornings, Hubby and I have headed out the door at dawn to see the sunrise in a few different places. Saturday morning, we watched the show from the look out on Hwy 74 that is high above Palm Desert.

Those colors, some of my favorites!

There is nothing better than those few glorious moments watching in awe as the sun rises quickly behind the mountains and into the sky. Yesterday morning during our outing, I took a moment to think of my Dad on what would have been his 87th birthday. His nickname growing up was Sonny Boy. I thought it was Sunny like the sun because he was a bright character. I am not sure who gave him that nickname but it stuck. Anyhow, I miss him and wish I could speak with him about stuff, what I wouldn’t do to hear one of his Dad-isms right now. What would he have to say about the definition of freedom? After all, he was the man that used to finish talk-singing the words to songs by saying “I know that shit.”

It was actually dark at that moment. The camera adds artificial light.

When we arrived at the Look Out, there were no other cars in the lot. We had about 10 minutes of peace and quiet. Soon, there were many cars of excited people happily snapping photos and climbing on the barriers.

We even got a selfie!

We spent about 35 minutes or so on the mountain before heading back down the road. Moments like those are the best and it was just what I needed, The following day, I was pleasantly surprised when around 3:30 AM, Hubby asked if I would like to catch the sunrise at the Salton Sea. What do you think? Of course I did and gathered my equipment and we headed out around 4:30 AM to watch the sunrise over the water.

The glory and peace of the morning!

Salton Sea City is just off Highway 86 and only 30 or so minutes away from us. This is where we come to when I want to feel like I am at the ocean. The smell can be horrendous at times but the views are spectacular.

The spot we parked at in Salton City was littered with various items. I laughed at the random shoes and the tires.

We headed back toward home base and we drove though the streets of Thermal. We stopped to take photos of random tires. By the way, to anyone looking for a tire or two I can let you know where you find that spot!

The weekend went by much too fast. Thursday we attended a birthday party and I did what I do and that is take photos because I always have my security blankets with me. Usually, I am never in photos and that is because I am camera shy and critical of how I look. It was nice that Hubby got a few shots of me.

I was recording the event while Hubby snapped photos.
I always have a goofy expression on my face.

The last few days have been just what I needed. It felt like the world was not in a constant battle of who is right or wrong. I know that people are tired about hearing about the vaccine and Covid and want to put this part of our history behind us. Trust me, I hate being told what to do about everything and I get why people are angry or confused or indifferent about taking the vaccine. Well, there is an old saying that says, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” My Dad used to say it when I would drift from his directions and then he would have clean up what ever mess I may have made. To my family and friends, I totally respect your freedoms and why you are choosing not to vaccinate or even wear a mask. Please understand that I will respect myself and others that are following the science as well by continuing to socially distance myself from the bullshit that is being spread. The way I look at it, I got vaccinated so that I would not infect anyone else or get infected myself and also to give hospital workers a break. I understand that all vaccines are not 100 % effective or 100% free of side effects. To any of my friends and family, please know that I am not sitting here judging you for your reasons to not care about anyone except yourselves, and will not proclaim on social media “please unfriend me.” Thank you for clearly showing the real you.

To you dear reader, where ever you and what ever you may be going through, I wish you peace. May the sun shine softly on you today. Hugs.

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  1. Sarah Davis says:

    Beautiful sunrise.

    I am of the the same mind as you on COVID and vaccines. Living in a state with some of the highest numbers, I am so over it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, I just looked at the map and there are a few states in your area that lit up. Here in California, it is no better. All I know is that I need to take care of me and if that means staying away from people then “alrighty!”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sarah Davis says:

        The South now leads in COVID and college football!

        Liked by 1 person

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