Lightly Seasoned

Hello World! It is September 28, 2021 and you have made it to see another day. In my last post I mentioned that Fall wasn’t something I ever noticed here in the CV but dang that Mother Nature as she is making me eat my words. Right now it is 6:15 AM and it is 65 sexy degrees! (I think bundling up in winter clothes is sexy!) At this moment, the air conditioner is silent and there is only one fan turning in our living room. Just like heaven. The temps have made it perfect to work in the kitchen and I have been happily cooking more. This really is the best time of year here in the valley.

That bread was perfect with breakfast this morning.

There has been a definite change in season and I can feel it. Mentally, my whole being feels lighter or should I say cooler. We survived another summer here in the Coachella Valley and I am sure we are stronger for it. There is a definite change in both of our temperaments. We seem to be laughing and smiling more. Season feels like Spring time. The sky seems bluer in the morning and the smells of the Salton Sea are faint and mostly you don’t notice it. The landscape is transitioning from brown to green. We truly have the jigsaw puzzle landscapes.

This was shot in Coachella, CA last Sunday.
The mesmerizing fields of the Coachella Valley.
My favorite time to head East is at sunrise.

This morning I spent time in our studio. It has been almost three months since I have spent more than a few minutes up there. It felt great arranging all my supplies and such. I even worked on my self portrait.

This was a few days ago.

Just when I think I am done with it, I change something else, like the nose . Sometimes I think that I should view or watch some acrylic painting tutorials but I just can’t. I paint because it is relaxing and something that I had always wanted to try. I am not doing it for “likes” or “follows” but I do love sharing my creations so that my kids can see what I am doing. Maybe I can inspire them to get creative. I have shared progress “REELS” that I have posted to the IG account for this blog showing progress in what ever I may be working on. Here is one that I did for my self portrait.

I think it kind of looks like me 🙂

It has been fun going through photos trying to figure out what to sketch next. My crazy brain wants to piece together different guitar players and drummers and bass players. (Insert evil laughter here.)

Really though, I need to finish organizing the SD cards of all the photos that I have taken in the past few years. It is time to get back to that schedule that I was on early last Spring. You know, I was exercising five mornings a week and painting and writing…With the cooler temps I am sure that it will be easier to remain on the task of organizing the photos. Lately, I have been refraining from taking photos and probably the reason I have been practicing drawing and painting. (Procrastinating Skill Level 100!) However, I did pull out my camera a few days ago because there was a dragonfly that kept buzzing around me.

We had a staring contest,
The sky was hazy with smoke.

So, not much going on and really, that is great thing as I am sure my body needs the quiet time. In a few weeks Hubby will be playing with the Ghosts of Kelso and hopefully there will be more gigs in the months to come. More reason to be glad that we are all vaccinated. My back has noticed the difference from all the walking we did in the past weekend and I don’t seem as stiff as I have been.

Thank you dear reader, where ever you are at this moment. May your week be full of joy and happiness. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU!

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  1. Array says:

    Love this Post, love the pictures, love your interaction with the Dragon Fly, amazing how parallel our lives seem. Love the bread, I loved to make aritsan type breads and sourdoughs, but that seems to be behind me know. Thanks for the lovely blog. Stay Well

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Chrissy! That dragon fly hung out with me for around 15 minutes. I kept waiting for it to leave. I love bread too and am new to making it. I was inspired by my friend and fellow blogger Terrie.

      Take care and be well.



  2. terrie gura says:

    Hey, that’s a fine looking loaf of bread! I want to toast a slice and spread some homemade jam all over it. Hehe!
    I’m so glad that you have some noticeable changes in the temperature as we head into fall. I agree that there is something so refreshing and cleansing about the air this time of year (except for the lingering smoke, obviously). I also wondered if you knew that in most Eastern cultures, the dragonfly is considered to be a symbol of good luck? They are exquisite creatures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I sliced it and topped it with sautéed mushroom and onions and scrambled eggs. Already can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow.
      The cooler temps really do make all the difference. I even feel more rested.

      I did not know that about dragonflies. It was funny cause a few hours after that incident there was a baby dragonfly that kept buzzing around. Wish I would have snapped a pic of it. I will definitely Google the little creatures 🙂


  3. The cooler weather has been a welcome relief. You know we live in a hot place when we’re joyful about daytime highs in the mid-90s!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is for sure! 90 degree day time temps mean cold mornings. We didn’t even turn on the AC yesterday. 😊

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  4. Sarah Davis says:

    Glad it has cooled off for you. Love the image of the neighbor riding down the road on her horse.


    1. Happy days are here again 😁

      We don’t get to see many people out riding horses around here. Usually we see horses out in the fields on the farms. It was cool to see someone riding.

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