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Hello World! You made it to Saturday, October 9, 2021 and to see another day. As always, this is a great thing! October, the Halloween month, is here! This is one of my favorite months although I will probably not be running up to any doors shouting “Trick or Treat!” at the end of the month. To me, I love October because the days are warm and the nights are cool, perfect for drinking hot cocoa and making soups and stews and for wearing sweaters. In the past few years of living here in the Coachella Valley, the afternoon temps may be in the low to mid 80s and can drop to 50 or below as soon as the sun dips behind the mountains and the moon rises into the sky. It was just a week ago when the temperatures were over 100 degrees during the day and the lows 80’s in the morning. Right now it is a chilly 60 degrees and I have on a sweatshirt. Just like heaven…

This was actually shot this summer, well, 9/5/21 around 7 AM but this is pretty close to what the CV looks like during Fall.

October also makes me think of all things spooky or mysterious. Back in elementary school, I used to read books about monsters, witches, unexplained events and superstitions. You see, I come from a mother that was very superstitious. The reason I am thinking of superstitions, really, is because Hubby just gifted me (sort of) a set of new J.A. Henckels!!! They are gorgeous!

My favorite tool to slice and dice things up with is the santoku.

Many years ago, my Mom gifted me with a set of knives as I had just been promoted from cocktail/catering waitress to the kitchen manager at the Brass Elephant in Monrovia, CA. My Mom said I would need a good set of knives. I had no idea till after she died that they were Henckels and expensive as I had tried replacing them and ended up purchasing knives from Smart and Final, as it was all I could afford. I mentioned them in a post and how they were kept and counted as inventory when the receivers took over the business. Someone knew of their value and I remember that sick feeling when I couldn’t find them in that kitchen. They were not in the pantry on the shelf where I used to leave my things.

To me, these are better than diamonds!

Back to the story, my Mom called me one day and said to stop by the house as she had something for me. When I arrived at the house she handed the knives to me, wrapped in newspaper and in a plastic shopping bag. (Hmmm, I wonder if this was something that my sister Denise may have won from one of the many casinos that she frequented as they gave out gifts to high rollers like her.) After she handed them to me she said, “Give me a penny.” I reached into my purse and handed her a penny and then she gave me the knives. She said, “never accept a knife as a gift. You must always pay for them, even if it is just a penny.” I kind of forgot about that moment until these knives arrived and I was unpacking them. Quickly, I handed Hubby a penny and said, “I cannot accept these knives as a gift, here is penny for them.” Hubby smirked but then I explained it to him. After that, I had to Google the knife superstition and here is what I found.

According to this article I found on the Krudo Knives website that explains the tradition. I copied a portion below from the article:

For reasons historians have not reached a consensus on, somewhere along the line – way back in the line, hundreds (maybe thousands) of years ago – people came to believe that giving a knife as a gift meant bad luck for the relationship.

In another words, the knife would metaphorically “cut” the ties that bind two people. This affect is even worse if the recipient is your significant other – some believe the love will soon end after the knife is given as a gift or that a knife as a wedding gift will severe the bonds of marriage. – Editor – Krudo Knives.

Not sure if the penny tricked worked when I symbolically bought them from my Mom, she died not soon after that and then I ended up losing them when the restaurant was sold but it got me to thinking about superstitions. Just saying the word “Superstition” has me singing out “I want a superstitious woman – she got a superstitious mind….” oh that David Coverdale has a way with words. This post needs a little music, and so do I here is Whitesnake’s Slow and Easy…please press play.

all that glorious hair!!! Ummmmm

My Mom was very superstitious and I don’t remember all the little things that she used to do but just like the penny and the knives, I am sure one of those memories will sneak into my memories. I did a little research as my Mom has a few tales (tall tales) about my birth. You see, I was born on March 7, 1970 during a solar eclipse. (this is public record, anyone could look this up BTW.) I Googled the time it was totally full and that was around 11:30 AM in the Northern Hemisphere. I was born 10 minutes before it was total. My Mom had told me the story that her nurse put safety pins on her bed sheets to ward off evil spirits. Truthfully, I didn’t believe a word of it as I got older. Too me, my Mom was quite a story teller and not in the Tennessee Williams type of way but you know what I mean. Anyhow, I have been toying with the idea of traveling and ordered my birth certificate and stuck it in a drawer. Yesterday. I pulled it out and noticed the time and them looked up the stats for that day and some of folklore about babies that are born during an eclipse.

Copied from Wikipedia.
This is me and my Dad in 1970 at a favorite beach in Southern California.

This article that I found is from the website Bustle was interesting. I think stopped reading after I saw this,

The sign of the solar eclipse shows a ‘universal’ destiny,” Karen McCoy, karmic astrologer and author of Spiritual Astrology said on Inner Self. “It is the energy of the collective unconscious that needs to be actively expressed on the Earth at that given point in time for its own balance. The souls that are born into each solar eclipse have been ‘dusted’ with that energy and have promised to spread that energy on the Earth to help with the growth and evolution of the planet.”

I started cracking up when I saw the pixie dust comment. Well, I guess if you think of glitter as pixie dust and my strange fascination with the sparkly stuff then you could understand why I was laughing. At that moment, I imagined myself in full fairy costume sprinkling sparkles everywhere like a glitter explosion. Okay, so my dream and not something that I would ever do because glitter can never truly be cleaned up…Oh yeah back to that superstition, I cringed when I read that the Big Cheese was also born during an eclipse, a lunar eclipse, so we kind of have the eclipse thing in common. The article mentioned that people born during an eclipse have a gift. Not sure if I possess these gifts but I am sure that I could fit something from life into a well honed story if I tried a little. I copied the quote from the book as my high brain was having trouble trying to paraphrase it.

McCoy explained that people born during solar eclipses are basically tapped to clarify the solar eclipse’s energy for others. Because everyone still has free will, McCoy noted that the only decision is whether the person bestowed with this gift from the universe will use it for positive or negative gain.

Really, I only half-heartedly believe these myths or legends but it will be interesting to learn more about that myths and others as it has renewed an interest I had in the unexplained years ago, in my youth. Do you reader, have any superstitions that you follow?

It is Saturday and time to get outside or upstairs. Before I go, I wanted to share the finished picture that I was working on this past week of Ashley Reinke-Hawk.

It is done!

The background was a last minute finger painting experiment that I kind of dig. A bottle of pink paint had spilled on the desk and I was about the wipe it and throw it away when I started wiping it on the canvas. Then I added more and more until I made myself stop. Below is the Reel of the process, most of it as I got bored and stopped recording every step.

I love this song by Them Vibes

Time to go and get on with the day and hopefully I will not step on any crack or have any black cats cross my path…

Nora the Cat!

Scratch that, a black cat has crossed my path several times just this morning…

Thank you dear reader for visiting. May your day be sunny and your evening cozy. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU over there.

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  1. We have two Henckels knives that were given to us by a former co-worker as gifts shortly after we opened our bed & breakfast inn. Patricia was horrified by the terrible knives we were using. 26 years later, the knives she gave us are still as good as they were when new.


    1. Oh wow, you have a bed and breakfast? How cool! I had heard so many good things about those knives and am not surprised that yours are still great after 26 years. His work gave those knives to him for working 39 years 😊


      1. We had a bed and breakfast in St. Louis, Missouri for 17 years, and sold it in November 2011 and moved to Cathedral City.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh wow! Nice! That must have been quite an experience. At. Louis is somewhere I have wanted to go and hope to someday. Hope California has been good to you😊

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I really enjoyed it the first 12 years or so, but the last five were torture. I just got tired of dealing with guests in my house. I’m a California native, born and raised in Santa Clara (next to San Jose), and lived in LA for much of the 1980s, so moving to the Coachella Valley was sort of a return home.


      4. Another place I would like to live is in Northern California. Southern California is all that I have known.

        I have read that about running a B and B. We have been toing with things to do when Jim retires and I had thought about doing that, but maybe I really need to think about it. Thanks for the insight.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. It’s a lot of work and can tie you down if you let it, plus buying a big enough house in California to run a bed & breakfast is out of the question, unless you’re wealthy. And if you’re wealthy, why would you want to work so hard?

        Also, the proliferation of AirBnBs has really hurt a lot of small bed & breakfast inns. The couple that bought ours sold it last year, and friends from our St. Louis neighborhood closed theirs two years ago and sold their house. They now live in Lake Havasu, AZ.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. You are so right! I have seen ads hiring couples to run places like that. I think I may have seen one to many Lifetime movies about running inns…looks like fun and romantic, but probably far from the truth.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. terrie gura says:

    So, about that knife my ex-husband gave me for Christmas all those years ago… Hahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good thing though as you now have Les 🙂


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