Conflicts and Interests

Hello out there! You made it to December 2, 2021 and that, as always, is a great thing! You are still here on terra ferme and able to witness the current events. Right now, our elected politicians are acting like a bunch of high school kids, but really, I think there are high school kids that have a better grip on reality than these elected and paid officials. I can think of 175,000 reasons that we all should be upset with their antics. We are their bosses, really. If any of us normal humans were to make disgusting jokes and then post them on social media like Paul Gosar or make anti-Muslim or anti-Semitic insults and such, many of us would have been fired or sued for creating a hostile work environment. To my kids, what you are witnessing is not right, these politicians are playing stupid games with all of our lives just to get followers or money for their own good, not the good of the voters. Was it really necessary for the congressman from Virginia to show off his boat and Lambo while he holds up the Build Back Better agenda? It is easy for them to stand up at rallies and makes speeches of hate and then collect American tax dollars for it? Why on Earth are more people not upset? Why is it so important to make it harder for everyone to vote? Last thing, while I am on my soap box, not sure why Roe vs Wade is being reviewed and by six men and three women, two of these men were accused of inappropriate harassments of women.??!?! Is that what could be considered a conflict of interest? Just my thinking. Listen, I had an abortion in 1991, three months before I had a stroke. The choice was difficult and I was well past the 6 weeks or 16 weeks that some states allow. I won’t give my reasons for it but know that if I had kept that pregnancy I may not be here today and able to watch my grandkids. A friend that is staunch pro-lifer, took me for the procedure as she knew that the choice, even though it was one that she did not agree with, was the right one for me. To the nurses, doctors and staff at all Planned Parenthood facilities, I stand with you and pray that your organization can keep helping women and keeping them safe.

Okay, okay, so I am off the soap box, for the moment. We had a nice four day weekend and just stayed local. We watched movies and I worked upstairs on crafts that I plan on giving to the kids for Christmas. When the kids were little, we were not well off and the month of December gave me anxiety. I had four kids to buy gifts for and because I worked at two jobs most of the time, I usually had to get gifts for exchanges that were played at work as well (more added anxiety). Anyhow, most of the gifts I bought were last minute or bought after the holiday (if I didn’t forget – yes that has happened!) Anyhow, I used to always throw out the Homemade Holidays theme to try and get my family to make something and it always fell on deaf ears. I am grateful though that my family and in-laws took care of the kids during Christmas and they did get many good gifts, although, not from me. So, this year, the grandkids are getting these painted toys to go along with their other gifts.

My happy-mess!

As I have mentioned many times before, I love Dollar Tree! Funny, but Dollar Tree has been in the news lately inflation has forced the companies hand and they will now start charging $1.25 for most items. That extra $.25 will not deter me from patronizing them, ever, as their craft selection is tops, especially the wood projects. I plan on making something for each of my adult kids as well. To me, I am thinking about the person that I am making the gift for when I am painting or decorating that item, but that is just me and my sappy heart.

One thing all this craft stuff has done is made me remember when my Dad used to make us little wooden toys that used a rubber band to create motion. I remember thinking how cool he was and that his tool boxes held magical instruments that could fix anything. Me, I am not as talented as he was but trying. Really though, it has been relaxing. I could mindlessly paint for hours if my spine would allow it. Also, I worked on a few paintings.

Also, we took a drive to Palm Springs as I had wanted to see the holiday decorations. Unfortunately, we will have to take a drive back there during the evening. The valley is changing and we noticed all the new construction and traffic. Before heading back home, Hubby drove down this one road next to the freeway so I could get a shot of the Palm Springs sign.

I have an obsession with signs and have hundreds of photos of various road signs. Maybe it is because they make you anticipate the destination? Like the signs at the Living Desert, indicating which way to go.

Love the tree!

Right now, in Palm Desert, the Living Desert to be exact, Christmas has arrived and Wild Lights is back! During the holiday season, the zoo is open after dark and it fully decorated for the season. We plan to attend later this month. Also, the new rhino exhibit is open! We even got to see one of the new rhinos.

The nice lady that was working in the rhino exhibit let us know a little about the animal as he wandered back and forth in his pen. She indicated that he and the other rhinos are being acclimatized to their new surroundings and will soon be able to roam free in their new home. She mentioned that the guy in the video is a teenager. He a sight to see as he walked back and forth in front of us.

Also, we got to see the new mole rat exhibit. Usually, I am not one to ooh or aah over a rodent, but those little creatures were so cute!

Mole rats.

We bought a membership for the Living Desert when my daughter and grandkids came for visit and have used it a few times since then as the weather during the summer makes going there a little challenging. Anyhow, I need to walk more and this place is a nice place to walk and safe for someone like me with mobility issues. That morning I logged two miles worth of steps and got to witness some awesome sights as the animals are all active in the morning as they wait for their morning meal. The coolest thing we saw yesterday was the storks being fed. I could have stood there for hours and watched.

These are just a few of the reasons to go to the zoo, this zoo or any zoo. Nature, the best entertainment, for the price.

That was a little of our week. I am still going through all the photos and videos so I am sure that I will probably be posting more from that last trip as the animals were all putting on a show. I even blushed watching the camels…Oh my and we watched the ram, like voyeurs, as he sniffed and nudged a doe before heading on to another. Really, what Hubby and I were doing was adding our own commentary, like I said in a female deer voice “Not this morning dear, I have a hoof ache.” It was cool watching him charge after her as she ran away from him. I see a dear reality show in the making…ha ha!

Time to get on with my day. I have a pug that needs to go for a walk. Thank you dear reader for visiting! I hope to see you around these parts again. Where ever you are going today, may you make it to your destination. Hugs to you all.

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  1. I love your newsy posts Michelle, which are always filled with neat stuff about my own backyard. I also completely agree with your political observations. I really fear for America’s future.

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    1. Thanks Jeff! You are so kind 😊 We CV dwellers have some of the prettiest land around here to explore. Makes the heat easier to bare.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great Blog, loved all the photos. I am doing crafts at the moment as well, it’s how I’ll get through winter in Canada although it feels more like California at the moment. Enjoy your weekend


    1. Hi Chrissy!
      Thank you! Glad you are getting to work on crafts. It sure has been a great distraction for me. We are having a warm winter as well. Hope you are not in the area that was flooded. Take care,



  3. terrie gura says:

    I love all the zoo pictures here! And I agree on the political front, though neither of the news items you mentioned should even be political. The first, being nasty to people unlike ourselves, it’s just bad manners and a disgrace. You’re right, that none of us civilians could behave that way and express such hatred, with or without threats of bodily harm, toward our coworkers yet keep our jobs. Pisses me off that we are paying for not only the salaries of those individuals but also their health care benefits. And ironic that the same ones thumping bibles over abortion are declaring “my body, my choice” when it comes to wearing masks to prevent spread of a deadly virus.

    Crazy times!

    Have fun with all the preparations for your family visit! 😄


  4. rkrontheroad says:

    Too fun watching the storks feed! I hope your kids appreciate the colorful toys you’ve made, they are great. I totally agree with your rant although I generally choose not to put my politics online. Well said.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They were fun to watch. We hope to try and catch them at breakfast again.

      I agree with you about posting about politics and such as it adds to much noise. However, these posts are part of my history and I felt like I had to include some of it and feelings when I look back in 29 years-I can only hope. Have a great day 😊

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