Hello out there! How goes it? You have made it to December 22, 2021 and as always, that is a friggin’ fantastic thing! To all of you lovely humans that have been following pandemic protocols and also rolled up your sleeves maybe, once, twice or three times, THANK YOU! Danka, gracias, grazie, arrigato, Xiexie, terima kasih and dhanyavad to each and every one that has visited in the last year! It was a roller coaster ride last year and really there is still a week to go before 2022 but thought I would give my gratitude to each of you right now. Again, to any one that has lost friends and family in this past year to Covid or any reason, my sincerest condolences. If I could hug you all, I would. My wish for this year as it is every year, is for peace and joy in the coming year. What are your holiday wishes?

Here is a little listening music from the band The Pretenders…please press play.

I think this is one of my favorite rock Christmas song.
My faux office!!

Last week, I moved my PC upstairs to the studio as I needed room on the kitchen counter. It was a good thing as my laptop became a very expensive paper weight. During the summer when my spine and legs were acting up, I set up my laptop on the ottoman in front of the easy chair so that I could use my computer while I had my feet up. Really, I would place it on my lap when I was typing. Anyhow, the easy chair is by the front living room window and the animals are always looking out the window. One day, Jenny got excited and ran over my laptop and then started snorting and chuffing like a mad bull across the keyboard. She then knocked it down and the display disconnected from the motherboard…UGH! Anyhow, I was lucky that I have the PC and can still use it to do simple tasks like write a blog. Editing photos, not so much. Photoshop will not load and I have watched and tried several Youtube tutorials for the error message that I keep getting. Next, year, which is in week, I will do some research and find a place to get my laptop fixed. Oh joy!

These are Christmas gifts to be sent soon!

One thing I like about having to go upstairs to use the computer is just that, that I have to go upstairs and away from our living room or our bed. The thing is…I have attention issues and sitting in the living room was difficult. I would see the animals and want to pet and play with them or I would see that the dishes needed to be put away or maybe a TV program I have seen a billion times is on, or what ever. Anyhow, now I have my speakers hooked up and I can listen to music from Pandora on the computer instead of my phone. The best thing though is that the creative river in my brain is free and flowing, no more log jam, at least for the moment. The bags shown above, were painted in the last few days. Those bags had been sitting in the junk closet in our studio for the last year. I plan on making a few copies of them and maybe making a shirt as I can make my own iron-on transfers.

My Dad’s Magical Tool Box

Another cool thing about having to move my computer to the studio is that is got me interested in decorating the room. I remembered my Dad’s tool box that I took from the leftovers after my Mom and Dad both died and my sister decided to get rid of their belongings. I was invited to pick over the goods after everyone else, including my daughter. My oldest sister had called me to “see if I wanted any keepsakes.” Not sure about what my sisters thought to keep, but I kept my Dad’s broken Zippo lighter and tool boxes. Sadly, one tool box was broken and missing a top. It was a light blue metal box that used to hold various screws, nuts, washers and what not. That did not make the move to the Coachella Valley in 2015 However, I did save the heavy duty metal tool box that used to have many tools and slides and wires and such in it. My Dad could fix just about anything with the things that he had in that box. Funny, but I remember that it always had a bottle and can opener in it as you never know when you will need to open a bottle of wine.

By the way, thank you to my daughter for taking my Dad’s wedding ring and his Guido gold chain as she later gave them to me. Hubby now wears my Dad’s wedding ring.

The guts!

Now to research the best way to clean the rust and get it back into better shape. I like that it is metal and that I will probably use it to store my precious SD cards and keepsakes. Hopefully, when my time comes, my children will not throw it away and will keep it as well, but hey, after I am gone, they can do what ever they want or not want and not worry about me haunting them or something like that…laughing to myself. I warned my kids that they will know that I am around if there is an afterlife, as I will probably blast them every now and again with an SBD…yeah never said I was Mother of the Year…

Well, time to get back to stuff and things. I have a few more Christmas cards that I need to finish and send out. They probably won’t make it out before Christmas but I hope that they find a way to make each recipient smile for a moment and reflect on the past holiday season.

Merry Christmas!

Thank you, dear reader, for the visit! May this holiday season be filled with joy and love and lots of good stuff! Hugs to you and you and especially YOU!


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  1. I have attention issues too, and even though I have my laptop set up on an antique desk in our guest room (which I have to move out of whenever we have house guests), I still have trouble focusing, especially when writing reviews. I just cannot avoid constantly checking Twitter, Instagram, emails, etc. I deactivated my Facebook account a few weeks ago, so I’ve at least stop checking that!

    My dad had a tool box that was very similar to your dad’s. It’s still out in our garage somewhere… I was able to get all our Xmas cards written and mailed by last Saturday, and finished what little shopping I needed to do. So now I can enjoy the holidays without stress.

    I wish you and hubby a Merry Christmas and a happy & healthy 2022.

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    1. I leave my ringer off and have started to leave the phone downstairs to keep me from looking at my phone as well as removed the FB app. Also, I have not downloaded the WordPress app for my phone.

      My tool box was in the garage until yesterday.

      Wow! That is awesome that you got your cards out. I really am a procrastinator and need to work on being better 🙂

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

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  2. rkrontheroad says:

    The painted tote bags are lovely! Great idea. Hope you had a good holiday with family (and hope no one got sick!). Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Ruth. Hope you had a nice holiday as well.

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