Positively Negative

Good morning world! It is January 3, 2022 and you made it to see another day…and that is always a positive and great thing! This morning I am still waiting for the results of the Covid test that I took on New Years Eve around 3:30 PM. I had been feeling weird for the two days prior to that day, my stomach was upset and I had weird headaches, kind of like the flu. Anyhow, I slept through midnight and think I racked up almost 24 hours in total in bed. When my kids were younger, I would have boiled water and dumped in the contents of TheraFlu into a coffee mug and kept going. I now want to apologize to all of my ex-coworkers through all the years that I probably infected you with what ever cold, flu, and yes even strep throat bugs and for never wearing a mask. Funny, but so many of us adults take pride in working through illnesses and such. Heck, I even drove a scooter 7 miles to work with a broken rib and a dislocated shoulder as I had to work and had no sick time when my daughter was around 3 or 4 years old. My Dad was a no excuses guy and said we should always show up for work, no matter what. Well, this is me and I am a Grama now, who may have gotten her grandkids sick or vice versa. To my kids, if you are truly sick DO stay home, please, no job is worth getting sick over. Anyhow, I can feel it in my gut, that the test is not positive, this feels like bronchitis and a feeling I have not had in over 8 years since I have quit smoking. Lucky for me though, I took the flu shot when my PCP advised me to take it at my last checkup and I am vaccinated against Covid. To all of you out there, please be safe and think of others, even if you have a different opinion about Covid or any illness. I know that sharing is caring but really, please be greedy with your own germs….thank you!!!

It’s 4:45 Am in the Coachella Valley and I am ready to go back to bed, really. Really though, it feels good to sit here in my space and get to work on some of the paintings that I had started before I started feeling weird. As I mentioned before, I had done a few photo shoots with a few different ladies in the last 4 years. Me, I was practicing and learning about my camera and seeing what I could make it do and never really had a concrete plan. Well, yeah, I did sort of have a plan, I had wanted to change careers and do something that I liked and was excited about, and that was photography. I just love the reactions that I have received when people see their photos. However, I have that issue about selling myself so I never really whole-heartedly pursued that career. Now I have all these photos to use to practice painting and drawing and such. Like the photos I took of Sarah Winchester a few months after the surgery on my spine for Cauda Equina Syndrome. (The link is to WebMD and they actually do a great job describing this condition and its affects.)

Notice our cement floors…aye aye aye….

The photo above makes me cringe, but in a good way. I was having some serious issues back then and was under a cloud of Topamax haze. She was a professional and it was nice getting to know her a little better that morning. At the time though, I was still wobbly and in 8 plus pain and was only smoking marijuana for pain relief and sleep aid, actually, that is still all that I am doing.

This is Sarah performing with Country Nation at Fantasy Springs 9.16.19.

Sarah will be here performing in Indio at the Take Center Stage – Country Night. Located at 82885 Indio Blvd or what they are calling the Outdoor Living Room. Check their Facebook page for more details. Take Center Stage – COUNTRY NIGHT

The focus on most of my photos when working with musicians is not their faces, but their hands…

I am looking forward to going as it has been awhile since I have seen any live music, other than, the Ghosts of Kelso, in a long time. Speaking of the Ghosts, I have to get better as thy will also be performing this January 12 at a local RV resort. Also, I would like to capture a few good shots of Sarah that I may transform into a future painting. This is my hobby, really and what helps me run away or hide from the pain signals that my spine sends out frequently.

Here are a few of the photos that I had to choose from that shoot:

I was going for the vacation feel. She nailed it as we were only at the community pool in our complex.

Still working on this one but it will look nice on the wall with my other paintings πŸ™‚

Also, I just started a painting of Hubby, well, his outline.

This is the rough sketch.

Well, it is time to get back downstairs as I am feeling a little weathered. To you dear reader, where ever you are, be safe, be well, be kind and cover your mouth and noses when you sneeze. Most importantly, keep washing those hands!

Where ever you are going today dear reader, get there safely! Hugs to you and you and especially YOU!

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  1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve not been feeling well Michelle, and not the happiest way to usher in a new year. I hope your test result is negative. And I think you’re a terrific photographer and artist!

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    1. Thank you JeffπŸ™. Still no results and started running a fever again 😏

      Stay well as there are a few bugs out there.

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  2. rkrontheroad says:

    I hope you’ll be feeling better soon and the test is negative, but I know bronchitis is no fun either. I have difficulty selling myself as well, artwork and writing. It’s an effort and I’ve been hot and cold with it over the years. The photo of the singer with her hands on the guitar is especially good. Wishing you well for the new year.


    1. Good morning Ruth. Thank you for taking time to read my posts. Much appreciated. You my dear, take lovely and professional photos and have shared your stories about your travels. Thank you for sharing with me and the world really. Getting compliments from you makes me smile 😊

      Have a lovely day. By the way, my test came back negative. (Yay!! and Whew!) Now to get through this bronchitis.


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      1. rkrontheroad says:

        Great, that’s a positive step. I do so appreciate your compliments as well! πŸ˜‰

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