Consistently Inconsistent

Hello out there world! How goes it on this Wednesday January, 19, 2022. Seven years ago I became a Grama when my little Bean was born. I met him a few days after I arrived to the welcoming 19 degree weather of Michigan. It was quite a trip. That day is planted firmly in my head, even the few moments when I went airborne in the parking lot of the car rental company. Who ever invented this black ice…why I outta…oh yeah. I had my first experience with black ice and remember that just as I was reaching for the car handle and seeing the car and then a blur. Actually, it wasn’t a blur, it was my feet slipping and almost going over my head as I fell flat on my back in that parking lot. By the way, besides the slipping thing, the airport rocked. When I arrived at MBS in Michigan, it took less than five minutes to get my suitcase and rental car. Honestly, it was probably one of the best airport experiences, ever. There was no traffic and I made it to my daughters place in less than 15 minutes and able to see my new grandson. The best day ever and I thank God for gracing me with the time and how everything just worked out perfectly on that quick trip. Hopefully, this year, will be the year that I travel to see my grandkids. Anyhow, if you celebrate this day then Happiest Birthday to you as well.

He looks so much like his Mama now.

By the way, to all of you that have been stopping by this blog, I thank you! The past week has had lots of traffic and my words did some traveling. Love it! My body feels like I walked in the sand with cement shoes (along to all these far away places) probably because I did more walking in the past week than I have done in a few months. It could also be caused by sitting, upright, to long. Why? I have been working on my video editing skills and once I get started, it is hard to pull me away from it. I noticed yesterday that I was sitting at the end of my seat and almost bent over, onto the keyboard. That is the position that I would get into when I was working in accounting that produced the least amount of pain and a position that I would get into prior to my surgery. Sorta of like a half-curled up position. Now, I know that I need to get up and walk around or even put away the editing for a day or two or even week. This blog is not my job and never will be. I am bringing this up because I remember why I started this blog. I had dreams of being a concert photographer or just a paid photographer, but I am not great at selling myself. I hate charging people for my work as I really am a girl that just has a few cameras to play with. Anyhow, this blog was started so that I could bend the truth and say I worked for it as a contributor. I have never gotten a response when requesting media passes since I started the blog so, I gave up on that as well and started treating it as my personal journal to my children. Because of these reasons this past weekend I had to stop myself from being the asshole that I usually am. I had started this blog in 2018 as I was getting shut out of all the concerts here in the valley as I didn’t have media credentials or work for one of the publications here in the Coachella Valley. Trust me, I have emailed, called, sent smoke signals to try and get work, even as an unpaid intern. Anyhow, I got the idea of using a local casino to practice and to get shots for my portfolio. Trust me, I knew that I needed permission from the hotel. Me, I would ask the entertainers by emailing them or messaging them on social media. I would ask if it would be okay if I took photos and videos of them as they performed. No one ever said “No.” Stuff happened, I was an asshole to a security guard and I banned myself from ever setting foot in that lounge again. Truthfully, I could still go in there and they would still take my money, but that is not the point. Me, I never want to make a spectacle of myself or do anything to take away from the experience of the performers or patrons like that. That is why the self-imposed ban as I know that I could never be in that room and not want to catch a memory. One time I got thrown out for taking a selfie with my phone. Anyhow, this weekend when we were at the event in Indio, I noticed that every time I picked up my camera to dial in the settings from where I was sitting so that I would be ready to catch video instead of photos, the two other photogs that were at the event would move quickly to get in front of me. So, I sat in my chair and waited for most of the set to get up to get a closer photo. I even gave the one female photog space. I wish I could have said the same thing about them. For me, I try my hardest to stay out of everyone’s photos as people that are not “photographers” you know, fans, also want to take photos of the performers and really, they would not like us in their photos! I cringed when I lifted my camera to film and then saw in the viewfinder, the other photog onstage, awkwardly filming the band as they played. My heart sank when I saw that, as one bad move and he could have tripped on a cord or bumped into the guitar player or singer or worse, the bass player. Anyhow, I left after that set as I didn’t and couldn’t sit through those shenanigan’s. When we arrived home, Hubby sent me two pics that he snapped during that last song and I laughed. Why? Usually, Hubby says I am being paranoid when I say I am being watched, but this time, he said, “I have proof! I watched them both.” I am married to a bass player and he cringed and said that was unnecessary for them to stick so tightly to me, I won’t retype what he said about that dude being onstage. He even noticed when one of the photographers was blocking a few of the fans that were trying to get pictures with their phones. I know what being in the pit is like and we had no pit so there was no need to be greedy.

Thank you Hubby for getting the BTS…ha ha ha!!!! Right after he took that shot, I said few choice words and then snuck behind the stage and was able to get really good live action of the drummer. The lights were mesmerizing. I know that I should let it go, but I have over and over and over. I hope those two find their way and gather enough confidence to be able to share, after all, it really was not about us that day, but the band and people that were there to see them. We could learn so much from each other, really. Coachella Valley is 330 square miles and plenty big enough for all of us. After all, I was not there for Instagram material, I was there to see a friend and bask in that glorious night where she commanded the stage as a women leading her band. I know it is 2022 and women entertainers are getting a few more breaks in the industry, but not many. Where ever I can help in a someone’s journey, I will do my best to throw a little of my sparkly stuff their way.

Somewhere in the Coachella Valley….

So, yeah, sometimes this blog acts like it wants to get more traction and then it doesn’t. Very inconsistent. Because of the inconsistencies, I am toying with separating the blog from the arts, entertainment and travel posts that I write. The thing is I know that my opinions (are not facts) are just that, my opinions. They may not sit well with the person I am writing about or photographing so I would like to have a safe space that I can go to that does not mention my chronic condition or the trivial BS that I described above or my personal views. A space where I can tell the story of my experience at an event and why you the reader should check the entertainer out. Really, I am not aiming to be a travel and entertainment reporter, just to share in things that interest Hubby and I, especially I as a person with mobility issues. No more chasing dragons, just experiences that I may photograph or not, well, unless pictures from my brain count? Below are a few random shots of the CV.

I just had to add those two pics of Hubby!

All in all, last week was good and I enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you to all of you that I personally or virtually encountered. Oh yeah, I started working on learning a song on guitar. I gave a sample of it on my personal IG this morning. Anyhow, this is the song I am trying to learn, California Stars, a song written by Woodie Guthrie. It only has a few tricky changes for me to strum but I think if I keep at it I may be able to sing this one and play guitar…fingers crossed.

I love this version of the song. By the way, I secretly am hoping the Ghosts learn this one as I think the singer could rock this…fingers and toes crossed.

Thank you, dear reader, for the visit. May all your lights be green and may you get to where ever you are going safely. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU.

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  1. I’ve never had a problem taking pictures at concerts, but then, I do it from my seat on my cell phone. I have taken pics, also with my phone, at very small clubs, and no one has ever said one peep. That’s ridiculous those two other people were being such jerks to you.

    Our blogs are reflections of us, though yours is much more personal than mine. As you know, I write only about music, though I’ve injected a few personal opinions about politics in a few of my reviews when the songs were about politics. But you write about your daily activities and feelings, which is very interesting and compelling, and lets us into your life to a much greater degree. If your goal is to try and build a bit of a career as a photographer or photo journalist, then perhaps you should create a separate blog account for that, in which you focus only on your photography. Your current blog can continue to be like your public diary.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      Thank you Jeff for the feedback. Yes, I like the way you are able to balance your life and music. Me I get to emotional sometimes, so that is why I am thinking about separating the two. We hope to see more live music and I would like to keep those reviews separate as I still want to pursue the music photography thing and really when you review an artist, any artist it should be mainly about them…so I like your suggestions! 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  2. rkrontheroad says:

    I found it so disturbing to read about your difficulties with other photographers jockying for position and getting in the way. I do find it annoying when I’m somewhere and the rows of people before me are all phones sticking up! It’s a fine balance, I guess. Keep at it!


    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      You are so right about having to wait for others to get their shots. I think this is why I enjoy sitting in the passenger seat shooting as Jim drives. Also, I try my hardest to stay out of peoples way and to be courteous.

      By the way, I love your photography! It helps tell your stories and I am still thinking about your last post in (sorry if I am getting this wrong, Antigua, my short term memory). That is a place that was not on my radar and now I am truly fascinated. I may have to add to my bucket list. Thanks and have a great day!


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