I’ll leave the light on…

It’s Friday! Woohoo! You made it to see another day and that is always a great thing. Today is January 21, 2022 and 2023 is the light in the far off distance, but really, it will be here before I know it. Time is different for everybody. For some, the last two years have gone by painstakingly slow. For others, like me, I feel like I blinked and two years passed. Anyhow, I have been trying to catch up on some of the blogs that I regularly read as I have not been going upstairs as much to use the computer. Yesterday, I did spend an hour reading and it was just what I needed. It is nice to read about others experiences and such. I really love the travel posts and the stories that go along with them. Speaking of travel, I was messaging my friend yesterday and she mentioned the wild ponies in NC. My eyebrow raised and I instantly fell into a hole, you know the one that starts out at Google and then ends up at Youtube. I must have viewed several videos of the wild ponies and the pictures were absolutely gorgeous. What a sight to see! All those wild ponies frolicking in the sand and near the water. Also, I started looking at lodging in the area and this is just me, but wow, it is quite reasonable. For one, I am not a 4 star hotel gal, I am more of the seedy Motel-NoTell type as I would rather spend money on sightseeing and really don’t plan on being in a room the entire time. As long as the Trip Advisor reviews do not mention anything too extraordinary then I will pretty much stay anywhere. I was pleasantly surprised by the room rates for the area. One hotel that I saw looked safe and clean and they even had a 4 stars and was listed for under $150 for weekend night. Then again, I think they may be winter rates, but still, quite reasonable.

A blog I visited a few days ago had a post that wrote about Sara Evans and the issues that she is having with her estranged husband. It got me thinking about when I saw her at a concert in Indio. She mentioned how she had taken a tumble down an escalator and how her ankle hurt. She was in stiletto’s and sparkly pants that night and commanded that stage like a queen. I was amazed by her, especially after she told that story. You see, if she had not mentioned that she was hurt and that she had fallen earlier in the day, none of us in the audience would have even known. I actually shed a few tears yesterday as I was rereading the post I wrote after that concert. Personally, I do not know Ms. Evans story and that may have only been the one incident that was reported in the news, what I am saying is that domestic abuse looks different in everyone. Some people hide it better than others. What she did that night is what countless women do everyday, work through pain, think of what countless other women that you may see everyday at the coffee counter or the grocery register that are hiding their abuse or pain. You don’t know it because they are smiling and asking how they can help you. To my sisters out there, it is not okay to be hit, or abused, or verbally assaulted or what ever. YOU NEVER DESERVE ABUSE…EVER!!! To anyone out there and you are now questioning if he or she really meant “sorry, babe, I’ll never do that again.” and you don’t know where to go or who to turn to, here is a way to reach out for help.

The Hotline

I copied this from the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

This topic comes up several times through out this blog as you never know whos eyes may be reading this and needs the message. I will pray for YOU out there that you get to where you need to go and safely.

To you dear reader, where ever you are, may you shine your light brightly so that it may lighten someone’s darkness. Hugs.

Below is the original post: Lift Off, posted on November 19, 2022.

Often I say how lucky we are to live in the Coachella Valley because of the musical acts that come to this desert to perform at one of the three casinos located here. Also, you never know what to expect from the usual clear blue skies. Yesterday, was no exception. Around 3:30 PM hubby and I took the 10 Fwy East to pick up tickets to the show. The show we would be seeing later that night was the talented country and multi-award winning singer, Sara Evans. As soon as Hubby entered the freeway, I spotted familiar sites in the sky, hot air balloons! What a sight it was to see as there were five balloons in the air and the setting sun and patchy clouds gave it a dreamy glow. Unfortunately, I did not have a digital camera with me but I did take a video from my phone and a few shots with the KX-1000. To me, those hot air balloons were and are a sign of good things to come and you know something they added to the magic of yesterday. Yes, last night was special.

We arrived at Fantasy Springs a little before 8 PM. I went to the ticket counter where I had been given my last media pass but this time they knew nothing about me. Was I stressed, nah not me. I had tickets. Also, my tickets were on the floor about 15 rows from the stage. This was perfect as I was a little unsteady on my feet last night as I have been having a little more discomfort in my spine and leg, so walking around and trying to focus a camera might have been a little much for me. My word of advice, for those of you that have back issues and you are going to see a concert at this venue, do try and get floor seats. You will be glad as they really completed my whole experience. I didn’t have any issues and had plenty of glorious leg room – leg room for dancing!

Having her moment or should I say hour or so on stage during this stop at her tour in Indio, California.

The stage was draped in a simple drape that reminded me of a boho style handkerchief wrap. We got to our seats around 8:05 PM and the show started shortly there after. Immediately, I exclaimed to my hubby. “Ahhh, those pants! She’s so sparkly!” If you have been following this blog, I might have mentioned my love with sequins. Yes, I am a bit crazy for the fashion but do not personally wear many sequins, ever. I did however, last night wear my sparkly ass dancing shoes for the occasion. She started the set with Long Way Down and boy can that girl sing!

Playing guitar is Sara’s son

Evans had just traveled from Nashville as she performed at the CMA Awards, along with a many strong, country female singers this past week and told us a little bit about her trip. She told the story of her experience at the Salt Lake City Airport and trying to maneuver her luggage on an escalator. She explained how she must have been tired as she chose to manage the luggage instead of getting coffee as she took a tumble down the escalator with her luggage. Anyone around my age and hers know that getting up away from any fall is a miracle yet she still managed to put on her high heels and go on with the show. Had she never mentioned the incident, we wouldn’t have noticed that had happened to her as she gingerly walked around the stage during her performance.

The guitar player was using a beautiful Fender Telecaster.
Singing with Sara is her sister Lesley Evans Lyons
Her vocals were strong.

She also mentioned how the band was a family affair as many of the band members were from her family. The back singer is her sister, Leslie Evan Lyons. On guitar is her son, Avery Barker. On bass is her brother, Matt Evans. So it truly was a family affair.

She sang her greatest hits, and I was surely not disappointed. Hearing her lead into the story about Suds In A Bucket, a song written by Billy Montana and Tammy Wagone, and I squealed. That song right there was popular during a defying time in the life of this ex-single mother. I waited so patiently for my prince in white pickup truck to come get me. Anyhow, I usually try and grab a video of most concerts but not this one as I was singing too much, and dancing! This makes me look forward to more concerts in my future.

Time to relax and work on my projects and such. Thank you Universe for all the beautiful and sparkly moments that happened yesterday. It was perfectly imperfect, just the way I like it.

To all you aspiring artists and to you dear reader, thank you for stopping by. May your day sparkle like the sun. Hope too see you again.

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  1. Obong eno says:

    You write well🥰

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Obong eno says:

        You are most welcome ❤️


  2. terrie gura says:

    Your comment about the hole that starts at Google and ends on YouTube cracked me up; I know that hole very well!!

    Thank you for calling out the atrocity of domestic violence. I feel terrible for women who believe they deserve it or are afraid to speak out. Nobody deserves that. And Sara Evans’s story is proof that it is not limited to any class or group of people.

    On another note, where can I find myself some of those sparkly britches? Hahaha


    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      As soon as you mentioned the ponies, it was all I could think about 🙂 I must have sat in front of the computer for an hour and half. Darn you Youtube!!

      I feel that way to, as I know how hard it is to speak up and ask for help. If only life was judgement free, maybe more people that are in DV situations would could come forward instead of hiding. Hers is just one story and you are right it can affect anyone.

      Tell you what…If and when I make it to your side of the world and perhaps we go on an excursion, we will definitely have to get some sparkly pants for the occasion 🙂 I can see us know sparkling in the sun on the beach watching the ponies…


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