Hearts and noses

Howdy neighbors! The month is marching along and April will be here in a few days. April 1, 2022 or April Fools Day is on Friday. Will you be playing any pranks? I have never been one to successfully pull off a prank, ever. It is hard to even think about joking around with the state of the world. In the last few years, we have had the pandemic, civil unrest and even a lame attempt to keep our current president, Joe Biden, out of office. I am proud that I voted for him and Kamala Harris. Another thing, I did not vote for a senator in West Virginia, the one that has been hijacking his own political parties agenda. In my opinion, he does this while driving a Maserati or sleeping on a luxury houseboat probably using noise canceling earbuds. He does not represent me and he certainly does not represent his constituents, well, that is, unless they have padded his pockets. I get that this is his last hoorah, still my opinion, to get his name mentioned in history books, to be an influencer. I see a man with LDE trying to act like he has BDE. It is easy to talk a big game when you have safety nets, like the $174,000 per year safety net that all senators receive as pay for being an elected official. Again, this is just my opinion, and everyone has one (Just like we all have a nose and a heart…) Anyhow, sorry that I hopped on my soapbox this morning, but this is my history and all these things that are happening are part of my story, all of OUR stories.

Here is a little listening music for this post. This is a song written by Stephen Stills in 1967 but it is still so relevant for times. Please press play.

See the young Neil Young and those cool side burns?

In 1990, a year before my stroke, I took a History of Rock n’ Roll class at Citrus College in Azusa, CA. The classroom was the coolest. Actually, it is what is called a lecture hall. At that time, I knew nothing of lecture halls and was amazed by the stadium style seating. The teacher, although I do not remember his name, made the class a memorable one. Funny, but I remember how he was giddy as he opened our first class. That room had just been outfitted with a sweet sound system and we were rocked with the sounds of the Beatles, Deep Purple, Hank Williams, Huddy Ledbetter and Jimi Hendrix and many other music legends. In that class, we not only learned about the origins of rock music, we learned about the history and the people. I learned about war and freedom, racism and censorship and payola. That class covered many things and I am thankful that I took it. Anyhow, we spent two full days, as I recall on this song, For What It’s Worth and a few of the other war time songs that came out during the Vietnam war. This song struck me so much that one time I was the only one in the room of trivia heads that got an answer right when the moderator read the words…”there’s something happening here…” and then the moderator asked who made the song popular and I alone, correctly answered, “Buffalo Springfield”. Most likely, I was singing “There’s something happening here, for what it is ain’t exactly clear…” For all of these reasons and a few others, I have been practicing this song on guitar till my fingers cramp (which is only a few minutes, I’m a wimp). I think I have it but am still working on the strumming and singing along. For anyone looking for an easy song to learn on guitar, DO check it out. Here is one of my favorite lessons by Heartwood Guitar Instruction. Hopefully, I can get a good recording of myself so that I can share here. (Smiley face)

Not much else has been going on. I have been spending more time tending the plants in the back. The weather has been enjoyable and we even got a few rain drops on Monday what was even better was the smell that preceded those drops. Our little area in the Coachella Valley smelled of rain and I took the above shot of it during that glorious moment before the winds blew the smell away. Cue Salton Seas musky, acrid aroma that usually perfumes the valley.

This is facing Palm Springs, CA from right in front of the new La Quinta Brewery.

I mentioned in a previous post that we have been hanging out at home, mainly because the rising gas prices suck. Again, I am A-okay with that and instead of getting ansty and looking for people to blame, I have been working on the things that pop into my head before I forget about them. You see my Things I Would Like to Do Before I Can’t list is getting long and unruly and is all over the place. Me, I am all over the place as well and lack focus, at least right now. Lately, even picking up my camera has been a chore. However, I spent a the last few days re -reading posts from the months of March and April for the last few years. They all are similar as they mention having difficulty focusing and creative blocks. So, from now on, Spring is the season of my bodies discontent…at least it made me laugh…I may need to use that as a line in a future book…

Taco Belle capturing my attention for that moment.

Here are a few of the random shots from the last week.

Like I said, not much has been going on but I do know that this will pass and soon. Until then, I will keep working on the little ideas that I want to paint while they are fresh in my head. My vision is to have an EYE Wall behind our commode. Yeah I know, gross, but all the paintings or photos will have the subject staring at the viewer or reliever, depending on who is standing in front of them. Never said I was normal…

Still working on a few of them, like cats are far from completion.

I have been working on the one below for a few weeks and had to stop for the moment and this is another example of my attention issues.

In the weeds on this one and I am hoping that I can save it.

The coming week will have some excitement in it as we will be gong to Pappy and Harriet’s on Tuesday to see Caroline Rose!!! I have been waiting to see her live for a few years and I am sure it is going to be quirky and weird and a night of great music.

Thank you dear reader for visiting! Hope you have a great day where ever you are and may you get a good nights sleep. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU!

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  1. Tanooki says:

    Oh you took a class at Citrus College!? My friend used to go and I attended her graduation(a long time ago too!🤣) I took classes at Pasadena City College, but music class was always fun…I wondered if I should take rock music class or others and ended up choosing different from yours, but your post made me wanna take rock class👍

    Have a great day, enjoy Caroline Rose’s live🎉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      You went to PCC! Small world. I wanted to go there but it was easier to get to school by bus as I lived in Duarte when I was attending. Yes, do take a history of rock and roll. I think you will love it.

      I plan on enjoying the show…can’t wait 😊😁 have a great day my friend 💗

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh man, I would have loved to have taken a History of Rock n’ Roll class! That would be right up my alley! In fact, I could probably teach such a class, except like you, I don’t seem to have the capability to focus long enough these days to do something like that. I’ve been struggling to write an album review since the weekend, but just can’t seem to focus. Sigh…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      Jeff, I am sure you would do well in this class. I started experiencing issues in college probably why I never finished. However, classes that I did had an active interest in – like that music class and creative writing I did well at. Maybe our local colleges teach it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. terrie gura says:

    So many cool pictures here! I am especially fond of Taco Belle with the bass… such a great shot!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      Thank you! Taco Belle is my star and my shadow.


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