Howdy! It’s been a few weeks since I have been here, well, you know what I mean. Today is Saturday the 14th! That means you and I made it and the bad luck of a Friday the 13th was not so bad after all. Actually, yesterday was such a great day! For the last few weeks, we have had issues with our modem and the cable box. We have Spectrum, you know, the company that advertises about how other cable companies are evil, well, I think they may be looking in the mirror at themselves. It took two trips to the office and several calls to get the modem to work, also now after a year, we can change our TV by scrolling through the channels l instead of having to remember TV channels since we now have a new remote and box. Apparently, they are upgrading boxes and some of the older ones like ours, are no longer working. So, if you have issues with your cable remote, it most likely is not the remote, but the box. Also, yesterday my new laptop arrived! It is super small and light! This will make it easier to sit in the easy chair with my feet up as I was having trouble sitting at my computer in the studio.

I scored this for half it’s list price because it was listed an “Open Box”. Always looks for deals cause they are out there!

It has been over three years since I had surgery on my lower spine and a few weeks ago, I jogged for the first time since high school. The first time I was able to jog for two, labored, minutes until my face became wet with sweat and my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. The following day, I got my shoes on and started out walking for five minutes, trying to get myself to jog again. Finally, when a great song came on with a great beat, I started picking up my pace and then started jogging. Trust me, I walk faster than I jog! Anyhow, as of today, I can jog for a full 10 minutes! The funny thing is, I used to laugh when I would hear people say how addicting running is because I could never see myself running. I thought that these healthy people were lying. Well, no, they are right, it is addicting. Even with the pain that radiates through my lower body, I still can feel those good hormones flowing through my body. Now I need to look for a better pair of running shoes.

Taco Belle has a thing for shoes.

A few days ago, I had an appointment with a dietician as I am really committed to making healthy changes in my life. She mentioned to me that the antacids that I take everyday may be causing some of the stomach distress that I am experiencing so I have not taking been them for the last few days and this morning, I noticed that I did not have as much of an acid taste in my mouth when I woke up and I was starving. I had mentioned to her that I am always hungry, like my stomach is always rumbling. She said that acid reducers can cause that effect. So, I am going to give it a shot and hope that my stomach and I can peacefully coexist again.

Hubby brings home some cool produce. This is a Sumo. It is a mandarin orange that originated in Japan as was developed by a “Japanese farmer”. Here is a link to a great little story about this funny little fruit. By the way, it was super sweet, like honey. The dietician advised me to increase my fruit and vegetable in take so I told Hubby to start bringing home more of the green stuff!

Next week, Hubby and I will be heading to Las Vegas to meet up with family that I haven’t seen in years. It will be great to see my cousin and I can’t wait. The last time I saw him is when he had just returned from Chico State as a graduate. This was over 30 years ago. He and his family, my Aunt, Uncle and cousins had moved from Guam in the 80s back to California and for a few crazy months, we all lived together in that 3 bedroom one bath house in the low end of Duarte. Also, we are hoping to squeeze in a little side trip to Utah. Fingers crossed that all goes well.

This was taken in Las Vegas in 2017, the day before we got married.
This is what Las Vegas looked like five years ago. It sure has changed!

In the last post I think I mentioned how I have been painting more and taking photos less. Truth is, it has not been fun taking photos. I have two cameras, a DSLR and a mirrorless. Both are in dire need of upgrades. The Nikon D3400 is still a great camera, even though it has been severely abused, it still handles well and is fast. The mirrorless is slow and clunky, so I think I will be trading that one in for a credit and applying it toward another used camera. I am going back to DSLR and analog as I really don’t need all the battery draining bells and whistles that these newer cameras have built in. Unfortunately, it will be a few months and lots of research before I purchase another camera. For the trip next week, I will just use the Nikon for photos and the Sony for video and pray for the best. I hoping to get a few good shots to recreate in paintings when I return. Speaking of painting, I really have been enjoying this new hobby of mine and it has been fun putting new paintings on our walls.

This week, I worked on improving my sketches. I took a selfie and tried to recreate it.
This picture was painted on a canvas pad. I wanted to create iron-ons for some of the canvas bags. Not to self, be sure to flip the image so that it does not come out backwards.
Mistakes our how we learn, right? I know now what I could have done to make it better…
That is my hand and I plan on adding a bird to this picture. My focus when I am out photographing an artist is their hands.
This was created because I wanted to see if I could create waves. There was no inspiration, well, except for my memories of all the beaches I have stood on at sunset.
This was painted because we usually head out at sunrise on the 10 fwy heading East. It is really my favorite time of day.

Well, it is Saturday morning and time to get my puggy out for her morning walk. Where ever you ae today or this weekend, may you have a peaceful day. I was not going to mention any of current events but again, this is my history and why I write this blog. Hopefully, if it is still around after I am not here, then maybe my kids or their kids can learn a little about me and what my life or life in generals was like in the last few years. Right now, abortion is the hot ticket item and I hate that it is being used as propaganda. All I know is that women are still being treated like second class citizens and not as humans, with rights. What is next, will women lose their right to vote? Will segregation be next as well? It’s funny how some of the politicians that are so vocal about taking a women’s right to choose to become a mother, or not, but will filibuster laws meant to help feed, house, educate and many of the other things that we need in life, and strip away public assistance for these children that they were so adamant to save. This has been on my mind since Carter was in office. Even as an elementary school child, I sat next to my parents as they watched the Channel 7 news and soaked in all the political rhetoric that I could. I, myself, was only on public assistance a few short times in my life. Food stamps were a blessing but I was only able to get them for three months because my pay had increased by a few dollars. I knew though, that I had to work, really though, it was my pride and how the media made receiving assistance seem so bad and shameful. I hated the looks I thought I was getting when I used WIC vouchers or Food Stamps during that time. It was my choice (sort of – I was not allowed to end a pregnancy and that is a whole long story…I used BC!!!) to have those children and it was my choice to try so hard to raise them without government help but the truth is, I was lucky that I had help, my family and in-laws. Many women do not have support or have very little. Forcing a women into a situation because it eases the conscience of a few politicians or religious figures is not right for all parties involved/ Anyhow, to all my sisters out there, keep on fighting for your rights, our rights and the rights and freedoms of future women.

Thank you, dear reader, for visiting. Where ever you are and what ever you may be doing today, may the sun shine softly on you. Hugs!

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  1. Kudos to you for trying to be more active Michelle. I never liked running or jogging, even when I was young and thin, and haven’t been able to run since my knee gave me problems. Even now, with a knee replacement, I still don’t like to run.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      I have never liked it either but played lots of sports and was forced to run and jog in high school. Even back then I used to just walk fast. My knees and hips didn’t like it at first but I am a few pounds lighter and have noticed the difference 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So great to read your blog, have fun in Vegas, love all the paintings, just do what makes your heart happy. I too worry about the unraveling of women’s rights, living in Canada we are watching closely. Be well


    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      Hello Christine,

      I had no idea that Canada is having the same issues with women’s rights. So sad. Thank you for the compliment on my art. We plan on having fun catching up with my cousins and sister. Have a great day .



  3. terrie gura says:

    I honestly thought at first glance that the freeway sunrise painting was a photograph! Very well done.

    It’s so good that you are finding some new things to help you feel better. I admire that you are willing to jog; or at least when Taco isn’t filling up your shoes with fur! 😂 I have never enjoyed running or jogging. It should get back into the habit of regular walking. My body always feels better for it.

    Have fun on your journey this week!


    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      Thank you! Trying out different things to paint. So far, I like copying photographs but need lots more practice to get them to look “real-ish”
      That cat! She is also the 3 AM alarm cat. She thinks Jim goes to work every day. My son wants to start following the same plan my dietician gave me and I mentioned the walking ap and how we can check in that way too. Jogging is something I did, and not because I wanted to, in high school – I was always to last girl to finish and my face would be fire engine red and hot. Now I stop before I start to get to overheated and have gotten up to ten minutes non-stop.

      You have fun too! Jim off for one more day…

      Liked by 1 person

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