Seeing red…

Good morning out there! You have made it to see May 22, 2022. A few days ago, Hubby and I were on the last hour of our recent trip to Las Vegas and Utah when my phone beeped. It was the iPhone news app that got my attention. We had just driven past the Foreign Body statue out near Wonder Valley. I had snapped a few photos and then picked up my phone to see that 14 (at that moment) children had been killed in an elementary school. Anger was the first emotion I felt and then sadness. When is enough, enough? I won’t go into all the reasons I believe there should be gun control in the US but if 21 lives or 213 mass shootings since January 1, 2022 aren’t enough reasons, then I don’t know what is. All I know is I will take my anger to the ballot box and I hope you do as well. We need to stop giving hate freedom to destroy this great country. I learned about the power of guns at a young age when I saw my Dad cry for the first time as we stood outside of that little white church in Watts. He would not go into the church during the services for his little brother, who had taken his life by a single gun shot. Also, years later, I watched my neighbors son shoot and kill my others neighbors son, right in front of my house. It is a sight I will never forget or the sound of that mother and the family as they were becoming aware of the situation in front of my eyes. So, please to all of you that have been affected by this senseless tragedy, take those feeling to the ballot box and lets make this right.

Last week was quite busy. Hubby played with the Ghosts of Kelso at the Tack Room in Indio. It was such a fun night. I was feeling a little giddy knowing that night, knowing that we were leaving the next morning on our quick trip.

My favorite-est bass player!

That night the guys sounded great and so relaxed. I didn’t take as many photos as I knew that we were leaving on the trip the next day. The guys will be playing at the Cantina on the Empire Polo fields June 14th if you missed them at the Tack Room. There is video and a few photos that I still need to review…

This was the first pit stop of the trip. By the way, the restrooms are closed and there is a row of outhouses on the other side of the store. Do not use them, unless you really, really, have to.

We left Sunday morning around 6 AM. The skies were just waking up. I was giddy as I was going to be seeing my cousins that I haven’t seen in years as well as my sister. The drive to Vegas took a little over four hours because we took many pit stops. For anyone with Cauda Equina Syndrome or any issues with your lower spine, restrooms are very important! Lately, my neurogenic bladder and bowels have been having issues. I constantly have the feeling of needing to go but then when I go to relieve myself, nothing comes out or it trickles out slowly. So, each we stopped I got to try out many different rest areas. We found one on the way home along the 15 freeway that was immaculate and I even took a photo of it! HA HA!!

There was even toilet paper, ass gaskets, and the soap dispensers were filled.

I am still reviewing the photos and videos from both the Nikon and the Sony. For this trip, I used a 200mm prime lens with the D3400. I used it without the autofocus feature as I think it may be broken. Yesterday, I spent most of the day on the couch. My legs still feel like rubber and my muscles ache. According to the tracker on my phone, I walked around 15 miles from Sunday to Tuesday and my legs sure feel it. One thing though, when we returned home, I stepped on the scale and was down a few more pounds bring my total weight loss to 20 pounds! Smiling big. I actually can feel the difference and see it.

The look of happiness! The Park MGM is a smoke free hotel. I couldn’t get those over all over my thighs last year but bought them anyway because they were 8 bucks on clearance…

Our stay in Vegas was jam packed with stuff. The first stop we made was at the Pin Ball Hall of Fame. I didn’t take many photos as I was too busy trying to spend the quarters that Hubby had given me. I love pinball and try out many of the vintage games in that building. I don’t think I stopped smiling once I was inside. Hubby and I went off on our own adventures and met up when we both were almost out of quarters. He won me a yellow ball in one of those claw machines (Swoon). After that, we drove to the Park MGM Hotel and met my family for lunch. It was really nice seeing them all and I hope that we can do it all again. It reminded me of all the times and trips that our parents took together. Later that evening, Hubby, my sister and her partner spent a few hours on Freemont Street. It was fun but I was way too tired to party, and we headed back to the hotel around 8 PM. Younger me would have pushed myself harder to stay out and spend time with my sister but me of today knows that less is more.

One thing you can count on when going to Las Vegas and that is being entertained. I loved that we got to check out one of the performers as she rocked that stage neat the Golden Gate Hotel.

This is the Roxy Gunn Project! I have a couple good video of the band in action that I hope to get posted soon.

The following day, we woke up early and headed to St. George, UT. Honestly, I was glad to be leaving Las Vegas as it was a bit overwhelming. Oh, there was this one moment that I had in an elevator that stuck with me, Hubby and I had just gotten into an elevator in a Freemont Street Experience parking lot with a young man. This young man was in super short, shiny hot pants and silky, flowing white blouse. He mentioned he was enjoying this EDC as it may be his last. He explained that he was in graduate school for bioengineering. I told him to go on and conquer the world but have fun doing it! I wish I would have gotten a photo with him, but the memory is there and what a sweet one it was. By the way, we had no idea that the EDC festival was in town that weekend. It made people watching uber fun. We passed the Speedway where the festival was held, and we could see that the parking lot was still full that Monday morning.

The drive to Utah was nice. The landscape just kept inducing more and more “oohs and ahs” as we moved forward. Here are a few of the sights along the way. I will post more photos soon.

The trip felt like it lasted one minute, really!

I am still recovering from those exciting two days. Luckily, I had started working out regularly and as of this morning, I am down 20 whole pounds! It has taken two years! The pain in my spine is still there, all of it. However, I have noticed that I am having an easier time moving around and walking. This trip was that much better because I was able to almost keep up with Hubby. Now I need to work on my fear of heights and maybe I will follow behind Hubby as he climbed and higher. For now, I am okay with being the one with the camera, safely viewing the sights.

Hubby had walked down this rock as I held on to a rail for dear life with one hand and snapped the photo with the other. That is the Dixie D in the background.

Time to get on with the morning so I can review the photos and video from the trip. This weekend, someone asked me what I do with all my photos? I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck tingle. I hate getting that question, at least the way it was asked. I knew why this was person was asking even in his drunken state. Instead of stressing out in that moment in trying to come up with an answer, I should have just said “Nothing.” and left it at that. I gave a lame answer, you know “For my portfolio.” but that was and is not the reason. I have too many to list. I hope that person knows that I am not doing to this for shits and giggles and likes on a post as I am sure that is why he asked in the tone that he did. Anxiety is a bitch to live with and I know that I need more help with it. Maybe he meant nothing at all…For now, if will deal with it as best as I can.

This photo was shot by hubby with the Sony A7. I am used to the optical zoom, and he is not. I still love the photo.

Thank you, dear reader, wherever you are. May today be the day that you make a change for the better. I wish you all peace. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU.

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  1. rkrontheroad says:

    Glad to hear you made it to the red rocks of St George. Nice photos of you. Congrats on your weight loss and glad it makes you feel better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      Hi Ruth!
      The town was so quaint and colorful. I hope to spend more than a few days there next time as there is so much to see.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m both heartsick and furious that these horrendous mass shootings keep happening, followed by the same hollow thoughts and prayers and predictable Rethuglican opposition to doing anything meaningful about it. On a happier note, congratulations on your weight loss. I wish I had the will power and determination to lose 20 pounds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      It is all just so sad. Honestly, I don’t think anything meaningful will come out of this or any of the other mass shootings. Nothing gets done, ever, when hands are too busy pointing at each other…
      Thank you! It took two years but i think the appointment I had with my dietician really helped. She told me to write down everything I was eating every day and I did for two days. I noticed by the second day, I started asking myself if eating that cookie was worth writing it down and I stopped eating extra 🙂 I hope I can keep it up.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Tanooki says:

    Oh wow you went to Vegas and Utah! It’s always nice to reunite with your family👀✨
    Also I’m so glad that you’re recovering from your spine op! Losing 20 lbs…that’s a great achievement👍✨ Keep going, Michelle❤️


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