Treading water

Hello world! How are you today? You made it to June 30, 2022, and yes, I still think it is a great thing. Why? Well, you made it to see another episode of as the Nation Turns or is that Burns? It has been almost a week since the world changed in the USA. Five justices voted to take away a womans right to what happens to her body. As I have mentioned, I had to attend anger management classes around 20 years ago. Because of that experience, I knew it was better to take a step back and breathe and think and digest the angry thoughts. Life was rough back then, I won’t elaborate. However, I am glad that I was forced to take AM. You see, I, like so many women around my age and older, have had to live in a world where women were not equal, even though the Constitution indicates that all are created equal. Well, it does just say all men…May be that is the point. I’m thinking gender wage differences and such. Anyhow, I have been angry and sad for the women and children of tomorrow. I was born in 1970, three years before January 22, 1973. The day that the Supreme Court gave women in the US the right of choice. Honestly, this reversal of Roe v Wade has no effect on me as I had a hysterectomy in 2004. I made my choice as I knew I didn’t want any more children or periods. During that time, I had been on Depo, it was prescribed to stop the heavy monthly bleeding that was making my life miserable. Hmmm, probably one of the reasons I was so angry all the time…I was constantly anemic as well, and I won’t add up all the clothes and bedding that I ruined and had to replace. Having a period was costly. During that time, I never called in and always showed up for work. My parents lived a mile from my job at that time and I was lucky that I could run to their house on my lunch time to change clothes. Anyhow, sorry for changing the story but really my story could be different if I had not been allowed to take birth control or even have the hysterectomy. What is going to happen if other reproductive rights are reconsidered by Justice Thomas and the four other liars on the Supreme Court bench? (I started this blog post around 5 AM this morning and since then, the EPA has been affected.) I too have had an abortion, I mentioned it in a previous post. It saved my life. It makes my brain hurt and my heart tight, just thinking about the future of reproductive rights. My anger, though, is for my daughter and granddaughters. They do not have the same rights that I had, I am angry that four men (and one woman) are making important decisions for us based on religion and conscience. To my sisters out there, we must keep fighting. To my sons and grandsons, we must keep fighting as your rights may be next. Remember, the Constitution was written by slave owners and we, my family, do not resemble those guys…I know, extreme thinking, right? Yeah, I thought it was extreme thinking that Roe would never be overturned. What is next?

Whew! I was about to apologize for that rant above, but I won’t because I am not sorry. Lately, I have been hanging out around the house trying to stay cool. My body is tired. Hubby and I have taken a few overnight trips in the past few weeks, and we have walked all over the place! I love it though and have noticed the difference in my walking now that I have been working out daily. Sleep has been easy as well. If it weren’t for Tacobelle, I would probably get a full 8 hours of sleep and without taking any sleep aids. A few days ago, Hubby drove west, and we headed to the South Bay for an overnight date. We needed another date night away from our “kids”. It was the best not waking up with a mouth full of cat fur. Our trip started around 10 AM this past Sunday. Coachella Valley weather was forecast to be in the low teens (as in 113) so heading west was a no brainer. Hubby reserved a room in Manhattan Beach that was nice but not worth writing about. It was safe and clean, so there is that. Before we checked in, Hubby had taken me on a scenic tour of the area and told me a few stories. It was great. I love getting to hear those stories that make my husband who he is. After we checked in, we rested for a bit before heading to the pier. Truthfully, I need a nap before I do everything lately.

I am 52 years old and have been coming to this pier for almost as many years. This last trip was the first time I noticed that clipper ship (restaurant I think).

Two of my most favorite places on this earth are in Southern California. Tied for number one are Redondo Beach and San Pedro. Why? Maybe I love Redondo because I remember riding in my sisters green 1970-something Monte Carlo and going on trips there during the summer. San Pedro, now, my love of that place comes from my Dad. He first introduced me to that magical place when I couldn’t even walk. Really, I do not remember those early trips but do remember taking my kids back there several times during their childhood. When I lived in Los Angeles and even before when I was living in San Gabriel, I took my kids to the beach as often as I could. Both of these places were visited often during the year. I mentioned to Hubby that we would not need to park in the structure as I knew of many places that we could park for free. He then reminded me that I can now park for free with my disabled placard.

This photo was shot from the stairs from the parking structure.

Many people had the same idea and were out on the pier watching the sunset that evening. We spent an hour walking around and enjoying the sights. It truly was special. The following morning, I was up early and looking for coffee and the continental breakfast that the hotel advertised. Sadly, they lied or were too lazy to change their description. Usually, we like to lounge around till check out. I was going to hang out at the room while hubby went to have coffee with his daughter, but I ended up going with him. Just as well…. After coffee, we headed to San Pedro!

Here is a little sample of the evening in Redondo.

We headed to San Pedro around 9:30 AM. The air chilly and around 70 degrees. The sky was foggy as we headed South on the 110 Fwy. My heart was racing as we moved closer to the freeway exit.

What’s your sign?
This is near Ft. McArthur.

The first stop for us was the Korean Friendship Bell. It had a ghostly feel with all the fog.

It was cold and foggy, and it made our eyes water. Very weird. Maybe we are not used to the coastal climate anymore. We left there and headed to White Point. On the drive there, I noticed a power line sparking just as Hubby said something about a car crash. We just missed being in it. We passed a truck that had rolled over and then noticed that the power was out, and the streetlights were out making the ride a bit dangerous. The crash had happened about a mile before we turned down Western and it seemed that the power was out to that point. Finally, we made it to White Point. My future final resting place as my kids know that this is where I would like my ashes dumped.

I could make a coffee table book of all the photos I have of Disabled Parking signs. This is the parking lot nearest the tide pools at White Point.

This place holds so many happy memories and even a few bad ones. It is the one thing that makes me miss living in the Los Angeles area. When I lived there, I was only 25 minutes away from it. Even sitting in traffic was not so bad knowing that I was heading to White Point. When Hubby and I arrived, the tide was high, so I was not able to walk around in the tide pools. We walked a little on the rocks. It was a little rough for me as my balance sucks. Hubby sat on a log while I took a few photos and got close to the water.

I could have spent hours there but was tired and knew that we had a long ride home. It was another great date night that Hubby arranged, and I am so grateful. I have mentioned before, he is not fancy and is not into grand gestures and such. Really, he is a lot like me. Some might call that frugal. Anyhow, I know I have not really traveled many places or seen many things in my 52 years, but I am so happy that I have a partner to share things with and hold my hand when I am scared and someone to laugh with me daily. I may never see another state or country but know that I am not missing out on anything as for the first time in my life I am content. Now, if that also meant content with the state of the country…Oh yeah, one last thing. Welcome Kentanji Brown, first African-American women to have a seat on the US Supreme Court. Wooot Woot!!!!

Thank you, dear reader, wherever you are. May today be the day your voice is heard. Sing loud and proud. Hugs to you and you and you! Be safe…

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  1. I too am furious and disheartened over many of the SCOTUS rulings, as well as the march toward authoritarianism and A Handmaid’s Tale-like scenario in America, thanks to our increasingly out of control Christian Fundamentalist Taliban.

    On a happier note, I’m glad you & Hubby continue to have some nice overnight getaways, especially to a cooler location. I dread the next three months here in hell – I mean, the Coachella Valley.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      I am afraid they may start burning witches at the stake again. kidding but not kidding. Yes, you are so right, we are becoming Taliban-lite.

      Thank you! We did or traveling for the summer. Soon it will be too hot to be on the road here in CV. Not looking forward to it 😦

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  2. Tanooki says:

    Wow Redondo beach! Aww you make me miss there🤣 I used to go there by holding picnic supplies and balls (the wind there play with me, not me playing with a ball😂)🏖🏐💨

    And I hear you…ever since the controversy discussion about abortion right raised up, I thought the case won’t overturned because we live in 21st century by still stepping ahead. The recent decision means stepping back old days…now I wonder if same sax marriage goes back as illegal too? I don’t know, but we definitely must fight for that. The USA is where we have the freedom.

    By the way, you crack me up calling that 113F is “the low teen”😂 To me it’s just like angry teens who just hit their puberty🤣 I’d say “watch out, they’re in hard stage! Don’t be pulled by their anger(heat), they will eventually calm so let’s hope the winter comes soon”😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      You are too funny 🙂 Yes, it is windy there 🙂 I love it though and all the fresh air. My kids loved going to the beach but hated carrying anything. I think we may have left several items of clothing and toys that were forgotten there.

      Who knows what is going to happen next? You are right, it is just like taking a step back into the 1950s. Yes, we must keep fighting for our rights.

      What a great analogy! Yes, our weather is in the low teens, like an angsty teenager. Praying for winter to get here soon. Although, during winter here, we still get 90 degree days…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tanooki says:

        😂😂😂 Woo that’s what valley is like?Sounds amazing to me used to live in Seattle🥶


  3. rkrontheroad says:

    No apologies please, I am totally with you in your rant. Well said.
    Lovely sunsets.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      Hello Ruth!

      Thank you for the assurance. Really, I know I don’t need to apologize but it’s a bad old habit.

      Have a lovely day 😊

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  4. terrie gura says:

    I don’t know how I missed this last week! On your rant—agreed. On every point, I’m so disgusted.

    Love all those sunset pictures and especially the video. You guys really know how to make the best of every getaway!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      I write so infrequently that it is easy to miss one. It was hard to put wordpress down for a bit, so I have missed so many blogs that I follow.

      We do try. What is that old day, happiness is a state of mind or something like that 🙂


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