Landing on my feet…

Good morning out there, wherever you are. You made it to July 19, 2022. Right now, you may be experiencing the heat that is our normal here in the Coachella Valley. I am not used to this heat even though I have lived here in the CV for almost 8 years. For me, and others like me with spinal cord injuries and diseases, heat is particularly troubling. Not sure why, but we have trouble regulating temperature. Even before my surgery, I had trouble regulating my internal temps. Temperature below 70 degrees F make my teeth chatter and my fingers, toes and nose so cold that they feel frozen. When it is hot, I sweat profusely when the temps reach 85 or so, making it easy for me to get dehydrated. Anyhow, to live here, I have had to make adjustments. During the first few weeks in June, when the temps are still in the upper 90s to low 100s, I start getting my sleep schedule for the summer. I start by waking up early, usually around 1 AM and force myself to stay awake till I can no longer keep my eyes open. This year, it only took a few days to get acclimated and I am now wide awake until around 3 or 4 PM and then I am ready to sleep, peacefully for the night. As I mentioned, I am still not used to it, but have learned to live with it but always looking for more tips to stay cool.

I think this post needs a little background music! Boy George, take it away…

One of my good friends in high school loved Boy George!
This was what it looked like last week. Still s work in progress.

Not much has happened in the last week in my world. I did move a chair and ottoman downstairs, to our bedroom. This summer, I set up a workspace in our bedroom so that I could still work on crafts and painting. During the summer, it gets to hot up there, even with the AC and fans. Also, brought down the large painting that I have been working on for the last month.

My mini studio 🙂

A few years ago, I started painting. The funny thing is, I keep saying that I started painting in hopes that it would help with my chronic pain. Really, we have two printers, one that I purchased a year ago. They print documents beautifully but photos, not so much. Anyhow, I started painting the photos that I liked waiting till I find a printer that would work. Yeah, I guess maybe how cave drawings started…joking. Below are the first few things that I started playing around with.

One thing I wish, is that I could finish one project before starting on another. Right now, I am currently working on a few different paintings and also working on my drawing skills. I figure, if it gets too hot to paint, I can draw.

Especially for the next few days as I rest and recover from a fall that happened in a Walmart here in the desert. It has been three days and I am feeling less stiff and sore. Hubby and I usually make a weekly trip to Walmart. We both do not like being in there so we usually have a list so we can stay focused and limit our time inside. This past Sunday, I took the cart, by myself, and went shopping for groceries while Hubby picked up items for the pets. I was wearing rubber soled shoes but had noticed that the floor was slippery as I pushed the cart through the grocery aisles. I was happy and probably smiling with my list crumpled in my fist against the cart handle. Finally, I would be getting olive oil! It had been on my grocery list for a week! Just as I got close to the shelves that held the different kinds of oil, I could feel my feel my feet slipping, like I was on ice. I held onto the handle but then came the sharp pain as my legs hit the bar where the wheels are on the cart and then I landed hard on my ass and hip. I sat there for a moment, sort of in shock, sort of dazed. I then tried to get up. I have Cauda Equina Syndrome and falls always scare me. Although I had some intense sharp pains, I got up and found an employee. This is where this bad story could have gotten better. I let the girl know that I had fallen in the oil aisle. She stared blankly at me, like she did not understand. I was trying not to cry as my wrist was getting swollen and my fingers hurt. She kept saying “Where?” I limped over with my cart to the oil aisle to show her. She then walked to the spot where I had fell, rubbed her foot on the ground and said, “It’s dry.” and walked away. By this time, Hubby had found me and then helped me to the front end so I could file a report. Trust me, I am not one of those people that would ever sue a company because I fell. I worked for National Vision in the late 90s. They were the optical store in all Walmart’s back then. Oh yeah, back then, I guess, when safety mattered. Every employee had to go through an orientation and were given instructions on how to handle an employee or customer injury or fall. If you dear reader, work for this corporation, ya’ll need to get back to basics, like training, really training your employees. Common sense is not something that everyone is born with, had that girl had any little bit of training, she would have known how to handle that situation or at least to have gotten someone that could. It was bad enough that I had to stand in the front end, while the check-out supervisor had to locate an Ipad to take the report. The manager was not available. In the end it took almost a half hour and the supervisor had to use her own phone (The Ipad was missing!). By the way, I hope Walmart is paying for her phone as she was using it for Walmart business purposes. The other thing that bothered me about that situation was, me. I wish I would have handled it a little better as really, I blame the Walmart corporation, not its employees, not ever. Walmart, please do better for your employees and customers. Thank you!

One cool thing happened yesterday. Tacobelle had a direly needed grooming appointment! Lately, I have mentioned my disdain for cat hair. I almost asked the urgent care doctor to prescribe me hairball meds since I am sure I have cat fur running through DNA now. Taco is a long haired, Maine Coon, mix. She is everywhere in this house, without being everywhere. The groomer that we use is Aussie Pet Mobile. The one here in the CV has one cat groomer and he rocks! His name is Matthew and even my snarky cat seems to like him. The last time, he was not able to shave her. This time he was more successful.

Time to go and do stuff! Thank you, dear reader for visiting! Wherever you are today, may cool breezes find you. Air hugs!! It’s so hot to squeeze today!

Oh hey, I forgot, here are a few things that we do to stay cooler during this heat.

-Keep all windows and doors shut. Cover

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  1. Though I’ve lived in the CV for over 10 years – and generally like warm weather – I still can’t get used to our extreme heat. July & August are the absolute worst! And it appears other parts of the world – even normally temperate England – are experiencing record-setting heat.

    Sorry to hear you fell at Walmart, and had difficulty reporting the incident. I agree with your assessment that many low-level employees just don’t seem to get adequate training these days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      Yes, I have to agree with you on the July and August are the worst. What is scary is that the world is on hot and sweaty in places that are not usually this hot. Yeah, when England is hot, you know something is wrong in the world. We have been living in the dark around our place, trying to minimize any extra heat. I haven’t left the house since Sunday.
      Be careful, if you are ever in the Wal-mart in Indio. There floors are always slippery! I will never shop in that one unless it is an emergency.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Tanooki says:

    Oh no! I’m sorry to hear the fall in Walmart😱 Are you ok? Just reading about the scene of fall scared me a lot😢 I hope your any pain and bruise, if possible, go away soon😭😭😭

    But your story let me learn the things to do after I fall in grocery or some place…I had no idea about reporting incidents. Once at a Korean market, some sampling lady accidentally flipped a pot full of boiled water. That splashed me and I had burning feelings, but a kid stood closer to her was taken to a back room, not me…maybe I was out of her sight. I didn’t take any action but thinking it was my bad day. I should’ve been stronger person to report it too🤔

    Anyways, please take care yourself and get well soon! Ice patch maybe a good idea👍

    By the way, Tacobelle’s new hairstyle reminded me what CV is like😜 Yes as she is fluffy, the heat must be too hard if she keeps long coat🥵


    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      Oh my goodness! I hope that you did not get too burned. For any incidence of fall or injury, you should always let a store manager or supervisor know. Even if it is nothing serious. In my case, the floors were slippery, and they needed to know about it so they could correct it.

      I am feeling much better, but still feel like I hit a brick wall. 😦
      Tacobelle’s new hairdo was needed. She sheds more during the summer. She does seem happier now that she has less hair. I love petting her. Her coat is so soft now 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tanooki says:

        Oh wow really! I never thought about doing it because it’d be just waste of time for my side…especially if it’s walmart, store managers and supervisors are always look fatigue. I understand it because walmart never gets slow😵‍💫

        It’s good to know you’re getting well. Enjoy lovely time with fresh-hairstyle-tacobelle❤️🐱

        Liked by 1 person

      2. M. Lee Keena says:

        You are so sweet to care for the employees 💕😊. Really though, the corporations need to make it safer for everyone.

        Liked by 1 person

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