Fine, fine, fiiiinnnne

Hello out there and good morning! You made it to August 24, 2022. It is early here in the CV, Jenny is sleeping at my feet as I work on this post. The last few weeks have been trying. Our pets have all needed medical attention. It reminded me of a period in my history when I had three boys under the age of 7 and a preteen daughter. During a two-week period, I made three trips to the emergency room as three out of the four children, had accidents requiring medical attention. I think my daughter was hit in the head by a skateboard as my oldest son “accidently” flipped the board while she was standing near him. The board made an inch long split above her nose. Lucky for me, at the time, I had a friend that worked for a plastic surgeon, and you can hardly see a scar on her forehead. My youngest, a few days later, found broken glass and sliced his wrist, trip three. Oh, by the way, trip one, was when my oldest son, the one that injured his sister, had broken his arm at school. Parenthood, not for the weak, that is for sure. Anyhow, our pets Jenny and Taco have had visits with the vet, and I am happy to report that they are all doing so much better and have been great patients!

Jenny, my constant companion. I am never lonely when she is around.

Tacobelle was groomed a little over a month ago. I noticed that she had little bumps all over her fur a few days after that appointment. A week after that appointment, she started acting different. As a parent of human children and furry ones, you just know when something is wrong. Even though I could not see that she was having issues with her coat, her actions told a different tale. Tacobelle, has a catty personality. If she is in a good mood, you can pet her and hold her as long as she likes (and sometimes as long as I like). When she is not, watch out and have band-aides. Well, she became docile and cuddly, and I just knew something was wrong. Then I noticed a patch in her coat, and it was oozy and raw. So, I made an Urgent Care appointment with Animal Samaritans, and we found out that Taco has ringworm, a common illness in long-haired cats. She probably had it for a long time, but the grooming made it easier to scratch. Regardless, it was something that needed to be treated. So right now, the whole house is getting treatment. This includes Nora, our black cat. By the way, if you are in Coachella Valley and looking for a veterinarian, do consider Animal Samaritans (this link will take you to the website). I have been to four different clinics her in the valley and I feel like this is the one for us and I totally trust them with my girls. The staff has been amazing, caring and patient with us and with every pet parent that we saw come into that clinic.

Anyhow, a few days after Tacobelle’s visit, I noticed that Jenny was limping. It wasn’t bad but concerned me. The following day, there was no denying that she was in pain. She began to only use three legs to walk. I made another urgent care appointment, and we took her to the clinic. Jenny, is almost 10 (70 in dog years). The first thing that the vet said when she saw her was “She is overweight.” Jenny weighs 21 lbs. Hubby admitted later that he was offended…ha ha!! Now he knows what I and many women get to hear from our own physicians when we go to them with concerns. Anyhow, the vet took Jenny and found that she had an infection in her affected paw. I am happy to report that Jenny is doing so much better and has been acting like she did when she was a puppy. Oh yeah, about the clinic, we have met two of the doctors that work there and both ladies get my high marks of approval. Tacobelle’s doctor has called to check on her a few times and so I appreciate it. I wish she could be my physician, kidding!

This was Jenny after her allergy shot, you know the one with the cute talking dog.

Speaking of physicians, I had my first office visit with my new primary care physician. He and his staff rock! I am not one to recommend physicians, ever. However, if you are in the CV and looking for an internal medicine doctor, contact me and I will gladly pass along his information. Really, I would like to keep him secret so that his office is not over-crowded like many of the medical offices here in desert. The visit went well and I for the first time in a long time, I felt like he listened and did not dismiss my questions and concerns. We did go over the MRI of my spine and although it was not bad, it was not good either. You see, I am 52 and have lived a full and active life, meaning I have put my body through the wringer. My bones, well the ones that make up my spine, are brittle with arthritis. The fall I had at Walmart probably was the wakeup call that I needed to be more careful as falls are not going to get easier for me. I am just glad that he was not eager to get me to a surgeon to correct it. He is sending me to physical therapy and pain management, and I am actually looking forward to this treatment plan. To my kids, always be honest with your physicians, like my concern about narcotic pain relief, as he did not look at me like an ex-addict but as a patient asking for help. Just know that I finally feel at ease with my medical care for once since I have lived in this Valley.

This is Hubby looking over the Coachella Valley.

In the last post, I shared a few of the sketches that I have been working on as I am trying to get better at drawing in hopes of improving my painting skills. I told Hubby that I am trying to do a sketch a day. So far, I have done at least one or two sketches a day. Below are some of the sketches that I have done so far.

Those sketches are a few that I have done in the last month. In order to keep myself motivated with most things like learning to draw, I have to create a competition (with myself) to keep me focused. You know there really is something to the saying “keep your eye on the prize.” Well, for me, the prize is improvement in my drawing skills. So, I created a competition (in my head) with myself to complete 30 or more drawings in 30 days. I am almost there! I have done at least one drawing a day for the last few weeks. You know something, it must have sparked something in my head because I have also been practicing guitar every day and I am starting to feel the difference when I pick it up and it feels so good being able to know an A7 to a G add 9. I have tried to sing along to Hand in Pocket because I got the strumming and sound pretty close but that is still a long way off. Once I open my mouth my hand will stop….ugh. No video proof, yet, but someday soon. Giving you all fair warning…ha ha! Anyhow, here is the song that I am learning is below. I still have not recorded myself playing recently.

This is an acoustic version of Hand in Pocket. Alanis sang about her heart and many people’s hearts back in the 90s. We sure felt it…

Last thing, and this is a big one, I have a photo printer that actually works! Woohoooo!!!! I purchased the Liene Printer on Amazon and it friggin’ rocks. I will admit that it took me two days to figure out how to get my phone to communicate with the printer but now it is all easy-peasy.

It is small but packs a great punch! Too bad it only prints 4×6 but still a great find.

Now it is getting hard to pick out photos to print. Below are some of the photos that I have printed.

I had snapped the pic of Jenny and Hubby yesterday on the way home from the vet.
The photos are sharp and colorful. I am so happy!!!

As always, this is not a sponsored post! I purchased the Liene printer from Amazon and chose the M200. This one has a built-in battery so I can take the printer along with me wherever we go. If I wanted to but probably will not take it out of our home. So, if you are looking for a printer, I say give this one a try, I am sure you will like it.

So, that has been what has been going on in our lives during this weird, hot and humid summer. Phoenix has been getting hit hard with rain during this monsoon season. Even us here in the CV have been getting regular alert of flash floods around here. Wherever you dear reader are, I hope that you keep safe and dry.

Thank you, dear reader, for visiting. Wherever you are and wherever you are going, I hope you get there safely. Hugs.

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  1. Poor Jenny & Tacobelle! I hate when our furry little ones get sick or are not feeling well, as we feel so helpless until we find out what’s wrong. Glad you were able to have their issues quickly diagnosed and treated. And it’s been an awfully humid summer, but unfortunately, little to no meaningful rain for us here in the Coachella Valley. Our chances for rain are running out as the summer monsoon winds down. Have a great rest of your week Michelle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      Hey Jeff!

      I am glad they are doing better. You are so right. It is difficult not knowing what is wrong with them. Just thankful the vet knew what to do.
      I heard Palm Springs had rain yesterday. From our place, it looked like Cat City was also getting rain but I guess not. Still hoping we get a little of the wet stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No rain either here or in Palm Springs yesterday. Hopefully today…


      2. M. Lee Keena says:

        Dang it! My iPhone lied. It alerted lightning and rain in Palm Springs and the sky was dark yesterday afternoon so I thought it did.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. terrie gura says:

    Your fur babies are lucky to have good parents! I’m glad that everyone is on the mend at your house. I love the sketch of the couple dancing in cowboy hats! You are getting really good with your drawings. And HEY…thanks for the recommendation on your little photo printer. A certain hubby of mine is having a birthday this weekend and I’ve been stumped about what to get him. This will be perfect, and I’ll bet every pic he prints will be of the dog. HAHAHA

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      I’m glad they are better 😁

      Thank you! I have so many photos of dancing people I had to give it a try.

      I think you both will like it! The first photo I printed out was a photo of Jenny, not Hubby or my grandkids 🙊 I love that I can print photos right from the phone. Have fun with it and happy birthday Les 🎉🎂


  3. Tanooki says:

    Oh wow I’m finally seeing Jenny!! Tell her I said hello❤️

    Sounds like you’re busy going back and forth to hospitals…for you and your furry family members…take a good care of yourself too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      I was just checking the spam folder and saw you message. WP glitch?

      Jenny is sitting right nest to me and I just gave her a pat 🙂 It was busy and so glad that they are all better and need less attention.

      You take care as well. have a great day 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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